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Public transportation paper using MassMotion is the winner of the Transportation Research Board’s William W. Millar award.

“Using Mass Motion to Analyze Crowd Congestion and Mitigation Measures at Interchange Subway Stations: Case of Bloor-Yonge Station in Toronto, Canada,” authored by Amer Shalaby, Siva Srikukenthiran, and David King, won the William W. Millar Award. This prestigious award from the Transportation Research Board recognises the best public transportation paper of the year.

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January 2015


BIM Show Live & MassMotion

In March, Oasys teamed up with BIM Show Live to analyse crowd simulation for the upcoming exhibition.

All aspects of the exhibition were scrutinised, planned for and modelled, from the location of refreshments, to timings of delegates’ arrival and exit. 

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June 2014

14th International Architecture Exhibition

Earlier this month, we visited the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The exhibition is one of the most popular architectural gatherings in the world and it attracts thousands of visitors over the 6 months it is open.

We were part of the Elements of Architecture pavilion, directed by Rem Koolhaas, and we also showcased MassMotion in the Escalator Pavilion.

June 2014

MassMotion: A safer future in Hospitals

Oasys were invited to the HEI (Healthcare, Environment & Infrastructure) this month to present MassMotion to Health care professionals. Peter Debney & Rhys Lewis showed the advantages of using crowd simulation in hospitals and how it can save time and money for both new and existing projects.

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February 2014

Motion Picture: Evacuation Modelling

Evacuation modelling using a 3D pedestrian tool lets designers adopt unconventional fire-safe designs. Peter Debney and
Dermot O'Donnell outline its use for a modern stadium and historic castle.

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visit Fire Risk Management website here

October 2012


Pedestrian Simulation at Toronto's Union Station

Union station is Toronto's busiest transportation hub.  Situated in the downtown district, it is the main terminus for the GO Regional Rail Network, a connection into the city's streetcar and subway networks, plus a gateway in to the path system of walkways.

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September 2012




RHDHV LogoRoyal HaskoningDHV chooses Oasys MassMotion for crowd simulation

One of the world’s leading firms of consulting engineers, Royal HaskoningDHV, has chosen Oasys Mass Motion crowd simulation
software to help it maintain its leading position in transport link planning

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September 2012

Pedestrian Simulation in Toronto

Union Station is Toronto’s busiest transportation hub. MassMotion was used on this project. The principle differentiator between
MassMotion and other pedestrian simulation tools is that it actually models pedestrian behaviour rather than testing a user’s
preconceptions about pedestrian behaviour.

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July 2012


Renovation Game

Toronto Union Station is undergoing a major refurbishment project using MassMotion that will see the historic building transformed into a modern transit hub capable of handling 500,000 per day.

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April 2012



Motion picture: Advanced pedestrian and crowd analysis

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March 2012



Passenger Terminal World

Simulation Solution

Erin Morrow, product director at Oasys, speaks to Passenger Terminal World about how the company’s simulation software is changing the face of airport ter minal design.

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March 2012

Popular Mechanics

How to Build a Smarter Airport Terminal

Catching a flight on time shouldn’t have to be a frustrating crapshoot. Engineers and architects are using new design technologies to
envision better ways to get passengers through an airport terminal, and building new terminals like JetBlue’s T5 at New York’s
JFK airport to show what the next generation of airports will look like.

Read more: How to Build a Smarter Airport Terminal - JetBlue T5 JFK Airport - Popular Mechanics

December 2011



Erin Morrow's MassMotion Simulates Crowds

Bloomsberg Businessweek

Over the past decade, Erin Morrow has become an expert on the movements of the masses. He’s a transportation planning consultant and focuses on helping architects understand how crowds will flow through the airports, hotels, and skyscrapers they dream up. Morrow predicts how many people will line up at Starbucks during commuter hours and determines where to place an escalator to minimize bottlenecks. Morrow ’s analytical weapon is a software package he created called MassMotion. Read the full article here.

November 2011


Visualising the future before it is built

"When it comes to crowded public spaces, such as airports, it is vital to take the flow of movement in the building into consideration when designing the area. This is where Arup has developed the MassMotion technology to predict the movement of occupants in different buildings and on roads. The modelling programme's each character has its own artificial intelligence which enables the prediction of possible behaviour of passengers and pedestrians in real life. All characters are unique and make decisions based on their surroundings, as they move from one environment to the other in real time. For instance, the movements of the economy and business class travellers differ greatly and can create previously unforeseeable congestion hazards."

October 2011

AEC Magazine

AEC Magazine

The benefits of 3D modelling on large projects are numerous, especially from using analysis and simulation. Arup’s development arm Oasys has an exciting new application for simulating individual pedestrians up to massive crowds. Martyn Day takes a look. Read the article here.

July 2011



 upFront.eZineupFront.eZine Feature on MassMotion

MassMotion product director Erin Morrow, chats with Ralph Grabowski about the ideas behind the software and why it is so fast and accurate.

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July 2011

Crowd Effects and Fabricated Structural Steel?

Modern Steel Construction

Stunning 3D game quality graphics make MassMotion a highly effective visual communication tool easily understood by even the non-technical decision makers involved in large scale planning. Read more here.

June 2011

New Software Designs Buildings To Move Through

A powerful new tool for both Architects and City Planners is now available. MassMotion is crowd control software with the ability to predict the movements of tens of thousands of unique individuals in a fully 3D environment. Read more here.

June 2011

Tool Models Strategies of Pedestrians

On June 8, the software house of engineering and design firm Arup, London, is releasing MassMotion, an industrial-strength pedestrian-behavior analysis tool developed over five years for internal use. Read more here.

June 2011

World's Most Advanced Crowd Simulator Predicts How People React In Emergencies

MassMotion puts a large, intelligent, 3-D crowd into a building's design and finds out where you need bigger doors or more escalators.
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June 2011



MassMotion:Simulating human behaviour to inform design for optimal performance

 MassMotion is a software tool that analyses and represents the behaviour of individual pedestrians in their interactions with other people and the built environment through agent-based simulation. Read more here.

Janauary 2010