Pedestrian Impactors

Arup Pedestrian Impactor Models

One of the most challenging areas of vehicle safety engineering is pedestrian safety. Meeting the new and continually improving legislation is a challenging task. This task cannot be undertaken without using the correct tools.

To this end, Arup has developed a family of pedestrian impactor finite element models for use with the LS-DYNA analysis code. This family consists of:

Arup Cellbond Headform Models

Following the changes to the European regulation in 2009 there are now two standard headforms used for both the European and Japanese regulations.

  • 3.5kg Child/Small Adult Headform Model
  • 4.5kg Adult Headform Model

Arup European Legform Models

  • EU (WG17) Upper Legform Model
  • EU (WG17) Lower Legform Model

These models have been used successfully in vehicle crash programs by various OEMs worldwide.

Automatic Positioning, Analysis and Post-Processing Using Oasys Software Suite

The headform models can be used in combination with the Oasys Suite of software to automatically set up a series of headform impacts, run the models and post-process the results into a report format.

For more information on these pedestrian impactor models please contact Arup or the relevant distributor for your territory; details are on our distributors page.