Product Restrictions
Item Category Description
1 Post-processing There are currently issues with user modules.
2 Interface Splitting tapered elements will result in a saw-tooth profile.
3 Solver If the constraint axes of the two nodes of a joint differ the model cannot be analysed by GsRelax.
4 Solver Distortion loads not acting at the end of a beam or not in the x, y or z direction cannot be analysed by GsRelax.
5 Solver GsRelax uses 4 triangular elements to simulate a Quad 4 element in the analysis in which a dummy node at the centre of the Quad 4 element is introduced. The results at the 4 nodes are the average of the results of the two adjacent triangular elements and the results at the centre is the average of the 4 triangle elements. It is expected that the results are not consistent with true 4-noded quad element.
6 Solver In the post-processing of 1D element results, the original length rather than the deformed length is used in the calculation of beam shear forces and moments. If an element is loaded and its deformed length is significantly different to its original length (and the results are from a GsRelax analysis), the output of beam shear forces and moments may not be correct.
7 Interface When running Remote Desktop on a Windows 7 machine to access another machine to run GSA, the performance of Graphic Views may be degraded with rubber-banding leaves a trail, selection marks not 'sticking' and legend text badly formatted.
8 Interface There can be graphics issues with OpenGL in GSA. These are normally resolved by updating the graphics drivers. On Windows 7 this may not resolve the problem and in this case it is recommended to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.
9 Design Design for serviceability implements checks on the original member sections rather than the updated member sections. To ensure that serviceability conditions are met it is necessarly to update elements, reanalyse and then check the serviceability criteria.
10 General Offsetting the reference point for tapered sections only applies the adjustment based on the dimensions at end one of the section.


10.0 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
10.0 Build 2825 March 2019
10.0 New Features
Category Description
User interface Slabs and walls – The extension of members from beams and columns to include walls and slabs allows a much more complete definition of the building structure.
General Tapered elements – Elements/members with profiles that vary along their length
Analysis Imperfection analysis – Enables the engineer to analyse a model with imperfections without changing the actual model geometry.
Analysis Dynamic relaxation – The explicit solver has been enhanced to provide nonlinear static analysis capability. There is also an option to start the analysis from a set of linear static analysis results to provide a better starting point and thus faster convergence.
Design Design codes & ndash; GSA 10 supports concrete design to the AASHTO code and the updated ASCE 7-16 seismic code
10.0 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
User interface New model wizard for generating dome shape model using 2D elements.
User interface Improved model editing via panes.
General New files are opened in a new instance of GSA.
10.0 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR GSA-1523 File I/O Models with line segment sections can be slow to open. Awaiting release
NCR GSA-1530 Design Steel design task is unable to check the members if the member list contains 2D members. Build 37
NCR GSA-1580 Design Steel checker ignores the reference loading position when the destabilized loading height is zero. Build 37
NCR GSA-1574 Modelling When copying elements the reference to the parent member was copied leading to unpredictable operations with elements/memners. Build 37
NCR GSA-1534 Grid loads Grid Line Loads not expanding on vertical 2D surfaces. Build 37
NCR GSA-1522 Analysis If modal dynamic analysis has mode cutoff, the following dynamic response analyses that uses this modal analysis results, such as footfall, RSA & harmonic etc, cannot proceed due to data checking error. Build 37
NCR GSA-1515 Analysis If Link and Rigid slave nodes are connected to nodes without rotational stiffness and the rigid type is not pin, the buckling analysis results are incorrect. Build 37
NCR GSA-1491 Analysis If wall elements use topological axis and there are also beta angle or orientation node, the analysis results will be wrong if the wall element is not square shaped. Build 37
NCR GSA-1493 General Typically mode shapes are dominated by displacement but when the rotations dominate this can lead to strange looking results. In future GSA will check the scale of the rotations and normalise on the larger of the displacements and rotations. Build 37
NCR GSA-1508 Graphics In some cases GSA will not draw deformed geometry when the model contains beam elements with offsets. Build 37e
NCR GSA-1110 General Selecting an element or member in graphics and using the right-click delete option can cause GSA to crash. Build 37e
NCR GSA-1507 Design Changing the design code from the material grade wizard can in some cases cause GSA to crash. Edit the design specification directly should avoid this problem. Build 37
NCR GSA-1480 General The damping values for response spectra are assumed to be a percentage for a constant damping or code defined damping but the other options assume a damping value leading to underdamping in response spectrum analysis. Build 32
GSDEV-426 General Selecting the Model | Result Map option crashes GSA. Build 32
GSDEV-431 General Selecting ‘Properties at’ in the section wizard can crash GSA if no section is defined. Build 32
GSDEV-27 Graphic view Lines with arcs drawing properly with shrink Build 20
GSDEV-26 Modelling New ‘Properties’ pane replaces ‘Defnine’, ‘Modifyv and ‘Defaults’ panes. Build 20
GSDEV-25 Output view Effective properties for assemblies are now output. Build 20
GSDEV-25 Output view High precision output is fixed. Build 20
GSDEV-88 Graphic view Contouring working for materials using grade properties. Build 20
GSDEV-176 File I/O Member records in gwa files compatible with latest GSA 9 code. Build 20
GSDEV-93 General The warning for Iyz ignored is no longerr a severe warning. Build 20
GSDEV-93 General The warning for Iyz ignored is no longerr a severe warning. Build 20
GSDEV-69 General List are now updated when elements are modified/changed. Build 20
GSDEV-85 General Adding sections to pool is now working for the add sections tools. Build 20
GSDEV-112 General Titles of panes shortened to improve visibility. Build 20
GSDEV-126 Graphic view Improved rendering of 2D members / elements. Build 20
GSDEV-145 Modelling Improved meshing of 2D members for elements. Build 20
GSDEV-147 General Allow definition of effectiv elength properties in member pane. Build 20
GSDEV-183 General Elements can be deleted from members when results exist. Build 20
GSDEV-188 General The Tolerance page in the Preferences can crash GSA. Build 20
GSDEV-191 Modelling Create nodal loading in graphic is now working. Build 20
GSDEV-192 Modelling 1D generic members were converting to tri-3 elements. Build 20