What's New in AdSec 8.3

Implementation of revised codes of practice:

  • Hong Kong Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2013
  • ACI 318-11 & ACI 318M-11: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete

What's New in AdSec 8.2

AdSec 8.2 is a minor upgrage to AdSec 8.1 with a number of improvements to calculations and display of results. Minor interface enhancements have also been included.

Design codes

Support has been added for AS3600 : 2009 and BS EN 1992-1 with PD 6687.


The crack width analysis to Eurocode has been significantly improved so that crack width can now be calculated for most single component sections.

Interface Enhancements

A new family of commands is available for the convenient organisation of windows within the AdSec window. These resize and reposition the current window to fill the respective zone of the GSA window, typically toggling between half, one-third and two-thirds occupancy. The following commands are offered:

Top-left (Ctrl+Num 7) Top (Ctrl+Num 8) Top-right (Ctrl+Num 9)
Left (Ctrl+Num 4) Middle (full) (Ctrl+Num 5) Right (Ctrl+Num 6)
Bottom-left (Ctrl+Num 1) Bottom (Ctrl+Num 2) Bottom-right (Ctrl+Num 3)

A graphical summary of the new features in this version may be viewed in the AdSec 8.2 New Features presentation.