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Data Security

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Software Licensing Terms

Data Security

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

All data is stored in secure electronic systems accessible only to Oasys staff with both valid network login credentials and specific authorisation to access the system.  Our systems further limit data access by role to ensure data is available only to those who have a specific need to see it.

If at any point you suspect or receive a suspicious communication from someone suggesting they work for Oasys or a website claiming to be affiliated with Oasys, please forward the communication to us or report the incident by email to oasys@arup.com or in writing to Oasys, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, UK, W1T 4BQ as soon as possible.

Data Security Notice Updated 27th February 2020

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Website Terms and Conditions

The contents of this web site are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights under international conventions. No copying of any words, images, graphic representations or other information contained in this web site is permitted without the prior written permission of the webmaster for this site.

Oasys accepts no responsibility for the content of any external site that links to or from this site.

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Software Licensing Terms

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The full conditions of purchase and maintenance for all Oasys software are set out in the Oasys Software Licence and Support Agreement. All prices are subject to TAX at the current rate.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice – please ask for a written quotation.

Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein, the contents do not form or constitute a representation, warranty, or part of any contract.

Superseded Versions of Terms and Conditions

Oasys keeps copies of all superseded versions of its terms and conditions.

Maintenance & Support Services

Support and maintenance is included with all subscription licences for their full duration.

Annual maintenance contracts are available for software under a perpetual licence, prices are based on a percentage of the most recent list price.

This service includes:

  • telephone/fax/email/web based support
  • free software updates available via internet download
  • personalised output header for many products

Flow Change Logs

All notable changes to MassMotion Flow will be documented within the change log.

New Features

New Features and Enhancements


– Improved documentation on elevator capacity in user guide.


Version 10.0.12

– Added ability to scroll when editing a large group of transitions for a flow count grab.

– Added ability to drag/drop transitions when editing flow count graphs.



– Changed default elevator capacity count from 30 to 12.



– Added cancellation support to Find Regions command.



– Added entry and exit actions to elevators.



– Changed bookmark visibility to ignore simulation run objects.


– Improved rendering of transparent objects against an opaque background.



– Changed tally test/trigger to compare two tally values instead of a tally against a constant.



– Added ‘Select -> Objects with colour’ command to select all objects with the same colour as the currently selected one.



– Added ‘Multiply’ and ‘Divide’ counters to allow multiplying and dividing 2 tally values.



– Added ‘Difference’ counter for easily subtracting 2 tally values.

– Added UTF-8 support in rendered texts.

– Allow unlicensed MassMotion to open but prevent opening creating projects.



– Added support for a weighted collection of networks in profile.

– Added support for Sketchup 2018 files.

– Added driver information in OpenGL warning.

– Added ‘Approach Map’ display option for wait spaces.



– Added detection of and warning about potentially corrupt geometry on import.

– Added support for WaitSpace objects to In Area agent filters.


Version 10.0.0

– Created new Elevator object for simulating elevator/lift movement between floors.

– Created new Elevator Bank for coordinating control of connected elevators.

– Created new Network object for defining a subset of the route network (e.g. no stairs).

– Added network property to Profile.IF MASSMOTION

– Added ‘Assign network’ action for dynamically changing network used by an agent.END

– Added support for network objects in static cost and distance maps.

– Created new Wait Space object for defining areas in which agents can wait (set through ‘wait style’ property of gates/elevators).

– Added support for wait space based waiting to gates, wait tasks, and elevators.

– Added new ‘Focus beside target’ for agents standing on either side of a gate or elevator.

– Improved ‘Spread out’ behaviour means agents are more willing to stand still in dense areas.

– Improved ‘Move aside’ behaviour when waiting for priority access to a link.

– Created new Tally object for storing, modifying, combining, or testing measured or abstract values.

– Use the Count Change event or the “Add to count” action to modify abstract tally counts.

– Use the Tally test or Tally trigger to alter simulation operations based on the value of a tally.

– Upgraded existing count based triggers and tests to use tally objects.

– Added support for international (unicode) characters in file names.

– Added support for international (unicode) characters in object names.

– Changed network initialization to only create cost trees for portals/zones/servers that are used as destinations.

– Improved performance when showing/hiding members of a Transform

– Improved performance deleting members of a Transform.

– Improved performance when deleting large numbers of objects.

– Added ‘Seek area’ action to send agents to any point in the route network.

– Renamed bank objects to route bank objects.

– Added creation of objects with pre-set shapes (L shaped floor, straight run stair, etc.).

– Added ‘Find -> Used by -> Profiles’ context menu entry.

– Added missing ‘Save as…’ File entry for some object property windows.

– Added ‘Agent Transition’ table query for recording each time an agent executes a transition.

