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Exploring the Design Space

Exploring the Design Space For the last few years I have been giving a lecture at Leeds University on design optimisation techniques, but the one thing that always bothered me was a sketch that I did of an example design … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Topology Optimisation with GSA

Inspired by a recent Arup Thoughts article about a radical minimum weight joint, and making use of some online references (Huang and Xie, 2010), I have developed a Python routine for running an Evolutionary Topology Optimisation (ETO) on a GSA … Continue reading

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Using Python scripts with MassMotion – Creating a timetable schedule from an OD matrix

Introduction MassMotion’s timetables are incredibly powerful, but can be time-consuming to pull together by hand. On the other hand, simple programs can do much of the donkey work, converting files such as Origin/Destination Matrices (OD Matrices) or train schedules into … Continue reading

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