Interview with Rhys Lewis

Rhys is a Business Development & Channel Manager at Oasys.

Q: Briefly describe your work history.

Eight years in providing technology has absolutely flown by and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I started working for the largest European Autodesk Reseller fresh out of university and spent 5 enjoyable years there. It was an excellent grounding to really help me understand the AEC market and what our customers required from all sorts of technology from CAD through to CAFM. Following five successful years at Excitech I made the decision to join Oasys. This move offered me the opportunity to get even closer to the technology and help mould it by listening to our customer’s needs. It’s a unique opportunity which allows you to work directly with the customer and the development team to form the best possible solution.


Q: When did you start working for Oasys, and what does your role entail?

I joined Oasys back in December 2011 as Business Development and Channel Manager. My role is ever evolving to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs and achieving the goals we have set ourselves internally. Being in front of our customers' is where I spend most of my time simply because it enables me to better understand their challenges and then implement a solution that is going to help. I regularly visit different parts of the world to ensure our customers get the service they expect from us. I like to be involved throughout the whole engagement process from presales, implementation, training and support.


Q: Describe a typical day.

There is no typical day! A few weeks back I was in New York for the week visiting customers and doing some research. Last week I was giving a training course to a number of our internal and external customers in Manchester. A few weeks before that I was filming a customer case study in South Wales and last week I attended an Awards ceremony in London, one of which we picked up! ‘Best Use of IT in an Infrastructure Project 2014’


Q: What do you like most about working at Oasys?

I really enjoy working at Oasys because we have a fantastically talented group of individuals that always seem to deliver. The opportunity to bring new technologies to market is a real exciting one. The whole shift change towards delivering BIM has certainly helped us up our game and we are constantly looking for an excuse to help better our solutions. The vast amount of customers we have range from all sorts of industries and are scattered across the globe. This diversity really makes the role exciting and no single day ever seems to be the same. 


Q: Which parts of the globe does your job take you to?

One of my favourite past times is travel and my role has lots of it. Since I’ve joined I’ve been to some amazing cities and got involved in a range of interesting projects. This year I’ve visited: LA, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, & Dubai, I think that’s it! This week I’m heading out to Las Vegas as we’ll be exhibiting at Autodesk University. The travel element is great but also a very tough part of the role. I am a strong believer that being in front of our customers is the best place to be and that will continue take me to even more foreign cities.


Q: What else do you enjoy doing outside of work hours?

I really enjoy keeping active by going to the gym, playing golf and mountain biking. I also spent a lot of my own time writing music and singing live at various venues. I also have a large family and spending time with them is very important.