– Added ‘Expected Demand OD Count’ query for displaying expected counts from a journey, evacuate, or circulate event

– Added database slice ‘mmv’ format that can only be opened in the viewer (not MassMotion or Flow).

– A new entry in the user guide explains how to make the most out of presenting results with the free Viewer (see Working with the Viewer).



– Fixed problems with undoing changes to a density map custom colour range.

– Fixed additional rare bugs in elevator logic and movement.

– Fixed bug where ‘Hide maps on selected’ would hide maps on all floors.

– Fixed progress bar to actually show progress when launching a simulation.



– Fixed additional rare bugs in elevator travel which could cause elevator to stop twice at the same stop.

– Fixed bug in periodic trigger where period values were inflated by 1 frame (5 seconds simulated as 5.2 seconds).



– Fixed bug where agents approaching to call an elevator would have the ‘yield’ wait force applied even though they weren’t yet waiting.

– Fixed regression bug (from where elevators could visit stops in wrong order.

– Fixed rare bugs in elevator travel which could cause elevators to stop twice or sometimes skip a stop.

– Fixed bug where fill command could create faces with the wrong orientation



– Fixed bug where installer would check unnecessarily for Windows Media Pack on repair or uninstall.

– Fixed rare bug where redundant stops could be added to elevator queue.



– Fixed bug where agents given another task while waiting on a wait space would become unstable after completing the new task.

– Fixed regression bug (from where elevators could not handle stop requests from a stop at same height as current stop.



– Fixed default stair’s direction arrows to point inwards instead of outwards



– Fixed bug in ‘Check for Updates’ where current version was reported as instead of


Version 10.0.12

– Fixed bug preventing re-running of simulation when existing mmdb file name contained unicode characters.

– Fixed bug in cache change event where repeat period values were inflated by 1 frame (5 seconds simulated as 5.2 seconds).

– Fixed bug where agents choosing between wait spaces would only cost by distance and not consider crowding density.

– Fixed bug where agents would appear to walk in-place when approaching an elevator bank.

– Fixed bug where busy/complicated textures viewed from far away would flicker.

– Fixed bug where face normals would be flipped when 2 edges were split at once.

– Fixed rare bugs in elevator logic that could cause agents to not take available elevators.



– Fixed bug where selecting an object with empty geometry could cause application to crash.

– Fixed bug where setting the position of a wait space with the position tool caused the goal line to lose its offset.

– Fixed bug displaying unicode characters in 3d view when application launched from custom shortcuts.



– Fixed bug in upgrading older projects (9.0 and 9.5) that used population based triggers in events.

– Fixed bug with selecting agents with custom avatars when the “Show custom” setting was false.

– Fixed bug in undo system when hiding members of a collection when viewing the collection properties.

– Fixed bug where hidden simulation runs were included in visibility of newly created bookmarks.



– Fixed bug where SDK would fail to give the direction to target waypoint of agents targeting a wait space.



– Fixed bug preventing agents from being hidden on hidden floors when using exported simulation slices.

– Fixed bug where numbers copy-pasted into tables were truncated at the comma.

– Fixed bug where agent camera options were enabled when no agent was selected.

– Fixed bug where manipulator arms would disappear.

– Fixed bug where new simulation run connecting to existing mmdb doesn’t maintain hiding agents on hidden floors.



– Fixed bug where all agents were hidden in exported simulation slices with bookmarks that control object visibility.



– Fixed bug where a network that only references disabled objects fails validation, and can’t itself be disabled.

– Fixed bug in movie exporting where a filename with Unicode characters becomes improperly encoded.



– Fixed incorrect placement of wait space goal lines.

– Fixed handling of unicode (international) characters in dwg file imports.


– Fixed bug preventing choice of some server related tally types in tests/triggers.

– Fixed bug where simulation slice exports with “All after” time range generated a corrupted slice.

– Fixed crash when importing drawing layers from dwg file.



– Fixed crash when running simulation with elevator that used a floor which failed to validate.

– Fixed rare case of agents incorrectly being deleted when exiting an elevator.



– Fixed bug in elevator goal line height calculations on sloped floors.

– Fixed bug preventing agents with large radius from pressing elevator call button.



– Fixed crash when selecting agent camera options from object context menu.

– Fixed crash when closing MassMotion while a table query was open.

– Fixed problem with opening files using network paths.



– Fixed bug preventing clear avatar action from resetting to animated avatar.



– Fixed bug in validation of empty ‘Named tally’ tally.

– Fixed bug which prevented use of spaces in file paths (regression from 9.5).

– Fixed incorrect warnings about scale when importing geometry.

– Fixed rare crash when merging in portals from an imported mmxml.

