Product Restrictions
Item Category Description
1 CSV Results Export XDisp does not export Rail Damage Results to CSV via File -> Export - > CSV Results…
2 Generic Buildings If a generic building's transect crosses an excavation it may report extreme results where one displacement location on the transect lies in the excavation and the other outside.
3 Generic Utilities If a generic utility's transect crosses an excavation it may report extreme results where one displacement location on the transect lies in the excavation and the other outside.
4 Imported Displacements XDisp imports displacements from CSV files or PDisp files, but not from JSON files.
5 Imported Displacements Stage-dependent imported displacements are not available, only one set, which is applied to all stages.
6 Results Enveloping Enveloping is to be developed to summarise results' maxima and minima and their locations across all stages.
7 Generic Building Damage Analysis calculations not multi-processed.
8 Plan View/3D Graphics Line contours to be darkened to be more visible.


20.0 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
20.0 Build 31 3 May 2019
20.0 Build 30 2 April 2019
20.0 Build 29 29 March 2019
20.0 Build 28 21 March 2019
20.0 Build 27 18 March 2019
20.0 Build 26 14 March 2019
20.0 Build 25 8 March 2019
20.0 Build 24 6 March 2019
20.0 Build 23 28 February 2019
20.0 Build 22 21 February 2019
20.0 Build 21 20 February 2019
20.0 Build 20 19 February 2019
20.0 Build 19 12 February 2019
20.0 Build 18 31 January 2019
20.0 Build 17 25 January 2019
20.0 Build 16 17 January 2019
20.0 Build 15 7 January 2019
20.0 Build 14 20 December 2018
20.0 Build 13 18 December 2018
20.0 Build 12 13 December 2018
20.0 Build 11 11 December 2018
20.0 Build 9 4 December 2018
20.0 Build 8 19 November 2018
20.0 Build 7 16 November 2018
20.0 Build 6 13 November 2018
20.0 Build 5 12 November 2018
20.0 Build 4 8 November 2018
20.0 Build 3 5 November 2018
20.0 Build 2 22 October 2018
20.0 Build 1 21 October 2018
20.0 New Features
Category Description
Staged Construction Many stages/cases of tunnel alignment, length and diameter, and of excavation location and depth, may be modelled in a single file. Equivalent to multiple analysis cases, or multiple data files in previous versions of XDisp.
Rail Damage Assessment Rail tracks may now be assessed for cant and twist (both long and short base) created by ground movements arising from tunnels and excavations.
Multi-core Processing Analysis calculations and graphics contouring now performed by multi-core processing, making use of all cores of the host computer's processor to speed up calculations.
JSON Text Data Files Text data files in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to supplement standard (*.xdd) binary files. Allows editing of data outside XDisp, e.g. for creation of data files from 3rd party software or databases. Automation via COM interface is to be released in XDisp in early November 2018.
Bulk Chart Export Multiple charts may be exported to JPG, BMP or WMF image formats via File->Export->Charts…
Animation Animation of results in the 3D Graphics View and the Plan View to illustrate stage-by-stage changes.
Graphical Results Colouring of building, utility and rail track images on the 3D Graphics View to illustrate damage severities.
New Explorer Windows Input Explorer and Output Explorer replace the previous Gateway to separate more clearly the options to input data from the options to view data and results.
New 3D Graphics Toolbar New 3D Graphics toolbar with additional buttons/drop lists to allow rapid access to toggle most common entities and results e.g. tunnels, excavations, buildings, utilities, railtracks, displacement grids, polylines, lines, points, filled and line contours. Also lighting, mesh view and transparency.
Undo/Redo Undo/redo of entries into input data tables.
CIRIA C760 CIRIA C760 ground movements curves added (to supplement CIRIA C580 curves)
Text Output Separation of textual reporting into different windows with embedded droplist selectors to select stages and entities for results. Speeds up presentation of reporting and allows more targeted access to the required results.
Rapid Network File Access File backups to the user's temporary folder are made on opening or saving a file. This speeds up access and saving of network files, which are first copied into/saved to, this folder.
Results Charts Enhanced charting to allow rapid access from the Output Explorer, and selection of the stage, entity and other chart data from within the chart iteself via a series of multi-droplists at the top of the chart window.
Results Charts New generic building damage and generic utility damage results charts "by transect" and "by utility/building", the former which display the detail for any chosen transect, the latter the most critical values from each transect along the length of the generic building or utility.
Results Charts New utility damage results charts for: axial strain; flexural strain; all strains; and radius of curvature.
Results Charts New result chart "Any Location at Any Stage" to trace movements of any displacement location through Stages.
Polygonal Excavations Disabling/enabling corner arc effects to allow joining of excavations.
Polygonal Excavations Re-entrant corners permitted (if not stiffened), but with severe warnings at input stage and in pre-analysis checks.
Licensing/Program Variants New two-tiered licensing system: Pro (all features); Standard (no tunnels or stages).
COM API COM Application Programming Interface (API) including examples of its use in Excel/VB and Python. (Released in Build 23.)
20.0 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME XDISP-326 3D Graphics Improvement in responsiveness of program when 3D Graphics is displayed. Build 30
ME XDISP-323 3D Graphics Toolbar - Labels - Imported Displacements Enabling/pressing of the Labels button of the 3D Graphics Toolbar ignores Imported Displacements. The 3D Graphics Settings Wizard must be opened to toggle their labels. Quick acces via toolbar would be useful. Build 27
ME XDISP-322 File Menu File | Import | Pdisp (PDD) needs update with new capitalisation of PDisp. Build 27
ME XDISP-319 Help Manual - File Types - JSON It would be useful if the help manual specified which JSON objects are necessary only for the user interface (e.g. 'Units' and 'Graphic Settings') as opposed to the data required to drive XDisp via the COM API and JSON files. Build 26
ME XDISP-317 Help Manual - Text Output The Help Manual and Text Output regarding utility pullout results may be confusing, one referring to e.g. 'POaxial_upstream' and 'POaxial_downstream' and the other to 'Pullout: Ax: Left' and 'Pullout: Ax: Right' with a different sign for the latter. Clarification of terms and sign conventions would be useful. Build 25
ME XDISP-314 COM API New COM API example to demonstrate writing single table of results via WriteResultsTable(...). Build 24
ME XDISP-310 COM API Speed of COM calls to WriteResultsTable(...) and WriteResultsTables(...) improved (slightly). Build 24
ME XDISP-308 COM API COM functions called from ExcelVBA result in a warning that Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action. Changes made to example VB scripts and advice given in 'COM Troubleshooting' page of help manual. Build 24
ME XDISP-307 Help Manual - COM API 'COM Troubleshooting' page added to help manual. Build 24
ME XDISP-305 3D Graphics - Contours The line contour and filled contour buttons on the 3D Graphics Toolbar are active even though all grids have 'Calculate' set to 'No', so, though the model may have results elsewhere, there are none for contouring. Build 23
ME XDISP-304 COM API COM Application Programming Interface (API) including examples in Excel/VB and Python. Build 23
ME XDISP-291 JSON File Format The JSON file format uses keywords "MajorPrincipleStrain", "MinorPrincipleStrain" and "PrincipleStrainAngle" rather than "...Principal...". Build 17
ME XDISP-286 3D Graphics Toolbar Miscellaneous improvements to 3D Graphics Toolbar buttons. Build 16
ME XDISP-285 DXF Import - Rail Tracks Rail track locations may be imported from DXF via DXF LINEs, LWPOLYLINEs and POLYLINEs in a layer named "RAIL_TRACKS". Sample file DXF Elements.dxf updated to reflect this feature. Build 16
ME XDISP-280 3D Graphics Toolbar Icons on the 3D Graphics toolbar respresenting results could be improved (the tick marks are unclear). Build 15
ME XDISP-278 Bulk Chart Export Allow filtering of bulk chart export to export charts of non-zero results and building, utility, rail charts with damage above user-specified categories only. Build 15
ME XDISP-267 Background Data Labelling to DXF background data on the 3D Graphics to enable identification of background items e.g. when tidying/deleting of data items when required. Build 11
ME XDISP-259 Help Manual The "Analysis Methods | Utilities | No Results or Extreme Results" page of the help file would benefit from a schematic diagram to illustrate the relationships between displacement lines, polyline segments, displacement intervals and pipe lengths. Build 9
ME XDISP-258 Backups Allow user to create manual backup manually, via "File | Manual Backup", and allow restoration of backup to replace current model. Build 9
ME XDISP-257 Menus The menu option "Tools | Preferences" could sensibly be available when no data file is yet open, rather than only when a data file is open, since its settings are stored in the registry to apply to the program and all data files opened in it. Build 9
ME XDISP-256 Results Deletion Results are not deleted when tunnels are deleted, so refer to previous model data and may lead to confusion. Build 9
ME XDISP-255 Excavation Input Dialogs Negative values can only be entered into excavation dialog "Surface Level" and "If surface movement curves..." fields if they are first entered as a positive value, then the "-" sign inserted as a prefix. Typing "-" invokes the warning to "Enter a number". Build 9
ME XDISP-254 3D Graphics/Building Results If an analysis has been performed it would be useful to see which buildings have no results due to movements being less than the threshold, rather than simply prohibiting display of any results. Build 9
ME XDISP-250 Analysis/Backups Allow user to avoid automatic backups at the end of analysis. Build 9
ME XDISP-242 3D Graphics Enhancement of ME XDISP-238 - control, via the 3D Graphics Toolbar and 3D Graphics Settings Wizard, of building damage results baubles shown in 3D Graphics. Build 8
ME XDISP-240 3D Graphics 3D Graphics refreshed after right-click | "Delete Background Data". Build 8
ME XDISP-239 3D Graphics F5 keyboard command added to refresh the 3D Graphics. Build 8
ME XDISP-238 3D Graphics <ctrl> + 'b' in the 3DGraphics View, while building damage results are toggled on, toggles an additional coloured sphere to the apex of building pediments to assist in viewing results in Z (plan) elevation. Build 7
ME XDISP-234 About Dialog XDisp could helpfully show the variant (i.e. if "Pro") in the Help | About XDisp dialog so users can easily identify the variant they are running. Build 7
ME XDISP-225 Help Manual The help manual could be clearer in stating that rail track twist is the difference in cant over the base distance, i.e. reported in units of displacement per span distance. Build 4
