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Software Licensing Terms

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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Maintenance & Support Services

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Annual maintenance contracts are available for software under a perpetual licence, prices are based on a percentage of the most recent list price.

This service includes:

  • telephone/email/web based support
  • free software updates available via internet download
  • personalised output header for many products

Crowd Simulation Software: MassMotion

Oasys MassMotion is an advanced crowd simulation software that uses crowd modelling technology to provide leading technology to designers, operators and owners with clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility. This gives  you the power to simulate the smartest pedestrians within an accurate BIM compatible 3D model.
MassMotion Flow MassMotion
Unlimited crowd sizes

Capable of simulating hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of hours, enabling rapid design exploration

Powerful 3D editing and simulation environments

Easy-to-use polygon modelling tools

Multithreaded 64-bit crowd simulator

Take full advantage of multi-core processors and system memory

BIM compatibility (IFC2x3)

Automatically classify objects imported from IFC metadata

Direct support for SKP, DGN, and 2D CAD files

Import models from a wide range of products including AutoCAD, MicroStation, Sketch-Up, Rhino and Revit

Modelling tools to build 3D from 2D with ease

Combine 2D and 3D assets

Accurate evacuation and circulation behaviour

MassMotion is verified in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 1238 and the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Technical Note 1822

Flexible and powerful SQL driven analysis tools

High-performance database to store and retrieve simulation results, you can rapidly analyse designs

Real time view of 3D results

Develop custom insights based on spatial, temporal, operational, and personal characteristics of people and their environment

Time controlled gates and complex crowd scheduling

Standard scheduling of environmental events and variables

Image and movie export

Visually engaging 3D graphics, videos, charts and tabular data-driven outputs

Compatible files for the MassMotion Viewer

The Viewer is a free to download application to showcase your MassMotion simulations to stakeholders without MassMotion

Proximity analysis

MassMotion has a set of behaviours and analyses to model proximity between pedestrians; how they might interact and for how long; and the capacity of a given space while maintaining a set physical distance, such as two metres.

Ticketing and process modelling

Assign specific properties to individual or groups of agents such as fast track tickets, or target end destinations

Advanced agent dynamics - Agents react to their environment

Each agent has their own agenda and will respond to changes in the environment in real time based on academic research and social modelling

Advanced agent properties - Logical control of agent behaviour

Define triggers such as crowd density, time of day, lack of seating or a complex combination of conditions

Spreadsheet based scheduling

Create complex timetables such as arrivals, boarding and departures using a simple Microsoft Excel import

MassMotion SDK

Offers complete control over the advanced algorithms used

Oasys MassMotion 11: new features and quality of life upgrades

Oasys MassMotion 11 is now available! The latest version provides new features and quality of life upgrades for the world’s most flexible pedestrian simulation software, including flythrough cameras, new avatars, and new scripting options.

MassMotion 11 offers new ways to provide even greater flexibility to model pedestrians and put people at the heart of the design process. 

Read More

MassMotion: now with COVID-Secure proximity modelling

Oasys MassMotion has added proximity modelling tools to help users engineer safe social distancing and manage phased reopening safely.

Powered by the superior functionality and pedestrian movement analysis of MassMotion, the new tools will give insights into all scenarios, measuring and mapping human interaction in the current and post-corona world.

MassMotion is the most flexible software available for simulating pedestrians and analysing crowds. It can predict the movement of hundreds or thousands of individual personalities in a complex 3D environment. What’s more, MassMotion has the built-in ability to help engineers and architects create their 3D model assets with ease.

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Advanced pedestrian simulation and analysis software

MassMotion has quickly become the crowd simulation software of choice for organisations worldwide. The software provides industry leading tools to import and combine all of your 2D and 3D workflow assets to quickly build a 3D simulation. You can introduce a defined number of agents (virtual pedestrians) who will travel around your model intelligently according to your specific requirements.

Test an unlimited number of designs and determine which design provides the most comfortable and efficient journey for the users using MassMotion’s advanced analysis tools and visualisations. Ideal for transport hubs, any sort of scheduled event, airport terminal design and planning, advanced evacuation planning, offshore platforms, and stadia planning and maintenance projects.

Download Brochure

How MassMotion Works

MassMotion’s 64-bit multi-threaded design takes full advantage of multi-core processors and system memory, allowing you to model huge crowds. There are many aspects of the software that make it an attractive proposition for any company involved in facility design or operations planning. MassMotion’s ability to model emergent crowd behaviour makes it invaluable for exploring solutions.

Its robust validation and verification makes it incredibly reliable and accurate. The software also has a rich feature set to enable its users to simulate environments that are defined using BIM or other 3D modelling tools. Finally, MassMotion reports in a variety of ways, with visually engaging 3D graphics, charts and tabular data-driven outputs because communicating results is vitally important.

Key Benefits

  1. One of the most advanced pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis tools available anywhere. Capable of simulating hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of hours, enabling rapid design exploration
  2. Combine 3D and 2D assets – Import BIM files and use their geometry directly or import your 2D CAD files and then develop them into 3D models using MassMotion’s powerful polygon modelling tools
  3. Enables intelligent agents (virtual pedestrians) to respond dynamically to evolving operational conditions and user-defined triggers
  4. MassMotion Software Development Kit - Provides direct access to the MassMotion crowd engine for custom behaviours or connections to other software tools.

Please fill out the following form to make an enquiry for this software.

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To receive access to the free trial please submit your details and a customer service agent will contact you

The trials are limited for 14 days only, and there is no functional limitation. During the evaluation period you will only be able to use the software for test purposes and not for commercial paid work, and for the duration we will support you to get the most out of your test. MassMotion and MassMotion Flow system requirements can be found in the FAQs.

All we ask from you are some details so we can contact you to issue you with the installation file.

Once you submit your details, a customer service agent will contact you and provide the free trial installer.

If you’re interested in our software, have some questions or want to know the pricing, we’re here to help. Contact us and one of our advisors will help you find the answers you need.

Simply fill out the contact form with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



Oasys MassMotion is an advanced crowd simulation software that uses crowd modelling technology to provide leading technology to designers, operators and owners with clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility. This gives  you the power to simulate the smartest pedestrians within an accurate BIM compatible 3D model.

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Advanced pedestrian modelling software

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  4. In extended trial mode when not fully licensed and upon expiry of the evaluation period

See the MassMotion support tab for details of new features and other changes since the previous version

Please Note: If you require the academic version of MassMotion, you can download it from the Universities section of this site.

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