– Fixed silent reset of matrix based demand in events when merging in portals from an imported mmxml.



– Fixed elevator goal lines to track height of uneven or sloped floors.

– Fixed tally graph for collections with tally members.

– Fixed bug with displaying and setting the position of wait spaces.



– Fixed obstacle maps displayed in authoring not showing correct resolution (did not affect simulation).

– Fixed bug which allowed wait spaces to be specified in ‘Follow Sign’ action.

– Fixed missing names for some components in performance graph.

– Fixed bug in Shuttle elevator behaviour when redirecting a moving elevator to new stop.


Version 10.0.1

– Fixed crash on exit for some license types (regression from 9.0).

– Fixed ‘focus on’ to focus only on visible geometry (regression from 9.5).



– Fixed bug where graphics would enter unstable state after importing files with corrupt geometry.

– Fixed proxy related license issues.

– Fixed crash on exit for some license types (regression from 9.0).


Version 10.0.0

– Fixed bug where agents might not be aware of a long-way-around route that crosses an ‘open’ perimeter.

– Fixed bug in ‘area population’ trigger and test where agents could be double-counted if appearing in multiple volumes.

– Fixed bug where large custom avatars would disappear when only partially in view.

New Features

New Features and Enhancements


– Debug simulation now starts with the default bookmark if it is set.



– Improved behaviour of show/hide/home functionality in viewer.

– Added bookmarks to debug simulation.

– Added marker to indicate agent being tracked or followed in third person.



– Added validation check to Timetimable location file to ensure at least one portal is used.



– Removed ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’, and ‘Show All’ menu items from Viewer.

– Added oculus rift mode for the viewer.



– Improved robustness of ‘Simplify’ tool and added ‘Simplify (conservative)’ option.



– Updated licensing framework to support improved ‘Manage Keys’ utility.

– Added automatic check for updates on launch. This will run once a week.

– Added ability to set cordons as one way.

– Added progress bar when exporting a movie.


– Added error message when refreshing an invalid simulation run agent filter.

– Changed Broadcast events to be invalid when they specify an action that does nothing.



– Added ‘Simplify’ for server and path geometry.

– Improved mesh ‘Simplify’ to remove overlapping triangles.

– Improved graphics performance.

– Improved vision map performance.

– Added ability to specify occluding objects in vision map.

– Added agent filter to vision map.

– Added ‘Vision count’ and ‘Vision time above count’ maps.

– Improved performance of importing drawings.

– Improved performance of duplicating objects.

– Improved performance when showing/hiding members of a collection.

– Agents on virtual floors now ignore neighbours and assume 0 density (improved performance).

– Added ‘ignore neighbors’ property to objects to allow agents to walk through one another.

– Improved console/log views so that they don’t auto-scroll when user has manually scrolled.

– Automatically connect to database when opening a project from an mmdb database file.

– Added exporting of smaller sections of an existing database (slice).

– Added new camera objects for managing saved views.

– Added ability to import/export saved views (as camera objects).

– Added bookmark objects for storing/presenting noteworthy times/locations in a database.

– Added ‘preview resolution’ to view settings menu (eye icon in scene view).

– Improved support for high resolution displays.

– Added matrix OD input to Journey, Circulate, Evacuate events.

– Added origin table, destination table, count per origin and count per destination options to Journey, Circulate, Evacuate.

– Deprecated Trip Matrix (automatically converted to equivalent Journey on project open).

– Added support for trimmed NURBS curves from FBX and DWG files.

– Added ability to display and modify face normals on geometry to improve 3D export.

– Improved performance of map generation by enabling threading.

– Added option to static cost/distance maps to show numerical distance values in 3d scene.

– Added cutoff distance and field of view parameters to vision map queries.

– Added info to the agent’s properties in debug simulation to show wait target when waiting for a gate.

– Modified CAD import to retain original object’s name when converting to a MassMotion object.

– Allowed opening from old databases (created with a previous version of MassMotion) to recover the contained project.

– Added ‘Opposing flow cost factor’ to links/stairs/ramps/eslsacotrs/paths to adjust cost of oncomming traffic.

– Added display of area of selected faces in status bar at bottom of main window.



– Fixed bug where splitting geometry edges could create holes.

– Fixed crash when importing DWG and DGN files with accented and non-latin characters.



– Fixed crash when regenerating a region density graph after hiding it.

– Debug simulation now starts with the default bookmark if it is set.

– Fixed bug where creating a new simulation will show agents on hidden floors.

– Fixed bug where approach and obstacle maps could not be displayed in debug simulation.



– Fixed bug where disabled obstacle icons in list view were drawn as standard ovals instead of dots.