ME XDISP-222 Line Charts Line chart legend widths are too narrow by default. Build 3
ME XDISP-220 Help Manual The XDisp manual ("Program Variants") should refer to 'XDisp Pro' and 'XDisp', not 'XDisp Pro' and 'XDisp Standard'. Build 3
ME XDISP-219 Building Damage Interaction Charts The symbol indicating the strain/deflection ratio result on building damage interaction charts may not be clear in Windows 10. Build 3
ME XDISP-216 Splash Screen New splash screen title for revised program capitalisation (XDisp not Xdisp). Build 3
ME XDISP-215 Line Charts Improvement to font size of line charts for Windows 10. Build 2
ME XDISP-189 Text Output File History included in Text Output Build 1
ME XDISP-190 Text Output Table headers made discrete (no spanning) to improve export to spreadsheet for data sorting. Build 1
ME XDISP-191 Text Output Option to populate fully the fields of tables to improve export to spreadsheet for data sorting. Build 1
ME XDISP-192 Text Output Columns of string fields - widths sized dynamically to suit data - making tables more readable by preventing row/cell wrapping. Build 1
ME XDISP-193 Text Output Default export changed from TXT to CSV. Build 1
ME XDISP-200 Text Output Tables previously separated into many by e.g. entity or transect, now combined in one table for improved readability and interaction/sorting in spreadsheet. Sub-headings within tables removed for same reason. Build 1
ME XDISP-201 Text Output Transect extent columns of Generic Building and Generic Utility tables moved to separate table to avoid unnecessary repetition and table-bloat. Build 1
ME XDISP-179 Text Output Context Menu Right-click context menu to allow: population of all fields for data sorting in spreadsheet; stripey output; access to Grid View for easy copy/paste into spreadsheet; and export to CSV. Build 1
ME XDISP-69 3D Graphics 3D Graphics does not display which movement direction is shown for contours etc. Build 1
ME XDISP-92 3D Graphics Improved 3D Graphics contour specification (limits, user-defined). Build 1
ME XDISP-203 3D Graphics 3D Graphics background changed to white from previous cream (as PDisp). Build 1
ME XDISP-204 3D Graphics Unnecessary "3D Graphics" title removed from 3D Graphics image. Build 1
ME XDISP-205 3D Graphics Add results category titles to 3D Graphics legend (to show which type of utility, building, rail result,displacement result is shown, rather than score only). Build 1
ME XDISP-209 3D Graphics 'Refresh' item added to 3D Graphics context menu. Build 1
ME XDISP-180 Accelerators <ctrl> + W to access the Wizard from appropriate Windows (e.g. 3D Graphics View to access Graphics Settings Wizard). Build 1
ME XDISP-181 Accelerators <ctrl> + I to toggle the 3D Graphics View to "Input Mode" and "Output Mode". Build 1
ME XDISP-182 Accelerators <ctrl> + <alt> + G to open Text Output in Grid View. Build 1
ME XDISP-183 Accelerators <ctrl> + Z and <ctrl> + Y for undo/redo in input data tables. Build 1
ME XDISP-160 Backup Backup of data file to user's temporary folder on completion of analysis. Build 1
ME XDISP-167 Backup Analysis Progress dialog presents location of backup file on completion of analysis, to improve user-awareness of the backup system and the backup location. Build 1
ME XDISP-168 Backup Timed backup skipped if data has results since backup already made after analysis and further backup slows/freezes interface if large model has results. Build 1
ME XDISP-184 Input/Output Explorers Right-click context menu to expand or collapse all or selected items. Build 1
ME XDISP-196 Input/Output Explorers Icons added to explorer tabs and to indicate the form and content of leaves (e.g. chart or document icon). Build 1
ME XDISP-145 Analysis Triangulation of sub-surface ground movement curve data on analysis only when necessary. Build 1
ME XDISP-194 Analysis Duration of completed analysis reported in Analysis Progress dialog. Build 1
ME XDISP-147 Excavations Index number added to Polygonal Excavation dialog and Circular Excavation dialog to help identify them in Stage and Stage Properties' definitions. Build 1
ME XDISP-155 Polygonal Excavations Polygonal Excavations Dialog: if moving from one excavation with many coordinates, to another with few, and while a droplist is active, the new excavation's data may become corrupted with additional records. Build 1
ME XDISP-154 Polygonal Excavations Polygonal Excavations Dialog: it would be better if activated but not yet registered droplist changes were saved before leaving a "page" to avoid confusion. Build 1
ME XDISP-156 Polygonal Excavations Correction to ME-XDISP-152 - improvement/correction for rogue displacements at points of same Global X as arc-disabled corner. Build 1
ME XDISP-157 Polygonal Excavations Saving activated but not yet registered, changes to droplists in Polygonal Excavations Dialog when clicking OK. Build 1
ME XDISP-210 Polygonal Excavations Ground movement curve columns may be widened to view a curve's long title by double-clicking the column header (i.e. "E", "F", "Vertical" or "Horizontal" or the blank units cells beneath). Double-clicking the spanning header "Ground Movement Curve" returns those columns to their original size. Build 1
ME XDISP-213 Polygonal Excavations Set all ground movement curves in the Polygonal Excavation dialog to one type via right-click menu option "Set All to This". Build 1
ME XDISP-178 Structures/Buildings Generic and Specific Structures and Sub-Structures renamed Buildings and SubBuildings. Build 1
ME XDISP-206 Program Help Menu Link to Change Log. Build 1
ME XDISP-207 Program Help Menu Link to Feedback area of Oasys web site. Build 1
ME XDISP-185 New Titles Window Includes e.g. grid reference location information. Build 1
ME XDISP-186 Program Startup XDisp now opens with the 3D Graphics View rather than the Titles View. Build 1
ME XDISP-187 Displacement Data Displacement Data (points, lines, polylines, grids) separated to Displacement Points, Displacement Lines, Displacement Polylines and Displacement Grids - eases copy/paste from spreadsheets. Build 1
ME XDISP-188 Combined Building Segments/Charts Ability to combine building damage segments from within chart. Build 1
ME XDISP-195 Page Setup Dialog Page Setup dialog for selection of Text Output removed, in favour of selection through branches of Output Explorer. Build 1
ME XDISP-197 View Icons New document and chart icons to top-left of Chart View and Text Output. Build 1
ME XDISP-198 Program Name Program name changed from Xdisp to XDisp. Build 1
ME XDISP-199 Toolbars Initialy docked to more sensible positions across screen rather than stacking above each other on extreme left side. Build 1
ME XDISP-146 Import DXF Import of polyline alignments from DXF. Build 1
ME XDISP-202 PDisp Import Includes selection of which set of PDisp results (e.g. elastic or consolidation time step) should be imported. Build 1
ME XDISP-176 Export Building Damage Results File -> Export -> Building Damage Results removed from menu, and help file since little used and largely made redundant by Bulk Chart Export and improved Text Output and Grid View interaction with spreadsheet. Build 1
ME XDISP-177 Analysis Progress Dialog Though its behaviour is partly dictated by Windows behaviour (in terms of maximisation if sibling views are maximised), users now prevented from manually maximising/resizing the Analysis Progress Dialog. Build 1
ME XDISP-150 Recent Files It would be useful if XDisp remembered the location of the last opened file, and presented it when next performing File->Open. Build 1
ME_XDISP-173 Help Manual Help manual could usefully clarify that Z levels for utilities are centrelines/neutral axes. Build 1
ME_XDISP-174 Help Manual A list of keywords for CSV export is provided in the help manual. Build 1
ME_XDISP-214 File Opening/File New Fiile->Open & File->New now create new XDisp session if file already open in current session, for ease of use, rather than new document in existing XDisp session. Build 1
20.0 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR XDISP-327 Analysis - Specific Utilities XDisp may skip occasional internal pullout and rotation results along a polyline. Build 31
NCR XDISP-325 COM API - Analysis - Specific Utilities COM calls to analyse a model with specific utilities and stages may fail, though the same model analyses successfully when run manually in the interface. Build 29
NCR XDISP-324 Imported Displacements - Displacement Polylines XDisp may fail to import correctly displacements that have been created from Displacement Polylines, so lines of the csv file prefixed with the "PLPOINT_RESULT" keyword. Build 28
NCR XDISP-321 Charts - Pullout & Rotation The pullout and rotation charts for specific utilities may give unfactored pullout and rotation values in place of factored values. Build 26
NCR XDISP-320 Text Output - Specific Utilities - Rotation The Text Output for specific utilities' results may give unfactored rotation values in the column of factored values. Build 26
NCR XDISP-316 Ground Movement Curve Input Dialog Copy/paste into the Ground Movement Curves window works using the mouse, but not using ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Build 25
NCR XDISP-315 Polygonal Excavation Input Dialog Copy/paste into the Polygonal Excavation dialog works using the mouse, but not using ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Then the coordinates may display a blank field. GM curves cannot be pasted at all. Build 25
NCR XDISP-312 API COM Rail track cant results cannot be written by the COM function WriteResultsTable(...). The ResultsTable enum for cant is incorrect. Build 24
NCR XDISP-311 HTML Text Output HTML Text Output works from neither File | Export | Text Output nor COM WriteResultsTable[s](...). Build 24
NCR XDISP-309 COM API The COM function 'WriteResultsTable(...)" fails with the error 'Method WriteResultsTable of object IXDispAutomation failed'. Build 24
NCR XDISP-306 Displacement Grids - Analysis Displacement grids with negative extrusion values prevent analysis. In the past these were permissible, so legacy files may now not run. Build 23
NCR XDISP-302 Help Manual Typo in help Text Output page of Help Manual 'Displacement and Strain Results' section '... and if there are no impo' Build 23
NCR XDISP-303 Analysis Progress - Rail Damage Assessment Analysis may hang if rail damage assessment is performed with imported displacements. Build 22
NCR XDISP-301 3D Graphics The 3D Graphics may not correctly zoom to the extent of the model if all coordinates of all entities and background data are greater than 1,000,000m. Build 21
NCR XDISP-300 Input Explorer - Tunnels The 'Tunnels' category in the Input Explorer may only be visible to customers running XDisp Pro. It should be visible to customers with XDisp Standard too. They can only access the tunnel input table via the 'Data' menu only. Build 20
NCR XDISP-298 Bulk Chart Export Bulk chart export of rail track vertical displacement charts in ineffective. Build 19
NCR XDISP-297 Sub-surface GM Curves - Plot The graph plot of linearly interpolated sub-surface movement curves may be blank. Build 19
NCR XDISP-296 DXF Import DXF import of polygonal excavations with re-entrant corners fails. Only convex perimeters are imported. Build 19
