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A new passenger terminal at Macaé Airport, Brazil designed with the assistance of Oasys MassMotion

Software Used on this Project

Project Overview

The city of Macaé located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil serves as one of the principal connections to the Campos Basin offshore oil and gas platforms in the South Atlantic. In 2019 Zurich Airport Brazil (part of the Zurich Airport group) won the 30-year concession contract to upgrade and operate Macaé airport. This included the construction of a new passenger terminal, designed by 23 Sul Arquitetura, to accommodate the increasing passenger demand and to greatly improve passenger experience. The strategic location of the airport means that the terminal will need to cater for a variety of passenger types such as offshore passengers, passengers travelling for business and tourists. 

Images courtesy of 23 Sul Arquitetura 

How Oasys proved invaluable

During the design process specialist mobility consultancy MNSolutions was commissioned to provide a comprehensive review of passenger movement and processes. A key element of the work was the development of a detailed 3D microsimulation model using advanced pedestrian experience modelling software, Oasys MassMotion. The software provided the client and design team with a holistic assessment of people movement through the proposed passenger terminal. Working closely with the client and architectural team, it was possible to identify potential problem areas during the design phases and incorporate solutions that would improve the operation of the terminal as well as the overall passenger experience throughout the airport.  

The four-step approach provides a fast and flexible way to optimise pedestrian experience at the design stage. 

Create | Simulate | Analyse | Revise 

  1. Create 

The architectural project of the terminal was developed entirely in BIM, and due to MassMotion’s ability to seamlessly import BIM files into its 3D modelling environment, it was possible to ensure that all physical components that impacted on pedestrians were considered within the model. The ability to replicate the BIM model also greatly enhanced the visual appearance of the simulation, which in turn helped in the presentation and understanding of the analysis and results.

Image courtesy of MNSolutions

2. Simulate 

A hypothetical ‘worse-case’ scenario was established to evaluate the design where the peak hour passenger demand included departures and arrivals for two simultaneous commercial flights and seven offshore flights. The offshore services had distinct operational protocols that were required to be simulated. For example, the passengers for each flight, after checking-in, needed to remain as a group to pass through the different processes, including the safety briefing and security checks.

MassMotion’s flexibility allowed for these processes and behaviours to be replicated within the simulation, ensuring an extremely accurate assessment of the infrastructure and operation of the terminal. 

Image courtesy of MNSolutions

3. Analyse 

The entire process, from arrival at the airport to boarding each flight, was analysed for each passenger type. Different configurations and scenarios were assessed to maximise throughput and passenger comfort, whilst ensuring that all relevant security and operational protocols for offshore and commercial services could be accommodated within the design. 

MassMotion’s interface and analytical tools helped present the analysis and results clearly to the team, enabling a full understanding of the issues and potential solutions. 

Image courtesy of MNSolutions

4. Revise 

During the development of the project, MassMotion’s flexibility and adaptability enabled the quick testing of different layouts to understand their impact, allowing the optimisation of the design to reduce potential passenger flow conflicts as well as ensure operational flexibility for the terminal. 

Image courtesy of MNSolutions

The new passenger termnial at Macaé Airport is planned to be operational at the end of 2023. 

MNSolutions is an independent urban mobility and crowd flow consultancy that works closely with clients in the assessment, design and development of transport infrastructure and places that experience large pedestrian demands. Specific areas of expertise include stations, stadia, major events, and commercial or mix-use developments. The company has extensive experience of working with multidisciplinary design teams and supporting clients to help them understand the mobility needs and impacts associated with their projects. Feel free to contact Mike Nicholson at [email protected] if you think that MNSolutions could help you. 

Oasys would like to thank 23 Sul Arquitetura and MNSolutions for sharing this work with us. 

Find out more about Oasys MassMotion’s capabilities here. 

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