Oasys 15 Highlights

New features in version 15

Thank you to our clients and partners for their requests for new features and enhancements. The following bullet points summarise the key updates which have been implemented and are now available in each of our Oasys version 15 programs.

This version of Oasys PRIMER includes:

  • Support for LS-DYNA R10 keywords
  • Improved model read and write speed with about 60% and 70% of the time to read and write respectively compared to V14
  • A new link capability is integrated into PRIMER to use the post-processing tools D3PLOT & T/HIS
  • A new combined Dummy Positioning and Seatsquash tool to automatically create simulation based LS-DYNA positioning models
  • New options for the orientation and alignment of spotwelds created in PRIMER
  • A new mechanism type “Coupler” has been added to handle rotation against rotation or rotation against translation or translation against translation
  • Improved ability to read more ANSA comments and convert them into PRIMER mechanisms
  • Around 500 new checks added into V15 compared to V14
  • Visual Studio Code Intellisense files have been produced to help speed up JavaScript development
  • JavaScript API widgets now support 24bit colour images and font size control
  • New JavaScript Keyout hook to enforce company specific practices/rules/guidelines when writing out models
  • New JavaScript API function to easily read CSV files
  • A “Quick Find” feature to find and access PRIMER functions/menus/tutorials and LS-DYNA manuals
  • A new search feature has been introduced for the preference editor
  • The latest CNCAP 2018 protocol has been added to the pedestrian markup tool
  • Improvements to the HIC area calculator tool, including V8 EuroNCAP grid score calculation
  • Improved mesh generation
  • New interactive morph tool to interactively change the size and shape of the mesh
  • New options to control parameters with clashing names when merging models
  • Improved Node to Node and Part to Part Measure panels
  • Improved Composite panel with new Orient option now offers several techniques to set Beta angles
  • Improved Node Drag and Solid Align features
  • New tool to investigate/visualize contact friction
  • New tool to generate swages/beads on shell meshes
  • New mesh tools to create beam elements using nodes and to preview ruled meshes
  • New optional keyword to output files in a binary format
  • New optional feature to compress keyword files with gzip or Winzip
  • Improved LS-DYNA output file reading (error and warning messages)
  • Volume calculator tool
  • PDF tutorials for PRIMER are now available directly through the help menu

For more information and the above new features, please see the detailed PDF.


This version of Oasys D3PLOT includes:

  • Quick Find feature to search for D3PLOT functions, menus and preferences
  • PDF tutorials available directly through the help menu
  • PRIMER/D3PLOT integration with synchronized viewing and linked functionality
  • In Link mode T/HIS can be undocked and placed anywhere on the screen
  • Greatly improved support for material extra variables
  • Data plotting in material axes coordinate systems
  • Enhanced support for solid elements with multiple integration points
  • Support for *SECTION_SOLID_SPG and *SET_xxxx definitions via the ZTF file
  • A package of improvements to the display of models and data
  • Attachment can be found through Nodal Rigid Bodies, Constrained Joints, Constrained Rigid Bodies and Tied Contacts
  • Contouring part-to-part distance and other measure menu enhancements
  • Undocked menu positions can now be saved when D3PLOT is closed and automatically reapplied when D3PLOT is opened
  • Stereo Viewing on Windows platform for stereo 3D monitors or projectors
  • 11 new data components, 18 new preferences and two new JavaScript functions

For more information and the above new features, please see the detailed PDF.


This version of Oasys T/HIS includes:

  • New Quick Find feature to find and access T/HIS functions/menus
  • A new capability linking PRIMER with T/HIS has been introduced
  • New options to change the grid colour
  • New options for Constant Y2 in the Datum line menu
  • New features have been introduced to the curve history panel to improve usability
  • New options for Curve Operations Nor(y) and Nor(x) to normalize to a given range
  • Title/Axes, Display and Graph settings can now be saved to the oa_pref file directly from the menus
  • When multiple models are read in the order in which they are read can be user specified
  • The position of undocked menus can now be saved when T/HIS is closed and then automatically opened in the same position when T/HIS is restarted
  • Three JavaScript functions and 27 preferences are newly added to T/HIS

For more information and the above new features, please see the detailed PDF.


This version of Oasys REPORTER includes:

  • New read-only TEMPLATE_DIR variable contains the directory path of the current template
  • New feature to embed images into a template
  • New option added to the button script object to skip running the script when the report is generated
  • Text alignment options that have been available in Table items are now also available in Autotable items
  • New standard template for the 2017 version of EuroNCAP Front FBB Impact, which now also includes front passenger
  • New standard template for the 2017 version of EuroNCAP ODB impact
  • New standard template for the 2018 version of CNCAP Front ODB impact
  • All of the latest standard templates can now handle three head accelerometer nodes
  • All standard templates now write .cur and .csv for all the graphs generated for the report
  • A new structure-only standard template for the 2017 version of the IIHS Side MDB impact has been added
  • Six new properties added to JavaScript API Template class

For more information and the above new features, please see the detailed PDF.


This version of Oasys SHELL includes:

  • Programme icons have been added, both to the main screen and to the Manuals section.
  • MEMORY2 for LS-DYNA MPP and Hybrid is now optional and configurable.
  • Hybrid LS-DYNA runs may now be specified from the command-line.
  • A number of additional files and options for LS-DYNA can now be specified including a pfile name, a PBM Interface Force file, a D3PART file, and a JOBID.
  • A JavaScript option and an associated JavaScript arguments option have been added for D3PLOT, PRIMER and T/HIS.
  • General command-line options may now be specified for D3PLOT, PRIMER and T/HIS.
  • New Pre-command, Post-command, and Display options may be used in conjunction to run all Oasys programmes with a virtual display.

For more information and the above new features, please see the detailed PDF.

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