NCR XDISP-295 Bulk Chart Export The bulk chart export menu item is not available if displacement polyline or rail track charts are the only charts available in the model. Build 18
NCR XDISP-294 Charts - Utility Rotation Utility rotation charts show the limit and threshold at incorrect values. Build 18
NCR XDISP-293 Specific Utilities - Pasting The Specific Utilities input table may fail to accept a row of data pasted from Excel if e.g. the "Polyline" or "Line Length" fields being pasted are blank (though logical since that data is not required in the table in certain circumstances). Build 18
NCR XDISP-292 PDisp Import XDisp 20 may fail to import a PDisp 20.0 file of displacement data. Build 18
NCR XDISP-290 3D Graphics - Buildings The 3D Graphics View may show buildings in outline/wireframe form, rather than colour-filled, even though the wireframe option is not selected. Build 17
NCR XDISP-289 Plan View XDisp may crash on opening a Plan View which has no grids and results. Build 17
NCR XDISP-287 Sample JSON File Sample JSON.json - the sample JSON file provided with the program, has not "base" dimension stored for rail damage acceptance critieria, so uses 0m, reporting no twist. Build 17
NCR XDISP-284 Displacement Polylines XDisp crashes if the data wizard is activated for a Displacement Polyline. Build 16
NCR XDISP-282 Stages Inserting, deleting or naming a new Stage may affect names of stages in the Stage Properties. Build 16
NCR XDISP-281 Displacement Data Wizards Wizards activated for new Displacement Points, Lines, etc add empty records to the input tables even when their 'Cancel' button is clicked. Build 16
NCR XDISP-272 Help Manual The 'Displacement Polylines' page of the help manual is wrong, including text that refers instead to Displacement Lines. Build 16
NCR XDISP-279 Help Manual Help manual refers to incorrect keywords for export to CSV Results File of contours (e.g. "DISPLACEMENT_RESULTANT" rather than "CONTOUR_RESULTANT". Build 15
NCR XDISP-276 3D Graphical Input/Polygonal Excavations It is impossible to enter a polygonal excavation with re-entrant corners using the 3D Graphical Input tool. A warning prevents it. Instead the user must use the input data dialog, entering coordinates there directly. Build 14
NCR XDISP-275 Text Output/Specific Building Results The Text Output's 'Results | Specific Buildings | Summary by Building' table of results may repeat results for a building when "All" buildings are chosen. Build 14
NCR XDISP-274 Analysis/Imported Displacements XDisp may crash if an analysis is performed on a model which has the combination of imported displacements and displacement data which has its 'Calculate' field set to 'No'. Build 14
NCR XDISP-273 Specific Utilities Specific utility results in the Text Output may include blank cells and inexplicable "Fails" results. Build 13
NCR XDISP-270 Polygonal Excavations' Input Data Copying/pasting a block of pairs of ground movement curves into the Polygonal Excavations dialog's 'Sides: Ground Movement Curves' table is not reliable, making wholesale editing of a many-sided excavation difficult and time-consuming. Build 12
NCR XDISP-269 Displacement Polylines' Input Data Copying/pasting a column of 'Displacement Polyline' data from e.g. Excel into XDisp's Specific Utilities' table causes the "Pipe Segment Length" values to be replaced by the value in the first row. Build 12
NCR XDISP-268 Displacement Points' Input Data Copying/pasting more than one row of displacement point data, from e.g. Excel into XDisp, may cause the 'Surface type' data to be copied incorrectly. Build 12
NCR XDISP-266 Text Output - Specific Utility Results The Text Output's Specific Utilities - Maximum Values results table has a blank column for maximum rotation, though rotation values are available in the detailed results. Build 11
NCR XDISP-265 CSV Contour Export Export of CSV contour results ignore the selected stage and contour limits, always outputting results for the base model. Build 11
NCR XDISP-264 Rail Damage Acceptance Criteria Changes to the long and short base "base" (span) value for rail damage acceptance criteria are not preserved when saving and re-reading data files. Build 11
NCR XDISP-262 File Reading XDisp 20.0 may fail to read a data file written by Xdisp 19.3, giving the warning "Error reading data - Legacy Polyline" or "Error reading data - Generic Utilities". Build 10
NCR XDISP-261 CSV Export 'File | Export | CSV Results File...' fails to export contours though a grid and result are selected. Build 10
NCR XDISP-260 Analysis/Specific Utilities Utilities associated with Displacement Polylines that have intervals set by mistake to "0" cause the program to crash during analysis. Build 9
NCR XDISP-253 Polygonal Excavations The Polygonal Excavations input data dialog may incorrectly warn of stiffened re-entrant corners where there are none. Build 9
NCR XDISP-246 Automatic Testing Automatic testing (extensively rewritten for XDisp 20.0) fails to abs(...) values when comparing with the PERCENT_TOLERANCE, so some failures due to -ve values may be missed. Build 9
NCR XDISP-244 Line Charts XDisp crashes if "Open in Sigraph..." is selected from a line chart's context menu. Build 8
NCR XDISP-243 Line Charts XDisp crashes if "Hide Curves | Hide All" is selected from a line chart's context menu, and then the mouse moved. Build 8
NCR XDISP-241 3D Graphics - Polygonal Excavations 3D Graphics display of excavations whose coordinates are entered in anti-clockwise (in plan) order, and with varying depth, may display depths at incorrect corners. Results are unaffected. Display problem only. Build 8
NCR XDISP-237 Text Output Text Output may hang, or the program crash, in certain circumstances, if utility displacements, pullouts & rotations, or strains are requested. Build 7
NCR XDISP-236 Imported Displacements Imported displacements are be incorrectly multplied by the number of stages before adding to XDisp displacement results. Apparent in multi-stage files. Single stage files OK. Build 7
NCR XDISP-235 Analysis Analysis may crash in some cases where rail damage assessment is combined with stages. Build 7
NCR XDISP-233 File Reading XDisp may fail to read fully a data file from previous versions of the program which contains background data from DXF import. Build 7
NCR XDISP-232 Line Charts Specific Utility Rotation Charts are titled "... Specific Utililty - Rotation" rather than "... Specific Utility - Rotation" (i.e. typo), this affects the chart titles and their file names when exported via Bulk Chart Export. Build 6
NCR XDISP-231 Analysis XDisp may crash on analysing a model with tunnels which have duplicate names. Windows 10 only. Windows 7 OK. Build 6
NCR XDISP-230 Plan View Legend The Plan View's legend has incomplete labels (all "00."). Build 5
NCR XDISP-229 Excavations If displacement locations (grids, lines, points) appear to be at the level "H" of an excavation's "If surface ground movement curves are selected apply them between surface and H", then due to floating point numerical precision no displacements may be calculated. Build 5
NCR XDISP-228 Stages/Excavations If excavations are introduced in one stage, but not all, then XDisp may incorrectly avoid calculating and displaying results for grid elements with one or more corners inside the excavations, even though calculations could proceed for some stages. Build 5
NCR XDISP-227 Analysis XDisp may crash if an analysis is attempted with specific utilities which are invalid due to them referring to non-existent displacement polylines or geometric polylines. Build 5
NCR XDISP-226 Input Explorer XDisp fails to update the counter beside the "Displacement Polylines" branch in the Input Explorer when geometry polylines are deleted which necessitate deletion of Displacement Polylines. Build 5
NCR XDISP-224 3D Graphics The 3D Graphics view may hang if an attempt to plot contours on grids for whose "Calculate" input setting is set to "No". Build 4
NCR XDISP-223 Stages, 3D Graphics, Plan View If stages are deleted or added the droplist stage selectors in the Plan View and 3D Graphics are not updated. Those views must be closed and reopened for the change to be reflected in the droplist and the views. Build 3
NCR XDISP-221 Polygonal Excavations It is not possible to switch from one user-defined ground movement curve to another, only to a CIRIA library curve. Build 3
NCR XDISP-218 Generic Building Results Charts Generic Building line chart titles show results for Transect 1 as 2, 2 as 3 and so on. Build 3
NCR XDISP-217 CIRIA Ground Movement Curves CIRIA C760 Fig. 6.15(c) missing from list of CIRIA ground movement curves. Build 3
NCR XDISP-212 Excavations Specific Utility displacement charts show both x and y legend entries as "along the utility". y should state 'perpendicular to' or 'transverse to'. Build 1
NCR XDISP-161 CSV Import XDisp crashes if CSV displacement results with incomplete lines of data (i.e. fewer than 7 tokens separated by commas) are imported. Build 1
NCR XDISP-208 CSV Import XDisp fails to read the units information when importing results via "File -> Import -> Displacement Results (CSV)...". Build 1
NCR XDISP-142 CSV Export CSV export failed to account for Displacement Polylines. Build 1
NCR XDISP-78 3D Graphics If an excavation is disabled, it is correctly not shown on the 3D graphics, however, its label is shown by default. Build 1
NCR XDISP-122 3D Graphics A contour interval entered into the 3D Graphics Settings property sheet may not "stick" on "OK" but is effective on "Apply" then "OK". Build 1
NCR XDISP-143 3D Graphics A contour interval entered into the 3D Graphics Settings property sheet may not "stick" on "OK" but is effective on "Apply" then "OK". Build 1
NCR XDISP-163 3D Graphics The 3D Graphics may hang, or the program crash, if any utilities are to be drawn that refer to non-existent utility dimensions, e.g. after importing utility locations from DXF. Build 1
NCR XDISP-104 Help Manual Two pages in the help file are listed in rogue positions in the Contents listing ("Polygonal Excavation Data" and "Graphic Settings"). Build 1
NCR XDISP-120 Help Manual The help file's contents list shows "Data Input -> Circular Excavation Data" but not "Data Input -> Polygonal Excavation Data". Build 1
NCR XDISP-155 Polygonal Excavations Polygonal Excavations Dialog: if moving from one excavation with many coordinates, to another with few, and while a droplist is active, the new excavation's data may become corrupted with additional records. Build 1
NCR XDISP-158 Polygonal Excavations Excavations with re-entrant corners which are stiffened should be prohibited. Build 1
NCR XDISP-66 Ground Movement Curves Dialog Opening ground movement curves from the Gateway opens the wrong horizontal/vertical tab. Build 1
NCR XDISP-211 Charts (Specific Utility Displacements) 'Specific Utility displacements charts show x and y legend entries as "along the utility". y should state "perpendicular to" or "transverse to". Build 1


19.4 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
19.4 Build 13 05 December 2017
19.4 Build 12 09 November 2017
19.4 Build 10 1 June 2017
19.4 Build 9 7 April 2017
19.4 Build 8 23 February 2017
19.4 Build 6 21 October 2016
19.4 Build 4 29 July 2016
19.4 New Features
Category Description
General New 64 bit version
Utilities Utility damage assessment can be performed for jointed and unjointed utilities.
