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Sneak preview of MassMotion 9.0 for Asia Pacific Rail 2017 delegates

Weeks ahead of its formal launch, MassMotion 9.0 has been previewed at Asia Pacific Rail where Oasys Application Specialist, Prof. Peter Debney, introduced its key new modelling and agent interaction features to a crowded seminar room. Rail planners have become familiar … Continue reading

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University of Edinburgh collaboration – The Roundhouse, Camden Evacuation Simulation

The following work has been produced by two students at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The work formed part of their Architectural Management, Practice and Law module within the Master of Architecture course. Richard Fleming and Max Ochel … Continue reading

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Dynamic crowd modelling for better stadium design

The design of sports stadia has been front of mind with the general public again with projects like Tottenham Hotspurs’ new Stadium due to open for the 2018-19 season and, on a more sombre note, the UK’s Hillsborough inquiry having … Continue reading

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Determining the number of repeat simulations during evacuation/pedestrian modelling

At the MassMotion User Group Day held at the Institution of Structural Engineers (London, UK) in September 2016, Dr. Michael Kinsey from the Arup Fire Shanghai office presented a talk entitled ‘Evacuation/Pedestrian Modelling: Methods for Determining the Number of Repeat Simulations’. … Continue reading

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MassMotion gets attendees talking and blogging at CanBIM – Live presentation recording

  MassMotion Product Director Erin Morrow spoke at the CanBIM Regional Session & Technology Exhibition about the continued development of the two Oasys pedestrian simulation programs, MassMotion and Flow. The talk was titled ‘Putting (Virtual) People First in Design’. Erin’s presentation … Continue reading

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MassMotion evacuation modelling validation for the elderly

In collaboration with research partners, Carleton University undertook a study to develop a baseline for the behaviour and actions of the elderly during pre-evacuation and movement stages of emergency egress situations. The resulting research paper critically examines a fire drill … Continue reading

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RTC North America speaker feedback gives Erin Morrow an ‘excellent’ rating

MassMotion Product Director, Erin Morrow, recently spoke at RTC North America about the importance of ‘Putting (Virtual) People First in Designs’. The live demonstration offered attendees the chance to see firsthand a revolutionary new way of exploring design possibilities while … Continue reading

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Interior Architects take the next step in virtual environments using Oasys Flow

Interior Architects, the largest employee-owned interior architecture focused firm with nineteen offices worldwide, investigated the next step in using virtual environments in a recent blog post. IA are using Flow and virtual reality to inform designers, clients, builders and consultants … Continue reading

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MassMotion wins stamp of approval

MassMotion and Flow, the BIM-compatible 3D pedestrian modelling software tools developed by Oasys have been validated and verified by Arup engineers, demonstrating that their simulations not only fulfil Oasys’ performance claims, but that they really do offer a true representation … Continue reading

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Using Python scripts with MassMotion – Creating a timetable schedule from an OD matrix

Introduction MassMotion’s timetables are incredibly powerful, but can be time-consuming to pull together by hand. On the other hand, simple programs can do much of the donkey work, converting files such as Origin/Destination Matrices (OD Matrices) or train schedules into … Continue reading

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