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8.4 Release Schedule
Build Release Date
8.4 Build 4204 September 2019
8.4 Build 4116 August 2019
8.4 Build 4024 June 2019
8.4 Build 3914 June 2019
8.4 Build 3818 May 2018
8.4 Build 3723 April 2018
8.4 Build 3620 January 2018
8.4 Build 3511 December 2017
8.4 Build 335 September 2017
8.4 Build 327 July 2017
8.4 Build 313 April 2017
8.4 Build 3010 March 2017
8.4 Build 296 February 2017
8.4 Build 2812 December 2016
8.4 Build 2629 November 2016
8.4 Build 2414 November 2016
8.4 Build 1930 September 2016
8.4 Build 185 September 2016
8.4 Build 1727 July 2016
8.4 Build 1624 June 2016
8.4 New Features
Category Description
User interface Significant overhaul of user interface introducing:
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Interactive status bar
  • Improved dockable panes
General Support has been added for new or revised design codes
  • ACI 318-14 & ACI 318M-14
  • CSA A23.3
  • CSA S6
  • IRC 112
  • IRS Bridge
  • EN1992 (country specific variants)
User interface The Gateway has been revised to provide access to all the data in a single pane.
User interface There are minor improvements to the interaction with graphic views. This allows some editing directly from the graphics. Graphics can now be saved in svg format in addition to the existing file formats. Better dimensioning information is provided for standard section shapes.
User interface The handling of material models in AdSec has been rationalized allowing more flexiblity in the use of material models and more models being available over a greater number of codes (e.g. Mander curves). Additionally direct reference to standard material curves has been removed and all materials are now ‘user materials’ which can be initialized to ‘standard properties’. The defined material curves can be exported as csv files.
Output view Text output has been revised to be clearer and to give the user greater control. The most significant change is that stress/strain results can now be calculated and reported at user specified intervals along the perimeter of sections.
API AdSec can now be run from a command file which allows functionality such as opening and closing files, analysis and output of results in text or graphical form.
8.4 Minor Enhancements
Item Category Description Status
ME ADSEC-134 General Changed "Creep factor" to "Creep coeff." in Serviceability Chart Analysis dialog box and chart legend Build 41
ME ADSEC-119 Documentation Help file updated to detail how to perform a staged analysis Build 39
ME ADSEC-113 Analysis New checkbox option for specifying Column section added to General Section Wizard for CSA A23 codes. If checked, AdSec will apply an additional capacity reduction factor in accordance with CSA A23.3-04 Cl. 10.10.5 Build 39
ME ADSEC-65 File I/O Command file output files (txt and csv) no longer show table notes with START_TABLE and END_TABLE before and after each note. Build 39
ME ADSEC-6 General Splash screen no longer forced to the front of the desktop when running a .cmd command file Build 39
ME ADSEC-2 General Added in ability to define "all" sections for SLS cases. Build 39
ME ADSEC-1 Documentation Help file updated to explain pretension effects Build 39
ME ADSEC Analysis There can be convergence issues, particularly with the rectangular stress-strain relationship. To reduce these problems a new material curve has been introduced called "Modified rectangle". This slightly tilts the flat and vertical sections of the stress strain curve to aid the modified Newton solver. Build 35
ME ADSEC General For BS5400 based design codes the Mq/Mg ratio can now be specified on a case by case basis. Build 33
ME ADSEC General For BS5400 based design codes the Mq/Mg ratio can now be specified on a case by case basis. Build 33
ME ADSEC General When modifying the prestress in bars the include/exclude option is now separate from the modification of the actual prestress value assigned. Build 31
ME ADSEC Analysis The ζmin value for interpolation between the uncracked and cracked strain planes is now included in the crack width calculation. Build 31
ME ADSEC Analysis The factored axial resistance is now included for CSA A23.3 and CSA S6. This is displayed on the P/M charts and reported in the ULS summary for a strength analysis. Build 24
ME ADSEC Analysis Improved licence management. Build 19
ME ADSEC Analysis The handling and checking of explicit curves has been improved give more chance to catch user errors. Build 17
ME ADSEC Analysis The charts now report both the design code used and the section to which they relate. Build 17