– Fixed bug where main menu ‘View -> CloseAllWindows’ did not close all windows.

– Fixed crash when deleting multiple servers in a process chain.

– Fixed bug where portals stretched over holes in a floor would create a bridge of walkable space (regression from 8.5)



– Fixed crash when multi-editing Journey objects with population source type ‘Schedule’.

– Fixed crash when exporting objects from the file menu.



– Fixed minor errors in the user guide.



– Removed ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’, and ‘Show All’ menu items from Viewer.

– Fixed crash when validating/simulating events that used a start time that referenced themselves.



– Fixed spelling mistakes in user guide.




– Fixed buttons being too small on some high DPI monitors.

– Fixed crash when undoing a change to simulation run database path.

– Fixed crash when overwriting a simulation with an invalid agent filter.

– Changed Broadcast events to be invalid when they specify an action that does nothing.

– Fixed crash when loading some textures.





– Fixed bug in ‘commit to wait’ property for gated links.

– Fixed bug where movie export with very high quality, or high resolution and frame rate would fail.

– Fixed bug where some drawings would shift on saving and re-opening


– Fixed bug preventing static cost maps from generating when scene objects were members of a Transform.


New Features

Version 9.0.17

– SDK: Added ability to query an agent’s previous waypoint.

– SDK: Added ability to control simulation start time and duration.

Version 9.0.15

– SDK: Added ConnectionObject::IsGated() function.

– SDK: Added ability to wait for duration/until time.

– SDK: Added ability to seek a set of portals.

– SDK: Added ability to control simulation run random seed and number of threads.

Version 9.0.13

– Added a prompt when overwriting files with movie export.

Version 9.0.11

– Improved agents’ awareness of available space when transitioning between adjacent (or nearly adjacent) floors


Version 9.0.16

– Fixed incorrectly built installers (unique to 9.0.15).

Version 9.0.15

– SDK: Fixed bug where databases were incorrectly tagged as incomplete.

Version 9.0.14

– Fixed bug where using large, complex custom avatars could potentially cause a crash.

– Fixed bug in paths where agents could teleport from one end to the other depending on path orientation.

– Fixed bug where agents finishing a wait task on a path would teleport back to start of path.

– Renamed ‘panic’ force to more descriptive ‘correction’ force.

Version 9.0.13

– Fixed undo/redo not correctly updating enabledness of process chain buttons.

– Fixed check updates not using the correct version number.

Version 9.0.12

– Fixed bug where floor with obstacles on all edges would not get initialized properly

– Fixed bug where available floor area was slightly less than it should be (particularly noticeable on thin floors)

New Features



– Added check to installer to fail and notify user when Windows Media Feature Pack not installed.


– Added option in vehicle event to use periodic arrivals with a lookup table of alighting/through populations.

– Added ‘Simulation O/D Time’ query and ‘Simulation O/D Social Cost’ query.

– Added ability to specify portals to be used in O/D queries.

– Added additional entries to clarify meaning of the ‘Time Range’ setting in O/D queries.

– Added display of angle between two selected drawing lines to main window status bar.

– Added automatic padding width of 0.075 to escalators generated from drawings or reference geometry.

– Add ability to export trip matrix OD data to a csv file (‘File’ menu of property window).



– Added right-click context menu for ‘Trace’ mode.

– Added ‘Keyboard Controls…’ entry to help menu.




– Added missing menu option to export ‘On Release’ action from server properties.

– Added display of ‘anchored’ manipulator axes to top right of scene.



– Added ‘Trace’ mode for generating objects from temporary sketches (available in right hand tool panel).

– Added ‘Visual’ as target type to creation widget on right hand tool panel.


– Added size prompts when creating new circle/square/ellipse in drawings.

– Added ‘Open Recent’ entry to main window ‘File’ menu.



– Fixed bug where number of runs in a multi-run simulation and custom random seed could not be edited.

– Fixed bug which allowed spaces in prefix names on import.


– Minor spelling corrections in the UI.

– Updates to the user guide.

– Fixed bug in storing of custom ‘generate’ options for non-floor targets.

– Fixed bug preventing selection of agents with non-default radius in debug simulation.

– Fixed resizing of some UI elements to provide better support for different screen resolutions (especially high DPI).

– Fixed use of weighted profile collection in trip matrix event (resulting distribution did not match specified weights).


– Fixed bug preventing input of vehicle alighting counts when set to random.


– Fixed crash when camera rotation attempted while another application had keyboard focus.


– Split existing Origin/Destination query into ‘Area O/D Count’ and ‘Simulation O/D Count’ queries.


– Fixed bug where changes to the ‘Event State’ trigger activity were not saved.