Utilities Improved utility damage assessment solver
19.4 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME XDISP-138 Export CSV export of critical values for all segments within each sub-structure for a specific building. Build 13
ME XDISP-133 Export CSV export of Generic utility damage results with an option to select the columns that the user wants to export. Build 12
ME XDISP-131 Export, Tabular Output Export to CSV from Tabular Output - improvements - avoid multi-line column headers, column-specific data and all cells populated. Build 12
ME XDISP-132 Export CSV export of Generic bulding damage results with an option to select the columns that the user wants to export. Build 11
ME XDISP-115 Licensing Update to licensing. Build 9
ME XDISP-114 Validation, Warnings Xdisp may give many similar warnings if a model contains many tunnels with the same name. It would be better to impose a limit on the number of such similar warnings. Build 9
ME XDISP-113 3D Graphics Amendment of 3D Graphics background from light yellow to white (as Pdisp). Build 9
ME XDISP-111 Ground Movement Curves The 3D graph view of ground movement curves (polynomial or linear curve fits) may be initiated with inappropriately small or large scaling and data point markers, requiring laborious rescaling by the user. (Some further work required.) Build 9
ME XDISP-110 3D Graphics Xdisp's display of undeflected displacement grids on the 3D graphics is unhelpful as a simple filled rectangle rather than mesh. Build 9
ME XDISP-106 Results, Output Data Horizontal displacement option (as resultant of X and Y) added to 3D Graphics and CSV output. Already in Plan View. Build 9
ME XDISP-91 Validation, Input Data Removal of warning in Displacement Data table re numbers of intervals to prevent possible repetitive warning. Moved to pre-analysis checks. (As NCR PDISP-92). Build 9
ME XDISP-90 Analysis Progress The analysis progress dialog would better prohibit horizontal scrolling, and wrap its warning messages rather than scroll both horizontally and vertically. Build 9
ME XDISP-89 Analysis Progress, Validation Displacement warnings in the analysis progress window may be duplicated if repeated analyses are run. Build 9
ME XDISP-81 Tabular Output Inform user that Tabular Output "is being prepared. Please wait." in case the lack of information causes them to feel the program has crashed. Build 6
ME XDISP-61 Utilities Displacement polylines could be input, which can be used for specific utility damage. Build 4
ME XDISP-60 Tabular Output Optional stripey output in Tabular Output (shading of alternate rows of tables). Build 4
ME XDISP-57 Grid View, Tabular Output Grid View of Tabular Output. Build 4
ME XDISP-50 UI, Background Data Adding additional options (Wizard, Translate All, Crop) to the context menu of background data table. Build 4
ME XDISP-48 Printing Option to input the font percentage for printing the tabular output to a paper/pdf. Build 4
ME XDISP-39 UI Gateways are dockable panes. Build 4
ME XDISP-37 Import Import of Pdisp data files insofar as is feasible(i.e. displacement data, background data, imported displacements and displacement results. Build 4
ME XDISP-31 Export, Import Option to skip duplicate locations while importing and exporting displacements. Build 4
19.4 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR XDISP-135 Input Data, Utilities, Tabular Output Displacement Polyline information is not printed in the specific utlilties (input) section of the tabular output Build 12
NCR XDISP-134 Input Data, Utilities, Tabular Output Transect information is not printed for generic utilities (input) in the tabular output. Build 12
NCR XDISP-130 Export Saving Tabular Output to CSV - "START_TABLE" position inconsistent and commas in table titles not handled correctly. Build 12
NCR XDISP-119 Import, Analysis When importing DXF data containing buildings, a building's "end distance along line" may be set to be greater than the line's length if the line is inclined. The program may crash when an analysis is performed. Build 10
NCR XDISP-118 3D Graphics 3D Graphics may open with a frame only, and no contents. Build 10
NCR XDISP-117 2D Plan, Buildings, Menus The "Buildings" button on the Plan toolbar is ineffective and has lost its drop arrow to select Specific or Generic Buildings. Build 10
NCR XDISP-112 3D Graphics Xdisp's 3D Graphics may show "sawtooth" contours, with some areas uncoloured. Build 9
NCR XDISP-108 Analysis, Excavations, Ground Movement Curves Xdisp may give incorrect ground movements arising from excavations if a sub-surface movement ground movement curve is used with linear interpolation. Build 9
NCR XDISP-95 Grid View, Printing Print and Print Preview buttons are disabled when the Tabular Output is displayed in the Grid View. Build 9
NCR XDISP-94 3D Graphical Input Graphical Input : In the z-view, buildings can't be added if the displacement line is parallel to x-axis or y-axis. Build 9
NCR XDISP-88 Menus Menu: Graphics -> Font presents old options of "Bigger" and "Smaller" only. New style scaling is not offered. Build 9
NCR XDISP-109 Licensing Licensing fix (commercial builds only). Build 8
NCR XDISP-86 Plan View, Utilities Plan view doesn't always support graphs for specific utilities associated with displacement polylines. Build 6
NCR XDISP-85 Plan View, Displacement Polylines In the plan view, displacement points on displacement polylines are visible only for the first segment. Build 6
NCR XDISP-84 Plan View, Displacement Polylines Xdisp doesn't allow the user to view graphs for displacement polylines on the plan view. Build 6
NCR XDISP-83 Buildings, Export Xdisp 19.4 crashes when building damage assessment data is exported. Build 6
NCR XDISP-82 Analysis, Utilities Xdisp crashes in some cases when specific utilities associated with displacement polylines are analysed. Build 6
NCR XDISP-80 Buildings, Tabular Output If building damage results are chosen for display in the Tabular Output then the "Combined Segments" table is shown always, even though combined segments may not have been set up. Build 6
NCR XDISP-77 Help, Utilities Help file information for csv export of utility damage results is incomplete. Build 6
NCR XDISP-72 Analysis, Excavations Xdisp may calculate slightly incorrect horizontal movements (typically overestimating) around a corner of an excavation whose adjoining sides have different ground movement curves applied. Build 6
NCR XDISP-68 Utilities, File Saving The Utility Strain calculation options are not being saved to the file. Build 6
NCR XDISP-65 Analysis, Excavations Although duplicate points may be used to model stepped excavations along straight sides, if they are used at corners then zero displacements may result in the sweep around those corners. Build 6
NCR XDISP-64 Input Data, Utilities Specific utility wizard, when initially loaded, doesn't show the selected option in the 'Jointed' combo box (instead it shows plain text). Build 6
NCR XDISP-62 Help, Utilities Xdisp's Help files (pdf and chm) still refer to the non-existing lever-arm in the utilities (specific and generic) tables. Build 6
NCR XDISP-59 Tabular Output, Utilities Criteria value is printed in the tabular output even when "No" is selected against it in the input table. Build 4
NCR XDISP-58 Tabular Output ResultsView is refreshed unnecessarily when some tables (Acceptance riteria, specific buildings...) are opened. Build 4
NCR XDISP-56 Excavations, Ground Movement Curves Deletion of ground movements curves corrupts their indexing for excavations, and may lead to a "black" table of data in the excvations data dialog. Build 4
NCR XDISP-52 Imported Displacements When listed in the Tabular Output, imported displacements show an unnecessary "Line no." column, with meaningless figures. This should be a reference index to the Imported Displacements table. Build 4
NCR XDISP-44 Excavations, Solver Xdisp does not always recognise the level of a displacement point as being equal to the level specified in the excavations' dialog "If surface movement curves... apply them between the surface and x m" checkbox. Build 4
NCR XDISP-42 Help "F1" on Utility data dialogs is not routing to the help file. Build 4
NCR XDISP-41 Buildings Blank entries in the "Vertical Offsets..." column of the "Specifc Structures" Table View leading to no building damange calculations being performed, and a misleading reference to settlements being less than the sensitivity. Build 4
NCR XDISP-40 3D Graphics Settings The 3D Graphics Settings Wizard (Displacements' page) is unusable when large numbers of imported displacements are available. Build 4
NCR XDISP-32 Validation, Warnings Displacement lines, points and grids with duplicate names should be identified before analysis, and should be displayed as warnings. Build 4
NCR XDISP-32 3D Graphics Xdisp may crash when tunnels and displacement lines are deleted in the 3D Graphics editor. Build 4
NCR XDISP-29 UI Utilities and Generic Buildings/utilities graphs still remain open even when the results are deleted through change of data. Build 4
NCR XDISP-28 Input Data, Utilities Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio input not required in the acceptance criteria and parameters table. Build 4
NCR XDISP-27 Input Data, Utilities Acceptance Criteria wizard shows the units of rotation as radians instead of degrees. Build 4
NCR XDISP-26 Input Data, Excavations Program is crashing when the polygon (polygonal excavation) is closed by the input of first coordinate again in the end. Build 4
NCR XDISP-25 Buildings, Export Combined segments related graphs/charts should be exported with the building damage data. Build 4
NCR XDISP-24 Input Data, Utilities Unit printed for Rotation in the Acceptance Criteria section of the tabular output is wrong. Build 4
NCR XDISP-21 Help Reference used for utilites should be mentioned in the the help file. Build 4


19.3 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
19.3 SP 1 Build 49 21 April 2016
19.3 SP 1 Build 44 4 December 2015
19.3 SP 1 Build 38 22 September 2014
19.3 SP 1 Build 35 23 April 2014
19.3 SP 1 Build 34 14 November 2014
19.3 SP 1 Build 33 25 June 2014
19.3 SP 1 Build 32 20 March 2014
19.3 SP 1 Build 31 28 October 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 30 24 September 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 29 19 August 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 28 26 July 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 27 17 July 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 26 7 June 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 25 31 January 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 24 14 January 2013
19.3 SP 1 Build 23 22 June 2012
19.3 SP 1 Build 22 7 June 2012
19.3 SP 1 Build 21 31 May 2012
19.3 SP 1 Build 20 25 May 2012
19.3 New Features
Category Description
3D Graphical Input Graphical input, editing and deletion of model data via the 3D Graphics View.
