Specialist Engineering Analysis Solutions

Specialist engineering analysis is what it says, because sometimes it takes something special. Oasys has a range of programs to help, whether its to analyse a feather-light fabric roof or cable net, extreme non-linear blast analysis or impact damage, the structural use of carbon fibre,simulating pedestrians and analyzing crowds, or even a geotechnical problem that just cannot be solved using empirical methods.

Metricon Stadium Photography by Scott Burrows

When it comes to compression-only and tension-only structures, the geometry (the form) is crucial. Fabrics are very unforgiving if the shape is wrong: they wrinkle or sag visibly. With GSA Suite, engineers can avoid these problems, using GSA’s unique dynamic relaxation methods to form-find the ideal geometry then analyse the resulting structure under multiple load cases. They can also design the supporting steelwork to the latest codes.

MassMotion is the next generation of advanced software for simulating pedestrians and analyzing crowds. Being the only tool that can predict the movement of tens of thousands of individual personalities in a complex 3D environment, MassMotion has truly unique qualities.

MassMotion Pass

Most geotechnical programs are based on empirical methods. So although they are excellent for standard problems, more complex cases require the geotechnical finite element analysis of Safe. Safe can analyse stress-based problems over the construction sequence, whether a retaining wall, slope, excavation, or tunnel. It can also analysis hydro-geotechnical problems of water flow through partially and fully saturated soils.

Most structural engineers are familiar with designing with steel and concrete, but AdSec also includes a wide range of glass and carbon fibre materials. This gives engineers the ability to design a bridge using GRP rebar or add carbon-fibre plates to existing concrete beams and columns to boost their strength.

LS-DYNA is the finite element analysis program offering the most advanced non-linear analyses for civil, structural and mechanical engineering. It includes fully automated contact analysis, making it ideal for crash and blast analysis, metal forming, drop testing and seismic checks. It can also analyse multi-physics problems such as fluid-structure interaction and thermal-structure coupling. The Oasys suite for LS-Dyna also includes leading-edge pre- and post-processors for LS-Dyna, increasing productivity.