University Licensing

UNIPAC - discounted Oasys engineering software, for Universities and educational institutions

Why do a number of institutions around the world use our software?

A growing number of educational institutions around the world are using our software to teach the next generation of Engineers. Here’s some of the reasons why:

1.    Licensing

We provide licences for an unlimited numbers of users and they are 'in perpetuity', which means that they never expire.

UNIPAC versions of our software intelligently detect whether your institution has purchased a licence to run them. If a licence is in place the program will run, providing you are connected to your university network.  After the initial activation you can work away from the campus but after that you must connect to the university network at least once every 60 days.

Teaching Materials

We provide training materials and videos so that students can learn and use the software independently. We offer adaptable versions of our tutorial manuals to educational institutions so they can be tailored for your courses.

Student Employability

Oasys software is used by companies around the world to analyse and solve engineering problems so experience in this software can be used to enhance student CV’s.

We also showcase exceptional projects via our website and blog, which is excellent exposure for individual students and their institutions.


Oasys have a long history of supporting research, with our software featuring in a range of publications.


Oasys will provide technical support to 2 named teaching staff via email and phone. We also provide regular training webinars and technical updates which both staff and students are able to attend free of charge.

Where can I obtain trial copies of the software?

The UNIPAC Download page provides access to commercial 30-day trials and to UNIPAC versions of the software which will only work once they have been licensed by the educational institution.

What does it cost?

We provide significant discounts to teaching establishment. For details please contact us

How to purchase?

We recommend that you contact so we can advise you on the discounted pricing and the easiest way to purchase the software.

What do I pay in subsequent years?

Technical support and software upgrades for the first 12 months are included in the price. After 12 months you can renew your annual maintenance which is typically 20% of the current price, this ensures continuous access to technical support and keeps you up-to-date with the latest software versions. The licences are 'in perpetuity' which means that they never expire so you can continue to use the software without any charge however you will no longer be entitled to support or software updates.

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