– Fixed bug where floor/zone-based O/D matrix tables could return zero values if run on a just-finished simulation


– Fixed bug preventing graphics from being shown in MassMotionConsole.exe runs.


– Improved action graph output for Repeat/Until and Do/Until actions.

– Fixed bug preventing .mmxsi project files from opening (regression from 8.5).

– Fixed crash when server target set to ‘end of server queue’ and part of the server was covered by a barrier.

– Fixed bug with ‘end of server queue’ servers where agents could join wrong part of server line.

– Changed server contact time to support fractional seconds.

– Improved the flow rates across links (links less than 1.5m wide now have flow rates much closer to Fruin values).

– Changed the default escalator width from 1.0m to 1.15m to account for space between rails.

– Changed the default escalator speed from 0.8m/s to 0.65m/s.

– Fixed crash on application close after viewing the graph of an action or test.

– Fixed bug where components in different selection modes would affect displayed position.

– Fixed bug where setting component positions could corrupt selection of object.


– Fixed bug where in progress edits were not saved when property window closed.

– Fixed being unable to import certain formats of jpg.

– Fixed bug where standard servers from 8.5 projects were incorrectly imported as virtual.

– Fixed bug where timetable schedule lines that started before simulation start were ignored.

– Generated cordons and volumes are automatically lowered 0.1m.

– Fixed bug where default timetable folder was not aligned with project working folder.

– Changed position widget to change vertex positions even when in face or edge mode.

– Changed position widget to respect custom manipulator orientation.

– Fixed bug in ‘Simplify’ when applied to malformed geometry.


– Fixed false positive validation error for empty table data in Trip Matrix event.

– Fixed bug where 0.2m obstacle padding was not applied to approach maps.

– Only show ‘Edit Process’ when at least one server is in the scene.

– Made behaviour of ‘Mode’ and ‘Selection Mode’ hotkeys consistent (don’t toggle).

– Hitting ‘I’ or ‘M’ while in Trace or Measure just resets points.

– Leave drawings selected when exiting from ‘Edit Drawing’ or ‘Find Region’ modes.

– Fixed bug where generating from ‘Trace’ didn’t use customized Generate options.

– Files added to ‘Open Recent’ list after being saved (as well as opened).

– Transform ‘Centre’ and ‘Reset’ buttons focus on members after use.


– Fixed drawing of bounding circle during ‘Trace’ mode.

– Removed empty ‘Physical’ group from Path property window.

– Fixed bug in ‘Do Until’ action where aborted tasks were not cleaned up properly.

– Fixed crash when filling regions with more than 3 drawings.


– Changed region colouring from grey to green to improve visibility.

– Darken drawing layer colours on import to improve constrast with selection.


– Fixed bug during authoring where displayed obstacle or approach maps included disabled barriers (simulation not effected).


– Improved mesh ‘fill’ command for edges/vertices.

– Focus 3d view on newly imported geometry immediately after import.

– Fixed crash when executing a ‘Do Until’ action when no task given.

New Features



– Added button to create Transform Group to the scene tab.

– Added bottom and top bounding box geometry conversion mode.


– Added new buttons in the right hand tool panel for generating objects from reference geometry and drawings.

– Added a ‘Generate Options’ dialog for customizing how source geometry is used to generate objects.

– Added time lapse feature for movie/image frame export.

– Added snap for measure, knife and draw line tools.

Version 8.9.22


– Added option to hide empty rows/columns in OD table query.

– Added support for ‘Extend and Fuse’ when multiple drawings selected.

– Added support for manipulating lines when multiple drawings selected.


– Added support for layer colours when importing 2d content.

– Added a hotkey ‘U’ for drawing layer extend and fuse.

– Added option to drive vehicle event arrivals from a schedule.

– Added ability to specify and show ‘through passengers’ in vehicle event.

– Added ‘pre-arrival’ time for alighting passengers (was hard coded to 10 seconds).

– Added vehicle event gate access controls for alighters and boarders.

Version 8.9.21


– Added ‘server’ table to agent observer window to show list of used servers.

– Added ‘Simplify’ command for removing unnecessary points in drawings.



– Added context menu support to object choosers in action/test/trigger properties.

Version 8.9.20

– Added support for importing ‘dgn’ files.

– Added ability to ‘lock’ reference geometry and drawing layers to prevent editing.


– Added ‘Extract’ command to object face and drawing line context menu for moving elements into a new object.


– Added better feedback for which plane is currently a snap target during snapping.

Version 8.9.18

– Added ‘Snap’ mode when transforming objects (hotkey Z)

– Added ability to change orientation/location of manipulator relative to object (hotkey B)

– Added import of images as textured rectangles.

– Added collection support in Timetables (location/portal, gate, token).

