What's New in Mail Manager 5.2

Snap 'n' Send

Snap 'n' Send is used to capture any part of the PC screen area and if required mark-ups can be added e.g. highlight, text etc.

Snap 'n' Send Overview

File All Messages in Folder

  • Use to file all the messages in a folder including sub-folders.
  • Supports Outlook Public folders and personal folders (.pst).

Mail Manager File All Messages in Folder

Mobile devices

  • Support for Windows Mobile


  • User initials are added to the filename at filing time when a comment is added, the subject is changed or the "Mark message as reviewed" option is used
  • Support for filing messages containing digital signatures


  • Sent date, comments, category and folder information displayed in the preview pane


  • Option to use UTC for filing time
  • Check for missing attachments before sending
  • Option to define the font used in a Send a link message
  • Improvements to the MMAdminPreferences tool i.e.
    • Filename not required when using Save As
    • Default file name patterns provided
  • Location description can be used in the filename

Mail Manager Filing Locations Description

Further Information

For more details of all the changes in Mail Manager refer to the Mail Manager Change Log.