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Data Security

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

All data is stored in secure electronic systems accessible only to Oasys staff with both valid network login credentials and specific authorisation to access the system.  Our systems further limit data access by role to ensure data is available only to those who have a specific need to see it.

If at any point you suspect or receive a suspicious communication from someone suggesting they work for Oasys or a website claiming to be affiliated with Oasys, please forward the communication to us or report the incident by email to [email protected] or in writing to Oasys, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, UK, W1T 4BQ as soon as possible.

Data Security Notice Updated 27th February 2020

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Website Terms and Conditions

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Software Licensing Terms

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The full conditions of purchase and maintenance for all Oasys desktop software are set out in the Oasys Software Licence and Support Agreement.

The full conditions of purchase and maintenance for Oasys Gofer are set out in the Gofer SaaS Agreement.

All prices are subject to TAX at the current rate.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice – please ask for a written quotation.

Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein, the contents do not form or constitute a representation, warranty, or part of any contract.

Superseded Versions of Terms and Conditions

Oasys keeps copies of all superseded versions of its terms and conditions.

Maintenance & Support Services

Support and maintenance is included with all subscription licences for their full duration.

Annual maintenance contracts are available for software under a perpetual licence, prices are based on a percentage of the most recent list price.

This service includes:

  • telephone/email/web based support
  • free software updates available via internet download
  • personalised output header for many products

How to purchase flow licences Faqs

Find the answer to frequently asked questions for existing users.

