Practical Applications of the COM Interface to Oasys Geotechnical Analysis

May's Geotechnical webinar will introduce you to the COM (Component Object Model) interface, which allows users to create data objects that allow external programs to pass information and instructions to and from our Geotechnical programs. This feature has already been used in research and it will speed up the analyses in your geotechnical projects. 

As well as an introduction into how to access and apply the COM interface, two Arup engineers, Mark Skinner and Matthew Brown, demonstrated how they have applied the COM interface to their design analyses in Oasys software, Alp and Greta. 

By the end of the webinar, you will: 

• Understand what the COM interface means 
• Be able to access and apply the COM interface in Frew, Alp and Greta 
• Learn how the COM interface is being used by engineers to increase their efficiency 

Download Powerpoint Presentation

Download Alp Excel Worksheet

Download Test Model

Webinar hosts

Zeena Farook

Application Specialist

Oasys Ltd



Mark Skinner

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Mark is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer based in Arup’s Bristol office. He joined Arup in 2005 and has worked in Arup offices in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Mark has worked on a broad range of projects and has a particular interest in the use of data and automation in geotechnical applications.


Matthew Brown

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

During his 8 years with Arup, Matthew has worked on a large and diverse range of building, infrastructure and consultancy projects. He is familiar with the challenges presented by large multidiscipline designs, and has a particular interest in numerical modelling and analysis of geotechnical and soil structure interaction problems.

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