– Added Server capacity type ‘Fixed Geometry’ to specify capacity based on line length and agent spacing.

– Added Server ‘Target’ and ‘Traversal’ properties for controlling how agents approach servers.

– Added geometry import options to control filtering, grouping, and naming of new objects.


– Added custom mouse cursors for measure, knife, and drawing line modes.

– Added tooltips to actions, tests, and triggers.

Version 8.9.16

– Added support for 2D geometry import and editing.

– Added support for SketchUp file import.

– Added visual indicators for server access and hold status (similar to gates)

– Added ‘Observe’ option (right-click) for events to see when they were active during a simulation run.

– Added ‘Select’ right-click menu for selecting different components of an object.

– Added ‘Reset’ and ‘Freeze’ buttons to Transform properties.

– Added rise angle property to stairs, ramps, and escalators (to override geometry default).

– Added ‘list separator’ to application preferences for customizing field separation character in csv files.

– Added undo stack size to application preferences.

– Added ‘-query’ command line arg for automatically running/exporting a query after a simulation completes.

– Added ‘Merge’ to object context menu for merging objects of the same type.

– Added ‘capacity’ tab to vehicle event to control boarding access by capacity.

– Added automatic tabbing to last selected when opening new object properties window.

– Added recall of previous property window size (useful for large actions).

– Added autosave configurable through application preferences (defaults to 10min intervals).

– Added support for translating process chain connection points in process port mode.

– Added access/hold state duration to server summary query.

Version 8.9.11

– Added virtual servers for instant traversal.

– Added ability to join servers at start of queue rather than start of line.

– Added server action ‘on release’ applied as agents exit server.

– Added server ‘When done’ property for default behaviour of holding vs releasing processed agents

– Added server ‘Default state’ property

– Added ServerEvent for controlling access to servers or holding agents at a server after processing.

– Added additional server dispatch types: largest available capacity, smallest distance, smallest cost



– Renamed ‘Knife’ operation to ‘Slice’.

– Fixed bug in ‘tab’ and ‘enter’ behaviour when editing tables.

– Fixed bug in vehicle event not opening gate when using access test but no capacity limit.

– Renamed ‘Region’ object to ‘Volume’

– Combined position and transform edit widgets into single widget in right panel.

– Enabled Fill meshes to work on ‘internal’ edges.



– Changed the organization of right-click context menus for objects, faces, edges, regions, and drawing lines.


Version 8.9.22

– Fixed bug in ordering of agent observer route objects (regression from 8.9.21).

– Fixed bug where agents exiting at a portal could be reported as having exited while in transit.

– Fixed bug with entering manual weights for seek portal and seek process chain actions.

– Fixed time based map overlays to show time in HH:MM:SS instead of seconds.

– Improved resizing of movie/image export window to ensure camera view does not change.

– Fixed bug in calculation of drawing regions.

– Changed language of context menus to use ‘Generate’ instead of ‘Convert’

– Changed ‘Convert’ context menus to copy geometry rather than transform it when converting between types.


– Changed alighting passengers to arrive instantly instead of over 5 seconds.

Version 8.9.21

– Fixed bug in creation/drawing of analysis maps (regression from 8.9.20)

– Fixed two more regressions in analysis maps (especially static cost/distance).

– Fixed bug preventing selection of some agents during playback (regression from 8.9.20).

– Added ‘server’ table to agent observer window to show list of used servers.

– Updated user guide to include new 9.0 content (more to come).

– Improved auto stair creation algorithm.

– Split connection object buttons from other object buttons in MainWindow’s ‘Scene’ tab.

– Changed avatar property window to automatically show avatar geometry on open.

– Reorganized ‘Find’ object context menu to improve clarity of function.

– Fixed bugs that would prevent gate/server state, population count, and in area tests from working when used in an action applied through a broadcast event that is targeting a zone.

– Fixed bug where ‘follow sign’ action using ordered lists wouldn’t work when applied to a zone through a broadcast event when agents enter zone while event was active.

– Changed drawing selection to show only one combined outline when multiple drawings selected.

Version 8.9.20

– Fixed bug in cyclic gate and server events that resulted in incorrect timings.

– Fixed behaviour of object and manipulator snap for servers and paths.

– Renamed ‘Convert to’ to ‘Create’ for component context menus.

– ‘Create’ from selected faces no longer deletes the source faces.

– Renamed ‘Execute Action’ event to ‘Broadcast’.

– Renamed ‘Agent Action’, ‘Agent Test’, and ‘Reference Time’ to ‘Action’, ‘Test’, and ‘Time’.

Version 8.9.19

– Changed behaviour of new object snap manipulator to provide better feedback.