Buildings Generic Building Damage Assessment.
Utilities Specific Utility Damage Assessment.
Utilities Generic Utility Damage Assessment.
3D Graphics Zoom to cursor position in the 3D Graphics view.
3D Graphics Improved granularity for selection of elements and displacement entities for display in the 3D Graphics View.
Excavations, UI Excavations' input views are now dialogs rather than form views.
UI, Tabular Output The Page Setup dialog's check-boxes are replaced by an expandable tree control, to select the contents to be displayed by the Tabular Output.
Analysis Multithreading of analyses to allow work on other data files while analysis proceeds in one.
Buildings, Utilities Polyline entities to specify areas for generic building damage assessment and generic utility damage assessment.
Background Data, Import Import of background data from dxf files. Imported data can be viewed in a table and in the 3D Graphics View.
Excavations Option in Excavations to allow the surface movement curves to be applied below the surface till a level specified.
19.3 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME XDISP-55 Installer Revision to digital signature of installer. SP1 Build 49
ME XDISP-46 Excavations, UI Polygonal excavations dialog could usefully allow more coordinates without the need to scroll. SP1 Build 49
ME 8844 Tunnels Volume Loss input for tunnels may now be input with negative values. This will generate ground movement away from tunnels. Results should be treated with caution and verified. SP1 Build 32
ME 8252 Buildings, Export, Tabular Output, Utilities START_TABLE and END_TABLE flags for utility damage results and building damage results are not positioned properly when the tabular output is exported to a csv file. SP1 Build 28
ME 8135 Excavations An option should be provided to enable/disable the excavations which are input. SP1 Build 27
ME 8133 Printing Generic Utility Damage and Generic Building Damage Results' tables do not fit properly when print previewed. SP1 Build 27
ME 8114 Analysis, UI Functioning of the progress bar on the "Progress of Checks and Analysis" dialog needs improvement. SP1 Build 27
ME 8092 Tabular Output, Tunnels Precise values of tunnels' coordinates are not printed in tabular output as they are displayed in engineering format. SP1 Build 27
ME 7169 UI Polylines table view doesn't show more than 4 significant figures. SP1 Build 23
ME 6887 UI Single master table for tunnels and single master table for buildings. i.e. no tabs. SP1 Build 20
ME 6886 Buildings The user should be warned when he tries to delete a displacement line on which a building rests. SP1 Build 20
ME 5325 UI Displacement Data dialog should be accessible via the wizard button. SP1 Build 20
19.3 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR XDISP-49 Excavations, UI Xdisp may crash if an excavation is entered with duplicate coordinates at neighbouring points on the excavation's perimeter (e.g. to model a stepped base, using the same coordinate with 2 base levels). SP1 Build 49
NCR XDISP-47 Excavations, Validation Excavation geometry error checking unnecessarily prohibits an excavation from having 2 coordinates at the same point. SP1 Build 49
NCR XDISP-45 Excavations, Ground Movement Curves, Results If the linear interpolation curve fitting method is used with surface movement curves, then the graph of the curve, and ground movement results, may be incorrect. SP1 Build 49
NCR XDISP-35 Excavations, Results, Tunnels Xdisp may incorrectly calculate zero horizontal ground movement if a displacement point is at the level of the tunnel axis, even though close to an excavation. SP1 Build 48
NCR XDISP-33 Buildings, Results Xdisp may miscalculate deflection ratios, and therefore building damage categories, for segments which experience heave (-ve vertical displacement in the z direction). SP1 Build 44
- Licensing Rebuild with revised security library. SP1 Build 38
NCR 9663 Results, Tabular Output The titles in tabular output, "Along the Line" and "Perpendicular to the Line" should be modified to "Horizontal displacement along the line" and "Horizontal displacement perpendicular to the line" respectively. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-19 Tabular Output, Results, Utilities Radius of curvature value is always reported in SI units, though the header reports the user-selected unit. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-18 Utilities, Charts Titles in the graphs of specific and generic utilities don't get updated when the units are changed. The user has to close and re-open the graphs to see the update. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-17 Displacement Lines, Charts Displacements' graph doesn't get updated when the unit system is changed. The user has to close and re-open the graph to see the update. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-16 Buildings, Charts X-axis title text of 'Generic Building - Maximum tensile strain graph' shows SI unit even though the user has specified a different unit system.The user has to close and re-open the graph to see the updated text. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-15 Buildings, Charts, Results Building Damage Interaction chart's title text doesn't get updated when the units are changed. The user has to close and re-open the graph to see the updated text. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-14 Tabular Output Vertical offsets are always shown in SI units in the tabular output. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-13 Excavations, Tabular Ouput Wrong 'd' values of corner stiffening are shown in the tabular output. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-12 Help, Tunnels Help file wrongly mentions that the Volume loss for inclined tunnels should be divided by the angle. It should be divided by the cosine of the angle. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-11 Excavations, Help Warning related to irregularly shaped excavations should be altered in the help file. SP1 Build 35
NCR XDISP-10 Analysis, 3D Graphics Xdisp allows 3D graphical input even when the analysis is in progress. SP1 Build 35
NCR 9604 Charts, Results In the plan view, "Combined strain vs Distance" graphs of a specific utility are wrong for the cases where axial strain reduction factors input for compression and tension are different. SP1 Build 34
NCR 9340 Results, Tabular Output Displacement results' section shows either no name or wrong name against a vertical line. SP1 Build 34
NCR 9130 Results, Utilities Utility axial strain calculation is not accurate. SP1 Build 33
NCR 9104 Buildings, Results, Utilities Xdisp does not consider imported displacements in assessing the damage of utilities (specific and geenric) and generic buildings. SP1 Build 33
NCR 8871 Results Xdisp uses a rogue z-displacement value of -0.001mm for the cases where it is zero. SP1 Build 32
NCR 8821 Utilities "StandardDimensionsAndCriteria.xdd" sample file's name is misleading. It should be named "SampleDimensionsAndCriteria.xdd" instead. SP1 Build 32
NCR 8595 Buildings, Validation Xdisp doesn't throw any warning if the offset field of Generic Buildings is left empty. SP1 Build 32
NCR 8501 Excavations Polygonal excavations do not allow negative coordinates. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8499 Excavations Transect coordinates in the tabular output are displayed in SI units rather than in the user specified units. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8497 Excavations, UI If the "Distance of N.A. from Edge of Beam in Tension" is set for a Generic Structure via the Wizard dialog rather than the Table View, then the data will be corrupted on closure of that dialog. Entering the data directly into the Table View is safe. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8496 Excavations, 2D Plan Circular excavations may be plotted in the incorrect location on the Plan View if length units are not metres. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8487 Export Exporting CSV contours may ignore user-specified contour intervals. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8486 2D Plan, Results The warning regarding too many contours in the Plan View cannot be cancelled. Instead a valid contour interval must be entered, rather than the current one simply re-applied on cancelling. SP1 Build 31
NCR 8409 3D Graphics, Results Line contour plots on the 3D Graphics View have confusing legends e.g. 10 : 20 mm rather than 10 mm to identify the 10 mm contour. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8408 2D Plan, Results Horizontal annotated results on the Plan View do not show the resultant value, but the value of displacement in the x direction. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8407 2D Plan, Results The Plan View may fail to display annotated results' values when clicking the "Annotate" button and then a position for display on the displacement grid. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8400 Ground Movement Curves The view of the graph of a sub-surface ground movement curve may open with the graph off screen, giving the impression that the graph has failed to draw, and requires scrolling and panning to bring it to the viewable area if one is aware of this bug. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8399 Ground Movement Curves Contoured sub-surface ground movement curve graphs may have their legends repeated. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8398 3D Graphics The 3D Graphics View may open with the model minimised and distant if its coordinates are far from the origin or those of the input Grid Layout - whose coordinates are incorrectly included in determining the extent of the model. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8397 3D Graphics Line contours may not be visible at all on the 3D Graphics View. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8396 2D Plan Line contours in the Plan View may be irregular in places, appearing to return upon themselves. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8385 2D Plan Line contours on the 2D Plan View are all shown in the same colour. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8333 Background Data, Results, UI Xdisp should not offer to delete results if background DXF data is deleted via the 3D Graphics View's context menu. SP1 Build 30
NCR 8311 Validation Xdisp may appear to hang after an analysis has been started, while data checking is carried out and warnings being prepared - particularly if tunnels use the Mair et al method and some displacement data is below the crown of tunnels or gives z/z0 > 0.8. SP1 Build 29
NCR 8251 Validation Xdisp takes an unsatisfactorily long time to perform data checks (due to unnecessary checking of displacement point levels vs tunnel crown always, though needed for Mair method only). SP1 Build 28
NCR 8205 Import, Excavations When excavation geometries are imported from a DXF file, circular excavations are given a surface level that is 10m above the read-in base height, but polygonal excavations are given a surface level of 10m, irrespective of the level of the base. This is inconsistent. SP1 Build 28
