GSA Version 9.0

The most highly anticipated release of the year is almost upon us

Over the past decade, our team of developers have been hard at work researching and building one of the best structural design and analysis software programmes. We're excited to introduce you to many new features and a slick redesigned user interface. Oasys GSA 9.0 makes it easier for you to design, analyse, and link with other programmes. 

Download the Oasys GSA Version 9.0 Brochure




Redesigned user interface - Easier to use than ever before with interative status bars, dockable panes, object builder with viewer, and much more. 
  Member and steel design - Improvements to the steel design process including automatic restraints based on connections and steel section optimisation.
Explicit solver - Covers all element types in GSA such as 1D, 2D, 3D, and spring elements. 
  Soil-structure analysis - Improved soil-structure analsis using 3D FE including brick elements to model the soil, friction and gap elements, infinite elements to model soil at boundaries, and damper spring elements to model absorbing boundary conditions. 
  Sections - Sections have been significantly revised with improvements to the associated member and material types, section modifiers, and steel sections now with steel design parameters.






GSA Version 9.0 contains an undeniable wealth of new features, and enhancements all created to help engineers of today realise the potential of tomorrow. Many of which will be demonstrated and explained in the Version 9.0 webinar that you can sign up for now.

Available in four dynamic packages

Version 9.0 will be made available to all maintained existing users of all GSA variations. Certain new features are only available within certain packages, while GSA Suite contains all features. Structural engineers working on buildings, bridges and tensile structures need comprehensive software. 

GSA Analysis performs day-to-day analysis of engineering designs

 GSA Bridge includes features such as automatic vehicle load optimisation and pedestrian footfall vibration 

 GSA Building adds a host of additional features including footfall analysis and steel design. 

 GSA Suite, is our most comprehensive package, offering all of the above with form finding and fabric analysis for tensile and gridshell structures.