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MassMotion – Demonstration of plotting “Eyeball Time”

MassMotion is a truly 3D simulation system. As such it offers a variety of analysis possibilities that are not available with competing solutions which are fundamentally 2D in their approach. For example it is possible to use MassMotion to analyse … Continue reading

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EC7 Seminar Summary (Session 2 – Application of EC7 to Slope Stability Analysis and Retaining Wall Analysis)

Overview This session covered the application of EC7: Slope Stability analysis with a verification case study. Retaining Wall analysis with a discussion of how EC7 was implemented using soil structure interaction and finite element analysis to the Florence Rail Station … Continue reading

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EC7 Seminar Summary (Session 1 – Introduction to EC7, Dr Brian Simpson)

Overview This session introduces Eurocode 7, the basis of Geotechnical Design and the applications of Eurocode 7 to spread foundations and retaining structures.

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