NCR 8204 Background Data, Import Vertical (z) offsets for DXF imports are being applied to CIRCLEs but not other background DXF entities. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8144 Buildings, Results, Utilities If the results are deleted keeping the table view open, the building damage and utility damage results are still printed. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8132 Results, Tabular Output Displacement results in the Tabular Output along the displacement line, perpendicular to the line, and the angle of the line are shown at -1.#IND if a line is vertical. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8131 Results, Tunnels If a displacement point lies at the level of a tunnel's axis for which the Mair method is used to calculate displacements, Xdisp may incorrectly calculate zero horizontal displacement towards the tunnel. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8129 Buildings, Results In Generic BDA, for a non-zero offset, the first points of transects are not offset. This could lead to erroneous results. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8119 Tabular Output, Utilities One of the tables in the tabular output is incorrectly titled "Generic Utility Damage Results - Maximum Rotation". Instead it should read "Generic Utility Damage Results - Maximum Values". SP1 Build 27
NCR 8113 Results, Tabular Output, Utilities In the "Generic Utility Damage Results - Maximum Rotation" section of the tabular output, maximum strains are incorrectly calculated. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8103 Miscellaneous Automatic File backup option is not working in Xdisp. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8094 Tabular Output, Utilities Negative values are not considered while calculating the Maximum Displacements printed in the "Generic Utility Damage Results - Maximum Rotation" section of the tabular output. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8093 Excavations, Export, Tabular Output START_TABLE and END_TABLE for Polygonal Excavations' data are not positioned properly when the tabular output is exported to a csv file. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8090 Utilities, Results In cases where displacements of ends of the same pipe are of different signs, incorrect flexural strains may be calculated. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8089 Displacement Data, Tunnels, Validation Warnings should be given if a displacement point is below the crown of a tunnel or has a z/z0 of more than 0.8 - if that tunnel uses the Mair et al sub-surface displacement method. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8081 UI Line graph sub-titles appearing directly above the legend are more difficult to read than directly below the title - as previously. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8080 Buildings, Results, UI Line graphs showing building displacements plot "Hogging" and "Sagging" labels that would be more easy to read if in line with the "Seg. n Start" and "Seg. n End" markers. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8079 Buildings, Export Line graphs exported via the Building Damage Assessment export function, may, on some hardware configurations, have their x axis label and legends cropped, so be difficult to read. SP1 Build 27
NCR 8050 Analysis, Buildings Xdisp crashes if a structure's 'End Distance Along Line' value is same as the length of the displacement line associated with it. SP1 Build 27
NCR 7831 Analysis, Buildings Xdisp crashes when the user tries to do Generic Building Damage Assessment without any polyline defined. SP1 Build 27
NCR 7829 Analysis, Displacement Grids Xdisp crashes when analysing an extremely fine meshed grid. SP1 Build 27
NCR 7757 Buildings, Results, Tabular Output In the Tabular Output (Specific Building Damage), only the specific vertical offset to which the results correspond should be printed rather than the entire list of offsets. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7746 Excavations, Tabular Output The flag and level in the Excavations' Dialogs which set "if surface movement curves are selected apply them between surface and x m" are not output in the Tabular Output. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7740 Import Xdisp fails to convert imported displacements or lengths/coordinates to the units chosen in the Units' Dialog that is presented, on import, when the csv file of displacements does not speciy them directly. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7736 Analysis, Utilities In Generic Utilities, while calculating the total tensile strain at a point, only the axial tensile strain reduction factor is used. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7716 Results, Plan View In some circumstances Xdisp fails to annotate the Plan View with results when clicked. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7715 Excavations, UI Xdisp may crash when polygonal excavation data is copied and pasted. SP1 Build 25
NCR 7618 Ground Movement Curves, Validation Pre-Analysis checks are not performed for horizontal ground movement curves. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7616 Ground Movement Curves, UI Headers of ground movement curves in the Ground Movement Curves Dialog are misleading for files with curves created in previous versions of the program. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7484 Analysis, Buildings, Ground Movement Curves Instead of giving an error message Xdisp crashes if the user tries to analyse a file which has an excavation that refers to an incompletely defined ground movement curve. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7406 3D Graphics, Ground Movement Curves Xdisp wrongly gives an error message when the 3DGraphics View and a Ground Movement Curve are viewed at the same time. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7371 Analysis, UI The progress bar in Pre-analysis Dialog is not complete even after the analysis finishes. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7229 Results, UI If a new row is added to a table view in a model which has results, then the program warns the user that results will be deleted. However, if the user clicks 'cancel' on that warning dialog, then results are not deleted and the data added. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7225 Displacement Grids, Plan View, UI Xdisp freezes when entering a grid in a model which has results if the Plan View is kept open. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7211 Buildings, Results Xdisp fails to treat the settlement trough limit sensitivity as an absolute value (so applicable to both settlement and heave), thereby preventing hogging or sagging sections to be initiated for buildings whose end displacements are in heave. SP1 Build 24
NCR 5855 3D Graphics Settings Apply button becomes enabled when the Displacements Page of the 3D Graphics Settings Wizard is made active even when there are no changes made to that page's items. SP1 Build 24
NCR 5401 Displacement Data, Validation Input of displacement data via the table view gives the rogue warning: "The value in field 12 of record 1 is usually in the range of 2.10078e-312 to 3.18622e-307. Is it OK?" SP1 Build 24
NCR 5142 Ground Movement Curves, UI Xdisp crashes in the Ground Movement Curves' View if a new curve is viewed without entering any coordinates. SP1 Build 24
NCR 7167 Buildings, Results Strains reported in Building Damage Export are incorrect. SP1 Build 23
NCR 7165 Tunnels, UI Xdisp crashes when the data copied from excel sheet is pasted in Tunnels table view. SP1 Build 23
NCR 7152 Ground Movement Curves, UI The sub-surface movement curve graph cannot be zoomed in or out. SP1 Build 23
NCR 7210 Tunnels, Validation Xdisp ignores checking last tunnel while setting up tunnel warnings. SP1 Build 23
NCR 7207 Buildings, UI Xdisp crashes when a Generic structures data record is copy pasted. SP1 Build 23
NCR 7162 Installer, Utilities "StandardDimensionsAndCriteria.xdd" is not shipped with the installer. SP1 Build 21
NCR 6261 Buildings, Export File | Export | Building Damage Assessment Data... crashes Xdisp when run on Windows 7. SP1 Build 21
NCR 7135 Buildings, Results Building Damage Results for segments in compression may be incorrect. SP1 Build 20
NCR 7049 Displacement Grids, Plan View Xdisp may fail to plot line contours on the 2D Plan View for a displacement grid whose second point's x value, or whose first pont's y value is less than the second point's y value. SP1 Build 20
NCR 7019 Results, Tabular Output In "Displacement and Strain Results" table of the Tabular Output, the units row is incorrect. SP1 Build 20
NCR 6885 Tunnels, UI The Tunnels table view does not complete the 'Layers' field until the end of the line. It should complete as the k derivation method is selected. SP1 Build 20
NCR 6828 Displacement Grids, Tabular Output Grid number displayed wrongly in the Tabular Output of results. SP1 Build 20
NCR 6724 Import Program crashes if a set of displacements are imported into Xdisp from a csv file which has blank records at the end. SP1 Build 20
NCR 6663 Buildings Displacement length shown in the structures table is incorrect if the length unit is anything other than metres. SP1 Build 20
NCR 5875 3D Graphics, Buildings Labelling of buildings may be drawn away from the building. SP1 Build 20
NCR 5651 3D Graphics Displacement entity legend remains in the 3D Graphics View even after deletion of the entity. SP1 Build 20
NCR 5379 Excavations Circular Excavation input allows input of negative diameter. SP1 Build 20


19.2 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
19.2 Build 18 18 January 2012
19.2 Build 17 20 September 2011
19.2 Build 16 25 August 2011
19.2 Build 15 22 August 2011
19.2 Build 14 5 August 2011
19.2 Build 13 14 July 2011
19.2 Build 12 23 June 2011
19.2 Build 10 25 November 2010
19.2 Build 9 18 August 2010
19.2 New Features
Category Description
Excavations Excavation corner stiffening
Excavations Circular excavations
Excavations, Ground Movement Curves Side-specific excavation ground movement curves
UI View positioning via e.g. lt;ctrlgt; + Num 1 for bottom left
19.2 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME 4876 3D Graphics Implementation of 'x view', 'y view', 'z view' orientations for the 3D Graphics View. Build 9
ME 4875 3D Graphics Implementation of 'ghost' image in the 3D Graphics View when rotating a model with many elements. Build 9
ME 4870 3D Graphics Improvement to lighting in the 3D Graphics View. Build 9
ME 4559 3D Graphics, Printing Xdisp now enables the 3D Graphics View to be printed with a calculation sheet's header and border. Build 9
ME 4522 3D Graphics Elements in the 3D Graphics View may now be labelled. Build 9
19.2 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 6582 Charts Line graphs may 'squash' legend and title text vertically when displays are set to low resolutions, so lines may partially overlay eachother. Build 18
NCR 6575 Buildings, Export Building Damage Assessment export fails if file names contain trailing spaces. Build 18
NCR 6497 Tunnels, UI If the New and Bowers method is chosen for sub-surface ground movements, then only "User-defined k" should be offered as the k derivation method and not O'Reilly and New or Boscardin. Build 18
NCR 6495 Results, Tunnels The Mair et al method should calculate zero soil movement for displacement points below the invert of a tunnel. Build 18
NCR 6494 2D Plan When zooming into Xdisp's Plan View, the axes' labels may show insufficient significant figures e.g. all "177600." Build 18
NCR 6490 Ground Movement Curves, Tabular Output Surface movement curve listings in the Tabular Output always show a polynomial equation, even when "Linear" curve fitting has been selected. Build 18
NCR 6488 Ground Movement Curves The surface movement curves' dialog's "Apply" button is not activated when the type of curve fit is changed from "Polynomial" to "Linear". Build 18
NCR 6486 Excavations The default values for excavation corner stiffening parameters p1* and p2* would more sensibly be 67 and 25 respectively, rather than 100 and 50. Build 18
NCR 6485 Help, Tunnels The help manual should be more explicit that the source of the O'Reilly and New formula of i = 0.28z - 0.12 for granular soils is Figure 4 of O'Reilly and New's paper as opposed to the text, which shows a less precise Equation 13 of i = 0.28z - 0.1. Build 18