ME ADSEC Analysis The material models in AdSec now have both a generic name and a code specific reference. E.g. FIB Model Code (generic name) and (Fig3.2) (code reference). Build 17
8.4 Fixes
Item Category Description Status
NCR ADSEC-187 Analysis Corrected Eurocode tendons strength to be based on fp0,1k Build 42
NCR ADSEC-171 Analysis Revert AdSec to report cracks for selected crack equation (e.g. EC2 eqn. 7.9) despite zeta (ζ) value Build 41
NCR ADSEC-166 Analysis Corrected Danish EC2 NDP k3 value for cracking Build 41
NCR ADSEC-132 Analysis Fix for AdSec reporting that the section is uncracked however displays crack values in graphics view Build 40
NCR ADSEC-122 Analysis Fixed wrong EpsilonMax being used when 0no. bars defined in template reinf. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-116 Analysis Fixed crack width results not displaying message when uncracked (PD6687) Build 39
NCR ADSEC-114 Documentation Help file updated to describe difference between using .adcmd & .cmd command file extensions in relation to how the splash screen behaves. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-113 Documentation Theory document updated for correct alpha & beta values to CSA A23.3-14. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-63 Analysis Fixed false crack width warning in compound sections Build 39
NCR ADSEC-15 Analysis Fixed crack widths being reported for uncracked section Build 39
NCR ADSEC General Fixed material name not reverting immediately to original name when invalid name specified. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-13 General Fixed bugs in Concrete material definition wizard such as Elastic modulus being reset to default value when reopening the dialog. Made the Density edit box on the main form editable and the E uneditable on the Extra Data dialog box (as is editable on previous main dialog page) Build 39
NCR ADSEC-12 General Fixed bugs for rebar properties when working with .adtxt files: γs, γse, ξ, Eh and khard. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-9 General Fixed bug when pasting reinforcement in the general reinforcement definition wizard when defining reinforcement for the first time Build 39
NCR ADSEC-7 General Fixed bug for user-defined values for Design Strength Factor (α1) and SLS max strain in concrete material properties not saving when saved as .adtxt. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-5 General Fixed command file options for "general" and "sls_sum" and updated help file for spelling errors - "mat_strain" is now "mat_strains" and "rebar_strain" is now "rebar_strains" Build 39
NCR ADSEC-4 General Fixed program crashing when selecting the Mander curve for compressive behaviour (SLS) Build 39
NCR ADSEC-3 General Links to Email the Support Team and to the FAQs fixed. Build 39
NCR ADSEC-2 General Fixed ULS case definitions getting reset to Section 1 when set to "all". Build 39
NCR ADSEC General Fixed EC2 Danish National Annex αcc value (from 0.85 to 1.0) Build 39
NCR ADSEC General Eurocode concrete grades >50N/mm2 were not saved correctly when exiting the grade definition dialogue window. Build 38
NCR ADSEC General Corrected default concrete material partial safety factors for the Danish National Annex to Eurocode 2. Build 38
NCR-11462 Analysis The k2 parameter for crack with calculation was derived from the interpolated strain plane rather than the cracked strain plane. Build 37
NCR-11451 Analysis SLS calculations to IRC112 do not produce crack width output. Build 37
NCR-11440 General The k3 parameter for crack width calculations are incorrect for French and Danish versions of Eurocode. In the French case the equation is incorrect and in the Danish version the default Eurocode value is used rather than the value in the National Annexe. Build 37
NCR-11427 Analysis Intermediate analysis (BS5400/HKSDM) does not allow for a creep value, so gives results the same as a short-term analysis. Build 36
NCR-11427 File I/O When saving data as a text file, the reinforcement material can be lost when the code does not involve a material (γ/φ) factor. Build 36
NCR-11396 File I/O In slab models where bars are defined by a pitch there is a correction for a non-integer number of bars. When this model is saved to file and re-opened the correction factor is lost leading to an underestimate of the slab strength. Build 35
NCR-11394 General The scaling of graphical printed output is worng by a factor of 1000. Build 35
NCR-11392 File I/O Reading AdSec text files with explicit material curves the curve definition is lost. This does not affect binary files. Build 35
NCR-11392 General With concrete materials the plastic strain point is not being set properly when the concrete material model is changed. Build 35