Version 8.9.18


– Renamed Traversal Type options for floors, stairs, ramps, links to be more descriptive (‘Virtual’ is not ‘Teleport’).


– Changed default movement constraint on servers to be ‘unconstrained’ (speed does not change with density).

– Fixed bug in tracing of costs for “long way around” alternate routes.


– Fixed bug in transition count trigger.

– Fixed display of server and process port selection.

– Fixed bug when converting generic objects to stairs/escalators (used entire object rather than top surfaces).

– Changed installer to include version number in application name.

Version 8.9.16


– Changed ‘Inside zone’ test to ‘In area’ and added support for regions and other object types.


– Changed Fruin speed/density relationship to give flow rates closer to Fruin guidelines for links and stairs.

– Changed default escalator width from 1.0m to 1.25m to better reflect useable space on standard escalators.

– Changed default escalator speed from 0.8m/s to 0.75m/s to reflect LU standards.

– Increased frequency at which agents re-evaluate route choice from every 2s to every frame.

– Changed how density around agent is calculated to be more accurate.

– Agents now adjust speed based on density ahead of them rather than all around them.

– Renamed ReferenceModel to Transform

– Transform collections can now contain any scene object

– Deprecated effective width property in links (width now always calculated from geometry).



– Changed vehicle event to be ‘live’ when vehicle is dwelling and not when agents are begin created.

– Changed behaviour of ‘Esc’ when editing object properties to revert current change instead of committing and closing window.

– Consolidated all import/export operations into two buttons on ‘project’ tab of ribbon

– Moved ‘Image/Movie Export’, ‘Position Export’, and ‘Alembic Export’ buttons to ‘project’ tab of ribbon.

Version 8.9.11

– Gates can default to open as well as closed

– Gate events can open gates as well as close them.

– Gate events can open or close one direction independent of the other.

– New ‘Population count’ test queries the number of people on a floor or in a region.

– New ‘Server count’ test queries the number of people queuing or approaching and queuing at one or more servers.

– New ‘Event live’ test queries whether or not one or more events are currently active.



New Features

Version 8.5.8

– Added movement standard property to servers and paths to increase flow rate onto line.


Version 8.5.4

– Added check to prevent opening project files saved using a newer version.
– Added better error handling for writing of alembic files.

Version 8.5.3

– Added x20 playback speed button in main window and movie export.
– Added support for display of curve lengths to main window status bar.
– Added hotkeys 1, 2, 3 for toggling axis during translate/rotate/scale.

Version 8.5 

Key additions

– Added new camera modes for tracking/following agent movement during playback (right-click on agent)
– Added obstacle map decorations for floors and approach map decorations for portals and connection objects in modelling environment
– Added ability to set edge length through new ‘L’ field of position editor in top right of main window
– Added hotkeys 1, 2, 3 for toggling axis during translate/rotate/scale


Version 8.0.5 

– Added camera rotation snapping (hold shift to snap to the nearest 15 degree rotation)

Version 8.0.4

– Added orthogonal ‘Side’ camera viewpoint (can be rotated horizontally)
– Added application preferences (from ‘Edit’ menu) for default movie export settings
– Added support for virtual paths
– Added ability to rename objects directly from the main window using F2
– Added opacity parameter to agent path map and modified its behaviour to take agent colour from the source simulation run
– Added dynamic path map for showing agent ‘trails’
– Added speed ratio graph for showing counts of agents with different actual/desired speed ratios
– Added support for importing reference geometry as ramps (including auto-detection of IfcRamp objects)
– Added ability to create normalized graphs (stacked bars or areas that sum to 100% instead of an absolute value).

Version 8.0 

– Added actions field in agent observer window for viewing agent action history
– Added ability to specify weighted collection of profiles in events
– Added ‘Instant’ event demand type for creation of agents all in a single frame
– Added ‘Table of intervals’ event demand type for complex arrival patterns
– Added ‘Color Scheme’ option for colouring agents in events by entrance/exit
– Added ability to specify dwell times per portal in circulate events
– Added alembic export for rendering of simulation playback in other applications
– Added new ‘Has end state’ agent filter for isolating error agents during playback/analysis
– Added colour legends as overlay when displaying an analysis map
– Added new region density analysis graph
– Added improved editing of agent filters through copy/paste and drag/drop


– Added extra diagnostic output to aid in debugging graphics issues


Version 8.5.11 

– Fixed bug where floor/zone-based O/D matrix tables could return zero values if run on a just-finished simulation
– Fixed bug during authoring where displayed obstacle or approach maps included disabled barriers (simulation not effected).