NCR 6483 File Opening Xdisp does not allow files to be opened by dragging them from Windows Explorer over the open program interface. Build 18
NCR 6451 Charts, Results Xdisp may crash when a building's displacement graph is queried if the displacements are all less than the sensitivity limit. Build 18
NCR 6047 Import Xdisp crashes in Windows 7 if the DXF import dialog is cancelled. Build 18
NCR 6367 Displacement Data, Import Xdisp may fail to import some displacements that have been exported from Pdisp 19.2 Build 3. Build 17
NCR 5221 Displacement Grids, Displacement Lines, Import Xdisp fails to import displacement results for grids or lines from csv files. Build 17
NCR 6287 Import Xdisp may crash in Windows 7 when performing DXF import. Build 16
NCR 6275 Tunnels, Results If the Mair method is selected then no ground movements are calculated below the centre-line of the tunnel. Build 15
NCR 6272 Help, Tunnels The manual describes Boscardin's k derivation formula incorrectly as "i = 0.5 z0 + 0.25 metres" and "i = 0.24z0 + 0.5 metres" for cohesive and granular soils respectively, rather than "i = 0.5z0" and "i = 0.25z0". Build 15
NCR 6261 Buildings, Export File | Export | Building Damage Assessment Data... crashes Xdisp when run on Windows 7. Build 14
NCR 6209 Excavations, UI Xdisp may crash when the last Circular Excavation is deleted in the Circular Excavations view and the "Apply" button clicked. Build 13
NCR 6208 Tunnels, UI Data that is copied into the tunnels Table View may be displayed incorrectly in the Analysis Parameters tab. e.g. the Ground Loss column has show a k Derivation choice, and the k Derivation column may show a k value. Build 13
NCR 5863 Analysis, Buildings Xdisp may crash performing building damage assessment on buildings whose lengths are very close to the lengths of the displacement lines to which they refer. Build 13
NCR 5660 Tunnels, UI The Volume Loss column of the Tunnels Table View may show a "k Derivation" drop list instead, when in the "Analysis Parameters" tab. The data is displayed correctly, and can be edited, by viewing it in the "All Tunnel Data" tab. Build 13
NCR 5355 Excavations, Validation Xdisp may warn the user, in the Circular Excavation input dialog when changing the height of the surface, that an excavation's surface level is below its base when this is not the case. Build 13
NCR 5071 Buildings, UI The Input Data Wizard is not accessible from the Buildings Table View. When attempting access the program warns "Attempted an unsupported operation." Build 13
NCR 6154 Excavations, File Opening, Import Xdisp may fail to read Polygonal Excavations correctly from saved Xdisp data files - when those excavations were originally created by import from a DXF file, and when the polyline that describes the excavation has coincident start and end points. This may subsequently cause the program to crash when opening the Polygonal Excavations input view. Build 12
NCR 5443 Excavations, Validation Xdisp may crash while checking for warnings before beginning analysis if overlapping excavations are defined. Build 10
NCR 5041 2D Plan, Displacement Grids, Results The 2D Plan View fails to show contour plots for displacement grids which have negative extrusion directions. Build 9
NCR 4950 Excavations, Validation Xdisp may incorrectly warn that excavations overlap when an analysis is performed. Build 9
NCR 4853 Displacement Grids, Export, Results Xdisp outputs CSV contour data for all grids, even though only one is seleted for export. Build 9
NCR 4846 Ground Movement Curves, UI Xdisp may crash while renaming a ground movement curve if the cancel button is clicked during the renaming process. Build 9
NCR 4830 Excavations Changes made to an excavation's Surface Level and Contribution are not reflected if the coordinates' table is modified. Build 9
NCR 4819 Tabular Output, Tunnels Though "Mair et al" is chosen as a sub-surface analysis method, the analysis warnings and Tabular Output may suggest the soil type has been set to "granular" incorrectly. However, the results are unaffected. Build 9
NCR 4759 2D Plan View, Results Xdisp takes a long time to plot "Horizontal displacement" on the plan view. Build 9
NCR 4715 3D Graphics "Custom" type of centre of rotation does not work in 3D Graphics. Build 9
NCR 4707 3D Graphics Toggle "perspective/orthographic" is working only when the 3D Graphics view is re-sized. Build 9
NCR 4703 3D Graphics, Menus The 3D Graphics view doesn't have a resource (menu), instead it takes that of the last opened view. Build 9
NCR 4521 Buildings, Displacement Data, UI Copy and paste from one row to another in the Structures’ table or in the Displacement Data table may not always work, particularly in long tables. Build 9
NCR 4415 Buildings, Charts, Results The Building Damage Interaction chart's legend may truncate the category of building damage under the Maximum Tensile Strain item. Build 9
NCR 4250 Ground Movement Curves, Help The help manual should include a description of how the sample sub-surface movement curve was generated. Build 9
NCR 4205 2D Plan, Displacement Grids, Results Xdisp does not plot contours for grids that have been extruded in the Global_X direction. Build 9
NCR 4181 Displacement Grids, Export, Results Xdisp fails to export CSV results when a displacement grid's extrusion depth is negative. Build 9


19.1 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
19.1 Build 15 20 April 2010
19.1 Build 14 18 March 2010
19.1 Build 13 17 February 2010
19.1 Build 12 5 February 2010
19.1 Build 11 6 January 2010
19.1 Build 10 21 December 2009
19.1 Build 9 12 November 2009
19.1 New Features
Category Description
Results, Import Import of displacement results from CSV
Buildings, Charts, Export, Results "One click" export of building damage assessment results' tables and graphs
Buildings, Charts, Results Extension of building damage interaction chart to compressive strains
Tunnels Implementation of Harris and Alvarado tunnel method
Tunnels Taylor adjustments to Mair et al tunnel method
19.1 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME 4501 Buildings, Results Xdisp modified to use the displaced horizontal distances when calculating points of inflexion and therefore segment lengths for building damage calculations. The program previously used un-strained horizontal distances when determining points of inflexion. The tabular output reports segment lengths according to their pre-strained situations. This change will be insignificant in the vast majority of cases. Build 13
ME 4500 Displacement Lines, Tabular Output Displacement lines report, in the Tabular Output: "Displacement Parallel to Line"; "Displacement Perpendicular to Line"; and "Angle of Line to Global Axis". Build 13
ME 4499 Buildings, Tunnels, Validation Warning given if sub-structure crosses an excavation since building damage results in that portion should be treated with caution. Build 13
ME 4495 Buildings, Export, Results Added horizontal displacements resolved along the building line to the export of building damage assessment data. Build 13
ME 4481 Displacement Lines, Results, Import If two or more imported displacement lines start at the same point, Xdisp would only import the displacement at that point for the first line. Xdisp now: (1) collects all the imported displacements from the file and at the time of analysis checks for coincident points; (2) assumes results are entered in the import data file with tag POINT_RESULT instead of entering grid, line and point results with separate tags (GPOINT_RESULT, LPOINT_RESULT, POINT_RESULT); (3) sums all imported displacements with the value calculated by Xdisp, when there are multiple entries of displacements at a point in the import file; and (4) adds imported displacements to the values calculated by Xdisp for all the points in the model with coincident co-ordinates (irrespective of type of data i.e grid, line or point.) Build 13
19.1 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 4658 Export, Results Exporting displacement contours to CSV may fail unexpectedly (though the contours can be viewed in the Plan or 3D Graphics View) with the warning "The specified contour interval is inappropriate for Grid n and X/Y/Z/Resultant Direction. Contours will not be output for that combination.". Build 15
NCR 4656 Displacement Data, Tabular Output Xdisp may give the warning 'encountered invalid argument' and crash, when the Tabular Output is opened when line results are not listed as the first displacement data items, i.e. before grids and points. Build 15
NCR 4649 Displacement Data, UI Displacement point coordinates are converted to scientific if their values are too long for their column in the Tabular Output. Grids which are made up of points whose values are large, but differ by small increments, may be listed with indistinguishable point values. Build 15
NCR 4648 Analysis, Buildings The program may crash while performing analysis including building damage assessment. Build 15
NCR 4485 Results The displacements that are reported in the Tabular Output as perpendicular to displacement lines may show the wrong sign. Build 14
NCR 4498 Excavations, Results, Tunnels Xdisp may incorrectly calculate and report displacements within excavations where those displacements arise from tunnelling, but correctly does not allow them from excavations. Build 13
NCR 4480 Buildings, Charts "Sagging" and "Hogging" labels sometimes not clearly visible on the line graph of sub-structure displacements. Build 13
NCR 4452 Tunnels, Results If the O'Reilly and New sub-surface k deriviation method is chosen, then Xdisp incorrectly sets i using the user-specified k value, irrespective of whether the user-defined option has been set. It should use that k value if user-defined is set, but should otherwise derive k from the i value according the O'Reilly and New derivation formula. Build 13
NCR 4450 Tunnels, UI The Tunnels Table View will not allow "granular" soil to be set. On setting it and closing the view, the soil reverts to "cohesive". Build 13
NCR 4435 Analysis, Displacement Lines Xdisp crashes when the number of intervals along a displacement line is zero. Build 13
NCR 4403 Buildings, Export, Results Exported Building Damage Results may be misleading if horizontal strain for a sub-structure's segment is in compression. Maximum combined tensile strains (total bending, total diagonal and max.) do not consider the compressive horizontal strain value. Build 11
NCR 4402 Displacement Data, UI Upon clicking a coordinate in the Displacement Data table view the coordinate displays itself to more decimal places than have been entered by the user. Build 11
NCR 4401 Buildings, Tabular Output Unnecessarily double-spaced lines of data appear in the Tabular Output's table of "Building Damage Results - Critical Values for All Segments within Each Sub-Structure". Build 11
NCR 4383 Displacement Data, Import Xdisp may fail to import displacement data correctly. Displacement data whose coordinates should match those in the data file may be omitted. Build 10


19.0 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
19.0 Build 12 15 October 2009
19.0 Build 10 15 September 2009
19.0 Build 9 10 September 2009
19.0 Build 8 13 August 2009
19.0 Build 7 11 August 2009
19.0 New Features
Category Description
Excavations, Ground Movement Curves Improved calculation of ground movements below ground that arise from the installation of, and excavation beside, embedded wall excavations
19.0 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
- - None -
19.0 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 4112 3D Graphics Settings, Buildings, Excavations The Excavations' and Buildings' drop-list selectors in the Graphics Settings Wizard are out of synch. When choosing "All", all excavations or buildings are displayed. However, when choosing individual excavations or buildings those shown are incorrect. Build 12
