Introducing MassMotion & Flow Version 9

Giving you the power to simulate the smartest virtual pedestrians into the most accurate 3D model. Find out how Version 9.0 can help you get the most out of your designs while ensuring they are as safe as possible.

Exciting new features in the latest MassMotion and MassMotion Flow release include:

Agent Dynamics 
• New objects that allow users to define trigger conditions 
• Advanced agent properties and scenarios

3D Modelling 
• Direct support for SketchUp 
• Direct support of 2D CAD files 
• Modelling tools to build 3D from 2D 
• New precision object snap mode

• Core focus on agent creation, movement, and behaviour 
• Written in C++ 
• Scripting language bindings for Java, Python, .NET

Join Oasys Application Specialist, Professor Peter Debney, as he takes you through the recent changes and new features in version 9.




Webinar host

Peter Debney

Application Specialist

Oasys Ltd

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