What's New in Mail Manager 5.5


  • New Mail Manager ribbon layout:


  • New File Email button that includes a quick file menu and improved tooltips:
  • New 'File Email' right-click menu (not available with Outlook 2007)
  • More responsive when multiple messages are selected for filing
  • Pre-release version of Cache Filer mode NOT enabled by default (required if using Outlook with the Google Apps Sync tool).
  • File All Messages in Folder only available via the right-click menu (not the toolbar) with Outlook 2007.

Filing Locations

  • Easier to filter long lists of collections or locations
  • New Find and Replace dialog
  • Add locations using CSV files


  • Improved performance e.g. Filing location interest levels become raised when new locations added

User Preferences

  • New item: "Always file emails with filing dialog" (disables the quick file menu on the File Email button)

Further Information

For more details of all the changes in Mail Manager refer to the Mail Manager Change Log.

Details of new features in Mail Manager 5.4 can be found here.