What's New in ADC 8.4 ?

New features:

  • ADC text file — ADC can read/write data in a text file (.adctxt/.csv) format.
  • Pile design — ADC can check various bar arrangements for circular sections. This option is available only for design to EC2.
  • Running ADC through command prompt — The user can create a batch file to execute several DOS commands in sequence to run ADC and save the results in text or HTML format. Graphics are saved in PNG format and collated into a single HTML document.
  • Check specified reinforcement arrangement — This feature is available for the beam, slab and ribbed slab options where users can specify the desired reinforcement layout. ADC will check utilization ratios for moment and shear, along with reinforcement detailing checks as per the selected design code. ADC can import analysis results through text (.adctxt) file for reinforcement checks.
  • Spring support — End restraints on beams can be specified in terms of spring stiffness.
  • External design moment — There is an option to specify external design moments at supports. These are added to the design moment due to the applied load.
  • Output view
    • Area of steel required at the top and bottom location in section.
    • Deflection along the beam span.
  • Column section solver iterations — The Number of iterations for the column section solver may now be set as a preference.

For more details of all the changes in ADC 8.4, refer to the ADC Change Log.

What's New in ADC 8.3 ?

New features:

  • The list of supported design codes now includes:
    • ACI 318-02
    • ACI 318-05
    • ACI 318-08
    • ACI 318M-02
    • ACI 318M-05
    • ACI 318M-08
    • AS 3600-2001
    • AS 3600-2009
    • IS456:2000
  • Apart from the above codes, One-way solid slab and Ribbed slab designs have been extended for the following new design codes:
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 (DE)
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 (FR)
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 (GB)
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 (IT)
    • EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 (NL)
  • Continuity steel requirements as per EN 1992-1-1:2004 Eurocode 2 have been implemented.
  • A new family of commands is available for the convenient organisation of windows within the ADC window. These resize and reposition the current window to fill the respective zone of the ADC window, typically toggling between half, one-third and two-thirds occupancy. The following commands are offered:

    Window top-left (Ctrl+Num 7) Window top (Ctrl+Num 8) Window top-right (Ctrl+Num 9)
    Window left (Ctrl+Num 4) Window middle (full) (Ctrl+Num 5) Window right (Ctrl+Num 6)
    Window bottom-left (Ctrl+Num 1) Window bottom (Ctrl+Num 2) Window bottom-right (Ctrl+Num 3)
  • Span and cross-section views are coordinated such that if you zoom on the particular span, then the cross-sections are those for that span.
  • The values of bending moments and shear forces in graphic view have been improved such that:
    • If the number is positive then it goes above the line and below if negative.
    • End of span values are left or right justified as appropriate so that they will separate.

What's New in ADC 8.2 ?

New features:

  • New Features — General
    • An option to change the design code has been implemented. This allows the design code to be changed once the data has been created.
    • Program gives warning when user selects a superseded version of design code.
    • Code covers option has been implemented in the cover dialog. This gives access to code specific cover option for different types of situation.
    • The default value of "Weight density" has been changed to design code specific in the "General Specifications" dialog.
    • Program gives warning when a minimum bar diameter specified in the "Bar Limits" dialog is less than the maximum available bar diameter.
  • New Features — AdBeam
    • The list of supported design codes now includes:
      • Eurocode 2 - UK
      • Eurocode 2 - Generic
    • AdBeam now uses the AdSec solver to calculate areas of reinforcement.
    • An option to limit the number of reinforcement layers has been implemented.
    • Bending moments and shear forces are now calculated near the vicinity of point loads.
  • New Features — AdBeam Graphic View
    • New beam graphic view with splitter window has been implemented. Top vertical panes show the three cross sections and the bottom horizontal pane shows the beam elevation diagram.
    • Detailed section view of any section can be viewed by double clicking on that section.
    • A "Current span" drop list has been added in the beam graphics view toolbar to show the cross sections for the selected span.
    • A "Layout" button has been added in the beam graphics view toolbar to rearrange the splitter panes and rescale the cross section views.
    • Context sensitive menu for section offers the options for scaling, zooming, outputting the image to different formats, exporting the section to AdSec and opening the section in new window.
    • A "Current span" drop list has been added in the beam graphics view toolbar to show the cross sections for the selected span.
    • Context sensitive menu for selected span offers the option to open the selected sections in new window, export the selected sections to AdSec and display the design result for the selected span.
    • Menu option "File → Export AdSec data..." allows exporting the selected beam sections to AdSec.
  • New Features — AdBeam Output View
    • Output view includes the section's "Capacity" and "Moment Ratio" for both the minimum and maximum design moments.
    • Shear design output now includes the "Cot?" value (Eurocode Only).
    • A "Current span" drop list has been added in the beam graphics view toolbar to show the cross sections for the selected span.
    • A detailed output for "Span / Effective Depth Ratio" has been provided. It now includes the following parameters (Eurocode Only):
      • Basic L/d Ratio (Exp. 7.16 a or b)
      • Factor K (Table 7.4N)
      • Reference Reinforcement Ratio
      • Tension Reinforcement Ratio
      • Compression Reinforcement Ratio
      • Stress modifier (Exp. 7.17)
      • Flange Width Modifier
      • Span Length Modifier
      • Permissible Span/Depth Ratio
      • Actual Span/Depth Ratio
  • New Features — AdCol
    • Context sensitive menu for the column section now allows exporting the current section to AdSec.

What's New in ADC 8.1 ?

New features:

  • Codes of Practice —Concrete design implemented to the following design codes:
    • BS8110-1: 1985
      - resurrected
    • BS8110-1: 1997 (2005)
      - 2005 amendment added
    • Hong Kong Code of Practice 1987
      - corrected
    • Hong Kong Code of Practice 2004 (AMD1 2007)
      - added
  • Dockable Gateway —A dockable gateway has been implemented. This allows views to be maximised beside the gateway, rather than over it.
  • AdBeam Enhancements
    • The warning given regarding cover being inadequate has been clarified to explain that the cover is inadequate based on the largest bar size that has been selected.
    • The option to include self weight has been set to true by default, rather than false.