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2023-09-15 REPORTER Automotive Library Templates and Automotive Assessment Workflows Bundle

Version: 2023-09-15

oasysreporter | 15/09/2023
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*** Important information about Oasys 20.0 ***
[15 September 2023]

Following the release of Oasys Suite 20.0 in April 2023, we became
aware of issues affecting REPORTER Automotive Library Templates and
Automotive Assessment Workflows.

This bundle contains updated versions of the <reporter_library> and
<workflows> folders that are included in your Oasys 20.0 installation.

Details of the issues fixed are given in the file

In order to use the updated REPORTER Automotive Library Templates and
Automotive Assessment Workflows, you can:

a) Replace the <reporter_library> and <workflows> folders in your Oasys 20.0
installation folder. This is possible if you have write permissions for
your installation folder.


b) Use preferences to add in the new folders. For Workflows:


In the preferences editor:
Options > Edit Preferences > All programs > workflows >

Value = path to the <workflows> directory in this bundle

For REPORTER Automotive Library Templates:


In the preferences editor:
Options > Edit Preferences > REPORTER > library > library_directory

File > Preferences > Library > Set via HOME oa_pref > Library

Value = path to the <reporter_library> directory in this bundle


c) For the REPORTER Automotive Library Templates, you can also simply open
them manually from the <reporter_library> folder in this bundle using:

File > Open

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