Oasys Adsec load analysis now compatible with Indian and Canadian design codes

The 8.4 version release also includes an improved interface and now enables engineers to edit and query models from within graphics. A new release of Oasys AdSec, the leading analysis program for sections under load, is compatible with a wider range of international design codes. The list now include Indian IRC and Canadian CSA standards alongside the Eurocodes.


Additional material models are built in to the new release and standard curves are provided as templates. This makes it easier for users to edit, adjust and test the use of different materials and combinations.

Oasys AdSec can handle sections made from concrete, steel or fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), or any combinations of these materials. It is ideal for both new build projects, for instance designing a composite mega column or checking a pre-stressed floor, and refurbishments where it can reveal the potential for improving existing beams and columns. Oasys AdSec users can combine long-term dead loads with short-term imposed loads

Oasys AdSec is frequently used in conjunction with other Oasys programmes including Pile for analysing vertical load capacity, ALP for lateral pile loading and Frew for retaining wall analysis.

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