What's New in Mail Manager 6.0?


• New Status button on the Ribbon (not available in Outlook 2007) that indicates the status of filed items, when selected it opens the Dashboard
• New filing dialog with easier access to filing locations and options
• Single locations list, suggested locations denoted by an icon
• Used and unused locations denoted by bold and regular text respectively
• New filing attachment location dialog
• New filing engine; faster filing
• Improved support for multiple email accounts
• Support for filing individual Enterprise Vault items


Locations tool

• Quicker verification of locations



• Improved Search dialog
• New filter option: "My Items" e.g. show only messages that I have sent or were sent to me
• Open messages that you filed to the network even when you are offline (Open from cache)
• Improved selection of locations
Menu includes and option to quickly select all items in the list
Locations dialog included a last used column and used/unused filter

• Searched locations will appear as recently used when filing
• Social map now available with in the reading pane
Improved interaction with Microsoft Lync

• Option to "Only search locations I use", see User preferences below


Snap 'n'Send

• Option to delay snap time
• Ability to change the order of mark-ups e.g. to the background or foreground


User Preferences

• New Search options e.g. Disable searching, Search all locations, or Search only used locations
• "My initials" removed, now uses the same initials used by Microsoft Office


Dashboard (replaces the Console)

• Filing Activity: preview details of filed emails
• Session log: reports all activity since Outlook was last opened
• Diagnostics: used to troubleshoot Mail Manager issues