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Programming as a Geotechnical Engineer

Oasys developers have recently released the COM interface into Frew, Alp and Greta and are planning to roll it out to our other Geotechnical programs. Following our recent COM webinar, Application Specialist, Zeena Farook, started some scripting to see what … Continue reading

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Exploring the Design Space

Exploring the Design Space For the last few years I have been giving a lecture at Leeds University on design optimisation techniques, but the one thing that always bothered me was a sketch that I did of an example design … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Topology Optimisation with GSA

Inspired by a recent Arup Thoughts article about a radical minimum weight joint, and making use of some online references (Huang and Xie, 2010), I have developed a Python routine for running an Evolutionary Topology Optimisation (ETO) on a GSA … Continue reading

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Using Python scripts with MassMotion – Creating a timetable schedule from an OD matrix

Introduction MassMotion’s timetables are incredibly powerful, but can be time-consuming to pull together by hand. On the other hand, simple programs can do much of the donkey work, converting files such as Origin/Destination Matrices (OD Matrices) or train schedules into … Continue reading

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