NCR-11347 File I/O AdSec can crash when a chart analysis is selected and the section refers to an undefined material. Build 33
NCR-11346 Analysis When using CSA A23.3 for N/M charts the compressive axial limit is interpreted wrongly (by using the section dimension in m rather than mm) leading to axial load factors that are too small. Build 33
NCR-11317 Analysis When using DIN EN 1992 the crack width calculation does not set k1×k2 = 1 as per the German National Annexe leading to incorrect crack widths. Build 33
NCR-11309 Analysis There is an issue with the crack width calculation for the CSA S6 code with prestressed bars. With prestressed bars where the applied loads exclude the prestress anchorage the prestress was included in the checks for bars in tension. This prestress is now excluded from the calculation of most tensile bars. Build 33
NCR-11294 Analysis The value of ζ is now set to 0 if the section if uncracked, irrespective of the value of β. Build 33
NCR-11285 File I/O Dxf export of the section is now working. Build 32
NCR-11280 Analysis The crack width calculation to CSA S6 has been modified so that As is based on the factored bar area (for slabs) and the db is based on the largest bar in the tension zone. Build 32
NCR-11279 Analysis The welcome screen cannot be disabled. Build 32
NCR-11251 General There can be a problem with large link diameters in slab sections and template reinforcement given a message "links too large for section". This can be avoided using general reinforcement. Build 32
NCR-11229 General In Moment/curvature (M/κ) charts the specified maximum moment is ignored and instead the capacity is used as the upper limit for the calculation. Build 32
NCR-11176 General EC3 steel design grade S450 (EN) name is shown incorrectly as S460 (EN). Build 30
NCR-11171 General When the section is a slab with template reinforcement there is an area factor associated with the bars to give the correct area across the slab. When the section is resized this is lost leading to incorrect bar areas in the calculation.
Opening the reinforcement wizard resets this, so avoiding the program.
Build 30
NCR-11137 Output view AdSec will crash if materials are being output in a grid view. Build 30
NCR-11137 Output view When outputing elastic section properties for ‘all’ sections the properties reported ‘including reinforcement’ are always those for the current section. Build 30
NCR-11119 Analysis When using the Hong Kong Code of Practice 2013 the 0.67 factor on the concrete strength is set to 1 giving an overestimate of the strength. Build 29
NCR-11113 Analysis Changing design code to one using an FIB material would cause a strange stress-strain curve to be generated due to the dafault value for Em/Esecant not being updated. Build 29
NCR-11108 Analysis Crack widths for EN1992 with UK national annexe did not allow for calculation of crack width for durability. Build 29
NCR-11104 General Documentation for text file i/o not correct for rebar. Build 29
NCR-11103 Analysis SLS analysis to IRC112 can cause AdSec to crash. Build 29
NCR-11092 File I/O When using IRC 112 there are problems reading files. A message is dislpayed warning that the code is undefined. This does not affect other design codes. Build 28
NCR-11088 Analysis If a section references an undefined material AdSec will crash when doing an analysis. Build 28
NCR-11085 Analysis The calculation of the area of rebar for the CSA S6 crack width calcuations was using the total area of rebar in the tension zone rather than the area in the effective tension area. Build 28
NCR-11084 Analysis The setting of the prestress include/exclude option for multiple pre-stress bars results in the opposite option being set. Build 28
NCR-11092 General When using ACI 318M the value of the design strength of the concrete is being returned as f′c rather than 0.85 × f′c. Build 26
NCR-11071 General User defined tendon materals are not available in the general reinforcement dialog. Build 26
NCR-11065 General The option of explicit material curves for concrete and rebar are missing for the CSA S6 design code. Build 24
NCR-11051 General EN 1992 and ACI 318 allow extra parameters to be specified as part of the rebar properties. These were being overwritten and lost. Build 24
NCR-11049 General When specifying steel materials the stress-strain curves may not be generated correctly, leading to incorrect stress-strain relationships being used in the analysis. For Eurocode this also includes a non-standard γm value for the steel. Build 24
NCR-11046 General There are a couple of issues with rebar properties dialog:
  • The hardening parameter is available for material models which don't require this.