Version 8.5.10

– Fixed bug where agents exiting at a portal could be reported as having exited while in transit.
– Fixed bug with entering manual weights for seek portal action.
– Fixed crash if graph query bin values were set to 0.
– Fixed bug in refreshing of enable/disable status of vehicle event alighting properties.
– Fixed bug where ‘Follow sign’ action applied through ‘Execute Action’ event targeting a zone would not work for agents entering the zone while the event was active.

Version 8.5.8

– Fixed inconsistency in route tree construction which could lead to different route cost values from one run to the next.

Version 8.5.7

– Fixed bug where imported region density graphs with missing regions would cause a crash.


– Fixed bug where self-overlapping triangles could cause ‘Simplify Geometry’ to produce incorrect results.

Version 8.5.6

– Improved error messages when graph query objects fail to validate.
– Custom agent avatars can now be displayed alongside animated avatars.
– Fixed bug in route costing of banked stairs/escalators immediately outside zone when evacuating a zone.

Version 8.5.5

– Fixed bug where manipulator would deactivate after rotating the camera or right clicking on the scene.
– Disable left mouse button drag/drop from 3D scene when CTRL or SHIFT are down.
– Fixed text in histogram image meta data.

Version 8.5.4

– Fixed bug where region density graphs would produce incorrect results if bar or stepped curve output was selected.

Version 8.5.3

– Increased size of ‘error’ icon in object properties window to be more visible.
– Fixed incorrect validation errors for ‘Follow Sign’ actions that used portals.
– Fixed bug (regression) preventing decimal time entries like 2.5m (shorthand for 00:02:30).
– Fixed bug (regression) in camera movement during knife and other scene operations.
– Reduced size of images exported from graph queries.
– Fixed bug which could prevent the application from closing while setting the position of object vertices.
– Fixed bug where user would be incorrectly prompted to overwrite .when choosing a database file for a simulation run.
– Fixed bug in status indicator for event destination properties.
– Fixed bug where some dxf files would not import.
– Enabled horizontal scrollbars for property inspector windows.
– Changed timetable data view to automatically resize columns to fit contents when shown.
– Fix crash that could occur when opening project with unconnected dispatches active.

Version 8.5 

Key additions
– Custom agent avatars can now be displayed alongside animated avatars
– Improved evacuation event to support distribution based assignment of exits

Version 8.0.9 

– Fixed crash when viewing graph for reference action that pointed to a list action.
– Fixed crash when attempting to export dispatch geometry to file.

Version 8.0.8 

– Fixed bug where agent demand table could have negative duration values.
– Fixed bug where FlowConsole.exe would execute slowly for small projects.
– Fixed bug where deleting a SimulationRun while inspecting properties for the same object would cause crash

Version 8.0.6 (Released 28th August 2015)

– Fixed crash when importing ifc files that contained objects with large numbers of vertices.

Version 8.0.5 (Released 18th August 2015)

– Fixed bug where vehicle event did not create boarding agents when using evenly spaced demand type
– Fixed bug where events with table based demand did not ignore negative agent count values.
– Fixed tab key ordering in some widgets
– Fixed crash when observing agents that had an action applied by entering or exiting a zone
– Fixed false validation error for zones which explicitly specified a stair, link, ramp, or escalator.
– Fixed regression in 8.0.4 where portal weights could not be manually edited in events.
– Fixed bug which resulted in crash when opening project with simulation run errors.
– Fixed bug in validation of referenced time ranges.

Version 8.0.4

– Fixed saved views for orthogonal viewpoints (eg. topdown, front, etc.)
– Fixed audit false positives in objects with disabled properties
– Fixed issue with playback agents not hiding when on hidden floors
– Fixed inconsistencies in how multi run simulation run names were generated
– Fixed resize behaviour of object choosers when widget resizes
– Fixed false positive issue raised when DefaultProfile deleted
– Fixed false positive error/warning in simulation console when overwriting old database file
– Fixed issue where importing from an old IFC file or one with invalid geometry could cause a crash
– Fixed issue where some types of agent filters did not work with agent density graphs
– Fixed issue where server population graphs could not be toggled between combined series/series per server
– Improved options for circulation end conditions
– Improved behaviour of mesh simplification
– Improved performance when closing projects with thousands of objects.
– Improved visibility of measuring tool points.

Version 8.0

– Changed simulation run objects to point to database file rather than results folder
– Improved ‘Find’ object context menus to provide more information
– Fixed bug where vehicle arrivals within 10 seconds of simulation start would not produce alighting agents for that arrival.

Version (Released 28th April 2015) 

– Fixed bug which could cause a crash when starting a simulation if a goal line extended outside of a floor
– Fixed bug which did not allow most types of agent filters to be used for CSV position table export
– Fixed bug where selecting controlled flow rate per metre used the absolute flow rate value as the flow rate per metre value

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