GSA Masterclass on Response Spectrum Analysis

Response spectrum analysis is one of the most commonly used analysis methods in seismic design and assessment. It is relatively simple to carry out, and is able to take into account dynamic characteristics of the structure, features of the earthquake ground motion, and statistical expectations of peak displacements and forces in a single analysis.

The webinar introduces the response spectrum analysis method using Oasys GSA. It covers:

- The definition of the response spectrum, how it represents different features of the earthquake ground motion, and how it is represented in design codes;

- How peak modal results are obtained from modal analysis and the response spectrum, and how these modal results are combined using statistical combination rules (e.g. CQC rule);

- How multiple components of earthquake ground motion are considered;

- Watch-its and limitations in applying response spectrum analysis in seismic design and assessment.

Download the webinar presentation (PDF format)

Watch the video in full screen from the Oasys Vimeo page.


Webinar Presenter

Damian Grant

Associate - Advanced Technology & Research


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