  • The failure strain cannot be entered (although the value can be copied).
Build 24
NCR-11045 General The value of ‘d’ in the Eurocode crack calculation is incorrect when the section origin does not coincide with the centroid. Build 24
NCR-11037 General In some instances AdSec will not draw the section properly. Opening and saving the section will usually clear this problem. Build 24
NCR-11031 General When copying and pasting general reinforcement the rebar grade can get lost. Build 24
NCR-11030 Analysis In some cases with Eurocode the minimum ζ values is ignored and the calculated value used instead. Build 24
NCR-11029 General ACI 318M code options can in some cases return the wrong bar type. Build 24
NCR-11028 General The rebar strain limit for reinforcement to the Hong Kong Structures Design Manual 2013 is always returned as 0.05 Build 24
NCR-11024 Analysis There is an error when using the CSA S6 code in the calculation of the area of concrete in tension which controls cracking, leading to incorrect code crack widths. Build 19
NCR-11019 File I/O When reading data from a text file the model will not run properly as some material properties have not been set. This problem can be worked around by opening the material wizards (concrete and reinforcement) and clicking OK which causes the materials to be re-established. Build 19
NCR-11017 General The template wizard for beam reinforcement does not properly enable the row spacing field when there are multiple rows of reinforcement. Build 19
NCR-11010 General Expansion of general reinforcement was not expanding lines, arc, etc. to individual bars. Build 19
NCR-11003 Analysis ACI 318 does not give clear guidance on how to calculate φ (strength reduction value) with composite (steel/concrete) sections. This change is to ensure that the standard concrete/rebar values are applied when the section if composite. Build 18
NCR-11001 Analysis Calculation of the crack width cover factor for EN1992/PD6687 returns a value of one instead of the factor based on actual and nominal cover. Build 18
NCR-10998 General Models using BS5400 (or related codes) and the default rebar stress-strain curve get corrupted when written, losing the material type. Re-establishing the rebar material after opening the file, avoids the problem. Build 18
NCR-10993 General Pressing the shift key in the Gateway while on a ‘section title’ causes a crash. Build 18
NCR-10988 General The neutral axis is not always drawn properly – particularly when it is outside the section. Build 18
NCR-10987 Analysis The rectangular stress block with EN1992 codes gives too low a plateau stress for high strength concrete – the η value is applied twice. Build 18
NCR-10983 General When editing reinforcement extra renforcement materials are generated in some cases, rather than using existing defined materials. Build 18
NCR-10983 General The option to display crack width values on a graphic view is not working. Build 18
NCR-10975 Analysis The Eurocode crack calculation gives wrong answers when a component strain plane or a concrete-only strain plane is applied to the section. Build 17
NCR-10974 File I/O The steel materials are not written properly to file causing the steel module to be unreadable when opening the file. Build 17
NCR-10970 Analysis When using Eurocode for SLS analysis the ζ factor is not calculated correctly leading to a wrong resultant strain plane. Build 17
NCR-10968 General Various data editing operations would cause the gateway tree to close up. The gateway now retains its expanded state. Build 17
NCR-10961 Analysis Eurocode crack width calculations can be wrong in the case when bars are equidistant from the section @lsquo;face’ and ‘side’. Build 17
NCR-10961 General The option to define a ζmin is not available for EN1992 / PD6687 Build 16