Building Design Solutions

Oasys and our fantastic building design solutions are here to help today’s engineers who need to do more, faster.

As well as designing in steel or concrete, engineers are required to optimise building performance by using stronger materials to create lighter structures. At the same time, they need to ensure the buildings remain sensitive to footfall and vibration issues.

With continued blurring of the distinction between structural and geotechnical engineering, building designers often need to examine how a building interacts with the ground. And with clients demanding faster design and project delivery, avoiding errors and omissions is critical.

Our suite of building design software enables engineers to move seamlessly from designing the building to analysing the soil structure interaction. The solutions offer a complete range of tools to design and analyse buildings,  whether that be a tall structure or a complex iconic building.

City Hall London GLA Building Daniel Clements

GSA Building is a highly intuitive tool, giving structural engineers everything they need to analyse and design even the most complex building using 3D linear and non-linear static analysis, dynamic analysis and more. With this intuitive software, engineers can design structural models with skeletal frames and two-dimensional finite elements.

Working from first principles, AdSec is a great tool in itself as it analyses loaded sections including creep and pre-stress effects. Meanwhile ADC examines and designs multi-span concrete beams and slabs, including connecting columns. The there is the Compos tool, which offers powerful analysis and design of studded composite steel beams.

The Kilden Main Scheme Kristians and Performing Arts Centre