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MassMotion and MassMotion Flow are the next generation of advanced software from Oasys for simulating pedestrians and analysing crowds. The award winning software is used by engineers, designers & planners worldwide to predict the movement of hundreds of thousands of individual personalities in a complex 3D environments. It is important that buildings, large complexes and city districts are designed with occupants and pedestrians in mind. Our pedestrian simulations, analysis and modelling tools recreate crowds in real-life situations to identify safety risks and ensure engineers, architects and planners are designing safer and more efficient environments.

Models are easily built using in-built tools and by importing a design team’s existing 3D and 2D CAD assets, so that iterative pedestrian analysis quickly becomes an integral part of the project lifecycle from master planning to operational management. Read more about the latest release of MassMotion with the MassMotion Version 9.0 brochure.

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MassMotion provides leading technology to designers, operators and owners with clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility. It is ideal for transport hubs, any sort of scheduled events, airport terminal design and planning, advanced evacuation planning, offshore platforms and stadia planning and maintenance projects. Find out more

MassMotion Flow brings the power and speed of MassMotion to a wider market. Ideal for architects, fire engineers, planners and engineers who need to quickly model environments to get feedback on pedestrian interaction and behaviour for a large number of different scenarios. Find out more

Feature List

BIM Compatible Modelling

BIM is at the heart of the design of MassMotion and Flow. Users can rapidly transfer BIM models using the open IFC 2x3standard. Work from 2D or 3D BIM geometry or create from scratch using the inbuilt modelling tools, allowing you to edit models quickly whenever neccesary.


True Wayfinding 

The only pedestrian simulation software that has the ability to program individual personalities with unique agendas from start to finish in their journey through the environment. They will also respond uniquely to changes in real time, for example choosing to take the stairs when faced with congestion at an escalator.


In-depth Analysis 

Test and verify design assumptions based on objective and subjective analysis of simulation results, develop custom analyses such as queuing times and lengths, level of comfort, retail footfall, and optimum signage locations based on spatial, temporal, operational, and personal characteristics. With MassMotion, you can also import and test full schedules, such as bus or flight times.

Highly Visual Output

The visual outputs make it easy to communicate to stakeholders in either 3D or 2D. The visualisation is both instant and links to software such as 3ds Max. It allows you to report in a variety of ways with visually engaging graphics, tabular and data-driven outputs, all presented as easy to-understand graphics and visuals.

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