Interview with Steve Manners

Steve is a Business Development and Channel Manager here at Oasys. He is based in Brisbane.

After leaving college my first role was as a Draughtsman for a company that manufactured switches and crossings for the rail industry, this was a great role and involved lots of travel throughout the UK, quite often supervising the installation of the equipment. 

This gave me a real taste for Design and Manufacturing, which went on to lead my career path through Injection Moldings and Extrusion Die Design and Bicycle Design for Raleigh. While at Raleigh I continued my studies and gained my Masters Degree in Advanced Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Systems. My interest in computing grew at Raleigh and I soon became the Design Manager in charge of design projects and also 2D CAD software. I realised CAD was the future and after a significant investment in 3D, FEA, CNC, Document Management software at Raleigh, I decided to transfer and work for a CAD/FEA software reseller.

In 2003 I decided to emigrate to Australia from the UK, being fortunate enough to gain sponsorship through a software reseller, since then I have gained experience with the world’s leading engineering CAD, CAE , PDM and PLM software tools. I now have over 16 years’ experience of sales and business development, but always from an engineer’s point of view.   

I joined Oasys in February 2014 as Business Development and Channel Manager, with the remit of growing the Australasian market presence of all Oasys software portfolio in the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing space.

My day to day role also covers all areas of Business Development, new business development, promoting and presenting to clients and prospects, speaking at events, reseller support, software support, running training courses. I am currently the product manager for a new software tool for communication collaboration which is exciting and challenging.

I think all Oasys software is world class and diverse, but the one that fascinates me the most is MassMotion. I like it when the analysis almost perfectly resembles real life pedestrian modelling, even enabling ticketing and scheduling to be built into the program.  If your task is to design something like an airport it is vital your model is correct when millions of dollars are being invested. 

Socially I enjoy playing football for a local club, running, golf and deep sea fishing. In the winter months I try and get away to the snow at least once and in the summer I am often at the race track on my motorbike.