SPeAR Benefits

  1. A visually unique representation of results
  2. Its flexibility allows for extensive output capabilities
  3. It provides a flexible, integrated set of indicators covers a range of issues and is based on global sustainability standards

About This Software

The perfect choice for a comprehensive and holistic assessment of sustainability

SPeAR® (Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine) is Arup's in-house sustainability appraisal tool and provides a holistic decision making framework to support project development and communicate outcomes. Its creation reflects Arup's commitment to delivering sustainable outcomes, as well as our powerful analytical skills. The unique SPeAR® diagram represents an innovative and visually appealing method for displaying results and the tabulated summary of input data that is also produced means that the process is robust and auditable.


Powerful, flexible analysis to suit your needs

SPeAR® is aligned with international sustainability indicators and its flexibility makes it unique and allows for performance measures to be selected from specific themes including transport, biodiversity, culture and employment. The appraisal methodology means that it can be used for a wide range of projects including design and delivery of new infrastructure, masterplans and individual buildings.

SPeAR® Demonstration

We have developed a SPeAR® demonstrator to showcase the tool. This explains the features of SPeAR® and the appraisal process in a visual, concise manner. The demonstrator can be accessed here.

For more information go to www.arup.com/spear or contact us at spear@arup.com

Quick Overview

SPeAR® is sustainability appraisal software developed by Arup. It enables robust sustainability reporting of project performance.


The software is designed to be used with input from sustainability experts; and there is a robust methodology for undertaking appraisals that sits alongside it. Arup can provide a wide range of consultancy services to support the use of the tool, this include:


Arup offers a range of SPeAR® training services, including beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Such training can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or as morning/whole day workshop for larger groups. Training can be delivered at a location to suit your needs. We also offer training via video-conference.

Advice & Support

Arup has a number of sustainability professionals with considerable experience of implementing SPeAR® on projects. We can offer you advice and support on a wide range of issues; from materiality to data gathering and scoring, to improving your sustainability performance in relation to one, or a number of SPeAR® headings.

Full SPeAR® Implementation

Having implemented SPeAR® on over 100 projects, in over 10 countries, Arup can take the lead on a SPeAR® appraisal and implement it on behalf of or in collaboration with you. Entirely flexible, Arup's global sustainability experts can be brought it to add value at any stage in the project lifecycle, from the concept and design stage through to the completion, operation and evaluation phase.

SPeAR® Review/Robustness Assessment

Finally, Arup is well placed to offer a quick or in-depth SPeAR® review service. This service may be valuable at a number of stages in the SPeAR® process.

A Global Service, delivered locally

Arup can offer all of the services above from most of our local offices. With offices in over 37 countries, Arup an offer services to reflect local needs and context, using our global knowledge base.

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