What's New in Mail Manager 5.3


  • Single or multiple messages can now be quickly dragged 'n dropped into Drop folders.

  • Support for filing messages containing large numbers of recipients or attachments.

Mobile devices:

  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows Mobile 7 via Drop Folders.

Mail Manager 5.3 - new Drop Folders (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7 compatibility)


  • Drop folder settings.

Snap 'n' Send enhancements:

  • Cursor menu available for all markup objects.
  • The image aspect ratio can be maintained when resizing.
  • Crop images
  • Send images forwards or backwards
  • Images can now be embedded in the outgoing email
  • Image file type easily controlled via new menu
  • Mark-up file is completely contained
  • Markup background colour can be changed.
  • Additional markup objects available: Three node arrow, Callout, Circular/Elliptical textbox, Revision cloud and enhanced Textbox.
  • Advanced colour picker with recent, standard and advanced colour selection including transparency.
  • Tab name can be edited (these will be reflected in the subject line and attachment filename of emails).
  • Snap and markup history settings.
  • Option to force software rendering of the application for machines with display driver issues.
  • Improved support for dual screens

Mail Manager 5.3 - new Snap 'n' Send

File All Messages in Folder:

  • Improved log details.

Further Information

For more details of all the changes in Mail Manager refer to the Mail Manager Change Log.
Details of new features in Mail Manager 5.2 can be found here.