Changes to wall EI do not cause changes in deflection or bending moment
We have one query about how to input the strut under prestress condition. Is the strut stiffness equal to 0 in different excavation level?
Displacement results around unstiffened corners of excavations differ between Xdisp 19.4 Build 5 and 19.4 Build 6. Why?
How do I model long term ground movements?
How do you model an artesian water basin or perched water table in Slope?
Why can't reinforcement be included when using the Janbu method for analysing a non-circular slip?
AdSec Staged loading
Creating single MassMotion objects from multiple objects
MassMotion keyboard shortcuts
How to simulate ribbed slab using orthotropic material 2D elements
Applying pressure to a curved 'surface' of beam elements
Analysing models with short, stiff elements
Graphical selection of node and element lists
Setting default attributes for new entities when sculpting
Applying beam loads along a string of elements
Deleting loads
How do I download my trial?
SLS results say case is uncracked yet crack results are shown
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Creating single MassMotion objects from multiple objects
How might I avoid 'Incremental deflection > limit at iteration %d' errors during analysis?
I want to paste a bitmap image into my Frew file title block. I have tried saving the bitmap as all of the available options in Paint (I see the help file says RGB but I don't know which one that is) but when I click paste nothing happens. How?
Program reports "Out of memory" and fails to analyse a simple problem
How might I create a sub-surface ground movement curve from a surface ground movement curve, with movements proportioned linearly from the ground surface to the base of an excavation?
Xdisp - How should I create a set of sub-surface ground movement data to describe the movement around a retained cut or embedded wall excavation?
In the ‘Analysis Method’ dialog, which ‘Factor of Safety’ should I use?
Can I specify a range of non-circular slips?
AdSec generates N/M chart with flat bottom
Updating old MassMotion models
Modelling ticket gate arrays
Quad 4 MITC elements or Quad 8 elements?
Spring supports
Plastic analysis by GsRelax
Explicit scale of printed graphics
What's a Saved View?
Sorting loads
Using the 'Add Elements Sculpt Tool'
How do you add releases to 2D elements?
OpenGL 3.3 and Later is Required
Opening mmdb files
What are the minimum and recommended machine specifications for MassMotion?
My bending moment and shear force diagrams "zig-zag" down the length of the pile when using applied soil displacements. Why?
Occasionally analyses obtain bending moments below the wall and very erratic results e.g. for total stresses
Does Pdisp always calculate horizontal displacements to be in the direction away from a vertical normal load on a horizontal plane?
What are the changes to the utility damage calculations in 19.4 when compared to 19.3?
Is increased stiffness at corners of excavations considered by Xdisp?
Can you model different groundwater table cases in one model?
Can I add and edit data from Excel?
Not getting results in AdSec
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Invisible Avatars
Using GSA COM APIs with Python
Panel identification during grid load expansion
RC Slab reinforcement direction
Filtering content by Volumes
Support Springs for tunnels
Task View
'Flip Elements'
Adjacent polygonal loads may cause local high and low values of results of e.g. ground movement along the shared boundaries. Why? And how can they be avoided?
GSA System Requirements
Modelling travelators
Is GSA approved for use in Hong Kong?
Is it possible to print all output stages at once using Frew? I've tried the 'batch plotting' but it only printed multiple copies of the first output stage
Analysis fails with "Vertical effective stress < 0" when using undrained pore pressure calculations (Frew v18.2 and earlier)
Does the non-linear feature use values for axial strain or shear strain?
Xdisp gives large displacements adjacent to the ends of the common side of two joined excavations, why?
How do I enter volume loss for an inclined tunnel?
What codes are used to define the partial factors?
AdSec or ADC?
Analysing for non-linear cross-sectional thermal gradients
Opening mmdb files
Footfall induced floor vibration analysis in Compos
Section database problems
Fabric material properties
Graphical annotation of grid loading
Use Highlight Edges and Section Display to validate 2D meshes
Line loads on 2D elements
Beam Section Summary output
Re-open initial model by restore backup
My model predicts heave in areas away from a vertical load. Is this expected?
The difference between Settlement and Applied Displacement loads
Modelling ticket gate arrays
Setting concrete creep values
I’m doing a retaining wall calculation using FREW, and have come across an error when I am changing from short term to long term parameters (ie reducing wall and strut stiffnesses, and changing water pressure profile)
When we assign a Preload of 600kN/m to a Strut element at Stage 7, the program analyses and output a Strut load of 112kN/m only which is smaller than the Preload (600kN/m) at the same Stage !! Can you tell us how come the discrepancy between assigned Preload and the output Strut load?
Berezantsev and Bolton end bearing capacities may be calculated incorrectly
Can Xdisp be used to model movements in rock arising from tunnelling operations?
In the ‘Analysis Method’ table, which ‘Method of Analysis’ should I use?
Can you model retaining walls in Slope?
Sorting column design results
Standard to perimeter section conversion
MassMotion and Flow System Requirements
Compos - Duplicating the current member
Axes in GSA
Experimenting with constraints
Non-global elevations
'Copy' in Graphic Views
Using GSA Bridge to model crane loads on buildings
Default view settings for Graphic and Output Views
Preview options in sculpt commands
Grouping sections chosen by Design Task
Adding barriers under stairs
MassMotion keyboard shortcuts
Creating a section with confined and unconfined concrete
Is there any way to estimate the maximum displacement of the wall under a horizontal load?
The passive softening option in the analysis method dialog box appears to be locked and cannot be accessed.
What is the applicability of the CIRIA C580 ground movement curves that are provided with Xdisp?
Does Xdisp calculate sub-surface ground movements arising from mines?
Why does applying a soil nail force as a surface load obtain a different Factor of Safety?
Can negative Ru values be input to model suctions that develop in cut slopes?
Once design has been performed using AdCol, the user can choose to view results in tabular form in the Output View as follows:
  • for all analysis cases or just for one analysis case;
  • for all sections (bar arrangements and sizes) or just for those that have adequate capacity; and
  • sorted by area of reinforcement, section reference, or by analysis case and area of reinforcement.
These options are available by selecting 'View | Output View' from the main menu, or by clicking the Output View button on the ADC toolbar. They assist the engineer in finding the optimum design solution.
Specifying compound sections
Modelling travelators
Defining Shear studs in Compos
What are 2D element projected forces and stresses?
Beam element axes definition
Sophisticated graphical selection tools
Selecting entities in Graphic Views
Can you have supports at a raked angle?
Driving GSA from spreadsheets etc.
Enveloping results in GSA
Changing beam bending axes from y,z to u,v
MassMotion example models
MassMotion and Flow System Requirements
Frew "Watch-its" register
It has been reported that FREW did, in the past, overestimate displacements. Does this still remain the case and if so is there any guidance on how much this might be?
How can I model the excavation of a shaft in Xdisp?
Does Xdisp model ground movements below tunnels?
How do I delete points in graphical input?
Can you change the spacing of the factor of safety contours to display in increments of (say) 0.2 or 0.5 or 1.0 ?
Applying prestress
Windows Feature Pack - Download links
Adding barriers under stairs
Copying current member properties to other members
Interpretation of 2D element results
Cases and Combinations
Animated graphics
To make the Volume cursor mode sticky
Mapping varying loads on 2D elements
Creating 2D elements from DXF files
What are User Modules?
What are the minimum and recommended machine specifications for MassMotion?
Windows Feature Pack - Download links
Invisible Avatars
Analysis does not converge
I am using FREW version 18.2. Just want to know the way of modelling the change from undrained soil to drained soil in long term.
Ground movements arising from multiple embedded wall excavations are derived in Xdisp by summing the effect of each. Might greater movements arise in reality?
Building damage results are sensitive to the spacing of displacement points along a displacement line. Why?
Does Slope consider the Morgenstern-Price or Spencer's methods for both force and moment equilibrium?
Why doesn't the analysis include all the reinforcement?
Using analysis cases in AdSec
MassMotion example models
How do Timetable files interrelate?
Analysis Stages in GSA
Specifying raft support stiffnesses to represent the soil
Forces and reactions in P-delta analysis results
Identifying coincident nodes and elements
Zooming and panning in GSA Graphic Views
Registering the 'GSA - Revit Structure' link with Revit
Tidying up models imported from DXF files
AdSec or ADC?
How do I change my text and toolbar sizes in GSA?
Updating old MassMotion models
How do Timetable files interrelate?