NCR 4010 Displacement Data, UI A second displacement data table may be opened when one is already displayed. This is confusing. Instead, an attempt to open a second table e.g. from the Gateway should activate the already-displayed table. Build 12
NCR 4005 Results, Tunnels Xdisp may give incorrect results when using the New and Bowers method. Build 12
NCR 3996 Results, Tunnels Displacements may fall to zero at distances from a tunnel where significant displacements are anticipated (e.g. the displacement line graph has a slope discontinuity at the penultimate point before zero displacement is reached). Build 12
NCR 3906 Excavations Xdisp doesn't save the "Surface Level" value (in the Excavation Details dialog) properly, if the unit given for length is anything other than metres. Build 12
NCR 3901 Analysis, Excavations Xdisp may crash while analysing overlapping excavations. Build 12
NCR 3876 Excavations, Ground Movement Curves Xdisp will crash if an analysis is performed involving an excavation whose horizontal or vertical ground movement curve has been deleted. Build 12
NCR 3875 3D Graphics, Displacement Lines The 3D Graphics View does not show displacement lines etc if no elements are selected to be viewed too. Build 12
NCR 3873 3D Graphics Settings The "Apply" button on the 3D Graphics Settings property sheet does not work. Settings must be applied by clicking "OK". Build 12
NCR 3872 2D Plan, Tunnels Tunnel labels are not visible on the plan view, despite clicking the "label" toolbar button. Build 12
NCR 3981 2D Plan, Buildings, Charts Xdisp may hang if the Plan View is opened, and the Buildings and Line Graphs buttons are activated while there are invalid buildings in the model. Build 10
NCR 3980 Tabular Output Xdisp may crash with the warning "Out of Memory" if the Tabular Output is opened to view the results of an analysis which generated many warnings. Build 10
NCR 3929 2D Plan, Displacement Data The Plan View may fail to open, and the program may hang, if displacement grids do not appear first in the Table View listing displacement data. Build 9
NCR 3928 Export, Ground Movement Curves When Tabular Output is exported to CSV file the Coefficient of Determination for horizontal ground movement curves is listed after the curve's table's "END_TABLE" keyword. It should appear before. Build 9
NCR 3856 Buildings, Charts, 2D Plan, UI Opening a building's displacement graph from the Plan View causes the program to crash. Build 8
NCR 3616 Displacement Lines, Displacement Points, Tabular Outupt Tabular Output fails to display displacement lines or points if there are no displacement grids. Build 7
NCR 3606 Tabular Output The footer of the Tabular Output shows a lone "\" until the data file has been saved. Build 7
NCR 3596 Validation The pre-analysis dialog reports spurious warnings such as: "Displacement Line 1 is lower than 0% of Excavation 155456008's minimum depth. Its results should be treated with caution". Build 7
NCR 3587 Tunnels, UI The Tunnels Table View incorrectly allows "Soil at Tunnel Level" to be set by the user when the Mair et al. method is chosen. Build 7
NCR 3476 3D Graphics, Results The contour units of the 3D Graphics View are confused between m and mm. Build 7
NCR 3475 Displacement Grids, Results The coordinates of points of grids with negative extrusions are not calculated correctly. Build 7
NCR 3437 Displacement Data, UI Copying and pasting a series of points into the Displacements Table is ineffective. Build 7
NCR 3436 Analysis, Displacement Data Displacement points are corrupted if an 18.3 version file is opened and analysed in version 18.4. Build 7


18.4 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
18.4 Build 7 16 January 2009
18.4 Build 6 17 November 2008
18.4 Build 5 29 October 2008
18.4 Build 4 12 August 2008
18.4 Build 3 23 July 2008
18.4 New Features
Category Description
3D Graphics 3D Graphics
Displacement Grids, Displacement Lines Inclined displacement grids and lines
Buildings, Charts, Results Critical tensile strain (later renamed to Maximum Tensile Strain - see NCR 2949 below) calculated, output in Building Damage Assessments' results' table in Output View and plotted on Building Damage Interaction Chart
18.4 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
- - None -
18.4 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 3374 Tunnels When specifying the user-specified k values for the sub-surface tunnel analysis parameters, TUNSET resets the user-specified value to 0.4. Build 7
NCR 3297 3D Graphics, Results The 3D Graphics View should be updated when results are deleted. Build 7
NCR 3233 Displacement Data, Tunnels Displacement grids, lines and points cannot be set to "Sub-surface". They are reset to "Surface" on reopening the Table View. Sub-surface displacement calculation analysis methods cannot thefore be chosen for tunnels. Build 6
NCR 3198 2D Plan, Menus The "Graphics" menu option is no longer available on the program menu. Contour settings etc cannot thefore be adjusted for the plan view. Build 5
NCR 3010 2D Plan, Results Displacement and strain results (contours, vectors etc) may fail to plot correctly on the 2D plan view. Build 4
NCR 2949 Buildings, Results Building Damage Assessment's "Critical Tensile Strain" should be called "Maximum Tensile Strain" Build 4
NCR 2867 Buildings, Charts, Results Building Damage Assessment Interaction Charts may show incorrrect category divisions for combined segments. The result point itself is plotted, and its values reported, correctly. Build 3
NCR 2789 2D Plan The labelling option on the plan view does not provide labels for tunnels or mines. Build 3


18.3 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
18.3 Build 1 Release 7 26 June 2008
18.3 Build 1 Release 6 31 March 2008
18.3 Build 1 Release 5 7 February 2008
18.3 Build 1 Release 4 18 December 2007
18.3 Build 1 Release 3 23 October 2007
18.3 Build 1 Release 2 10 October 2007
18.3 Build 1 Release 1 1 October 2007
18.3 New Features
Category Description
Buildings Building Damage Assessment
18.3 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
- - None -
18.3 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 2867 Buildings, Charts, Results Building Damage Assessment Interaction Charts may show incorrrect category divisions for combined segments. The result point itself is plotted, and its values reported, correctly. -
NCR 2789 2D Plan, Mines, Tunnels The labelling option on the plan view does not provide labels for tunnels or mines. -
NCR 2622 Excavations, Results Results for points within the arc of an excavation's corner, or along the connected side, may be incorrect if excavation coordinates have previously been deleted from the excavation's table of coordinates. Release 6
NCR 2597 Excavations, UI The "Apply" button of the Excavation Details dialog is not activated when excavations are deleted, so the deletions cannot be applied unless other changes are made. Release 6
NCR 2595 Excavations, UI Tunset may crash if all excavations are deleted in the "Excavation Details" dialog. Release 6
NCR 2487 Excavations, Results Displacement lines may give incorrect soil movement results (differing from identical individual "Displacement Points" or identical points in "Displacement Grids") if they are under the influence of excavations. Release 5
NCR 2486 File Opening Tunset crashes if "Do not keep history of recently opened documents" Group Policy is set, and "File | Open" is selected. Release 5
NCR 2353 Buildings, UI When completing a line of data in the "Geometry" sheet or "Bending" sheet of the Buildings' input table, the program may crash. Release 4
NCR 2165 2D Plan The contour plot's legend sometimes gives an unnecessarily high upper category. Release 3
NCR 2161 Buildings, Charts Although combined segments (for building damage assessment) are set up, the graphical results for these cannot be accessed. Release 3
NCR 2157 Buildings, Charts Tunset crashes if a building damage interaction chart is requested for a building that has no building damage results. Release 3
NCR 2100 Menus Tunset offers a rogue 'Graphic Settings' menu option on the 'Data' menu. Release 2
NCR 2094 Gateway The Gateway fails to give access to tables etc when it is undocked. Release 2
NCR 2035 Gateway, UI Tunset crashes if the program is opened with the Gateway closed, and an additional row is added to a table of data. Release 1


18.2 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
18.2 Build 1 Release 2 25 April 2007
18.2 Build 1 Release 1 18 April 2007
18.2 New Features
Category Description
Excavations Horizontal and vertical soil movements resulting from the installation of, and excavation beside embedded walls may now be calculated.
Gateway, UI A 'Gateway' window has been implemented to provide easy access to input data, tabular data and graphical views.
Toolbars, UI The Tunset Toolbar has been implemented to provide easy access to the most frequently used views and commands.
Menus The menu structure has been re-arranged to provide a separate 'Graphics' menu to access settings for the Graphical Output view.
Mines The mining application has been converted from 'beta' status to 'full'.
18.2 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
- - None -
18.2 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 1409 Results, Tunnels The New and Bowers analysis option may be ignored under certain circumstances. Release 2
NCR 1351 Help, Tunnels Tunset's user manual displays an incorrect formula for maximum settlement. The factor 0.339 should read 0.399. Release 1
NCR 1186 Results, Tunnels The 'Specified i/h' analysis method may give incorrect results when two-layer soil is modelled. Release 1
NCR 1097 Charts The key shown on displacement plots shows the x and y line styles transposed. Release 1
NCR 1085 2D Plan, Displacement Grids Message: "An invalid argument was encountered" is output when annotation of the Graphical Output is attempted for data that has no displacement grids. Release 1
NCR 45 Analysis, Validation Spurious warnings may appear during analysis if the 'Specified i/h' method is selected. Release 1
NCR 44 2D Plan, Results The Graphical Output view of filled contours may fail to colour the plot fully. Clear areas may be drawn. Release 1


18.1 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
Geo 18.1 Build 5 22 May 2006
18.1 New Features
Category Description
Menus Data files may now be emailed directly from the program's interface via the 'File' menu.
Export, Tabular Output The text output of the Tabular Output has been improved. It may now be exported to a range of file formats via the 'File' menu.
Miscellaneous Standard sets of units (SI, kN-m, kip-ft and kip-in) may be selected via the Units and Preferences dialog.
Miscellaneous So as to help users to ensure that they are running the latest software a new version checking system has been implemented. This compares each executable file installed locally with the set that Oasys identifies as being the 'current' version. (The comparison is carried out locally; no data is transmitted to Oasys.) Executables for which updates are available are highlighted. Updates may then be downloaded from the Program's Downloads page on the Internet. This system enables rapid delivery of bug fixes and, occasionally, minor enhancements.
Mines The Mining application type has been implemented as a beta feature.
18.1 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
- - None -
18.1 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR 57 Tunnels, Results Tunset may give incorrect values of principal strains (major and minor being reported as zero). Tunset.exe
NCR 37 Printing 'File | Print' is permanently greyed out. Tunset.exe