What's New in Mail Manager 5.4

Mail Manager 5.4 - Service Pack 2


  • Support for 64-bit installations of Outlook 2010
  • Support for Outlook 2013 (32 and 64-bit installations

Mail Manager 5.4 - Service Pack 1

  • Support for MS Windows 8
  • Support for Outlook 64-bit
  • Improvements to the Locations tool, e.g. add multiple locations and finding locations
  • Additional optimisation to the Search Indexer
  • Various fixes

Mail Manager Release 5.4


  • Social Map shows the relationships of emails graphically as well as in the list view.
  • Mail Manager Social Mapping

  • View results on opening the Search dialog.
  • Reset all option, resets all search criteria including locations and date range.
  • The search index is automatically kept up to date whilst Outlook is open, so when you work offline you will have the latest information for all your locations.
  • Automatically refresh results, updates results when new items have been filed by yourself or by others.
  • Refresh results button to see any recently filed items.
  • Auto migration of previous search index to a new format.
  • Support for search only locations i.e. locations that don't appear when filing.
  • Index status dialog that provides detailed information of the current status of each location.
  • Support for searching existing .eml files.

Filing Locations

  • New locations dialog to manage locations and collection files
  • Locations button added to the Outlook ribbon or toolbar
  • Existing personal locations are automatically migrated into a "Personal" collection file making them easier to edit and manage
  • Location can now be set to "File and Search" or "Search" only. When set to Search only they are not available when filing
  • Collection file and location status to identify offline or missing locations i.e. folders that have been renamed, moved or deleted
  • Add multiple locations i.e. choose the root folder and select any sub-folders
  • Copy and Paste locations from one collection to another
  • Change the path type from using a drive letter to UNC or vice versa
  • Add a prefix or suffix to the description of a single or multiple locations
  • Move a collection file to another folder
  • Rename a collection file

User Preferences

  • Customisation options for "Check for missing attachments before sending"
  • Prompt to file Lync/Communicator conversation history

MMAdminPreferences tool

  • Prompt to either; Open the last used folder or Select a folder or Create file in a folder

Further Information

For more details of all the changes in Mail Manager refer to the Mail Manager Change Log.
Details of new features in Mail Manager 5.3 can be found here.