Bridge Design Solutions

Bridges are an integral part of the world we live in. Although they may sometimes have simple structures, their loading is always complex.

Our bridge design software automatically optimizes bridge loads to a choice of international codes, and checks for footfall vibration. This makes for safer and better engineered bridges, even when clients are demanding faster design and project delivery.

Brunei Bridge Feasibility Study

GSA Bridge calculates the critical loading regimes on a bridge, taking into account bridge alignments and vehicle paths. Designers can either use standard vehicles or define their own. The software also includes the unique footfall module, the only program available for vertical footfall analysis on any structure. GSA has proven its worth on thousands of complex and prestigious projects such as the Air Bridge at Gatwick, Infinity Bridge and Oresund Link.

AdSec is the leading analysis program for sections under load. The software can handle reinforced and composite sections made from concrete, steel or fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), or any combinations of these materials. Adsec is ideal for tasks such as analysing a bridge beam for cracking under load, designing a composite column, checking a prestressed section or finding its capacity.

Centre Street Bridge