What’s new in Flow 8.0

General Events

  • New agent demand types: "Instant" creates all agents in a single burst, "Table" provides an editable table of duration/population pairs (see journey).
  • New agent colouring: complex rules colour agents by origin/destination/profile/event (see journey).
  • New dwell rules for the circulate event allow for different wait times for each circulation portal.
  • Support for weighted collection of profiles to generate a range of population types from a single event.
  • Analysis Objects

  • New region density graph: plots the average density within one or more regions over time.
  • New agent speed ratio graph: plots the number of agents in different speed ratio ranges over time.
  • New dynamic path map: shows dynamic agent trails with configurable length and opacity.
  • All maps can display an optional colour value legend.
  • Review when actions were applied by observing an agent during playback.
  • Analysis Filters

  • Improved editing through drag and drop copying and re-ordering of sub-components.
  • New "Has end state": filters agents by the manner in which they left the simulation (exited with success, exited with error, still in scene at end of simulation).
  • Rendering

  • The playback of a simulation run can be exported to alembic animation files for rending in 3rdparty applications like Softimage or 3ds Max.
  • Create, import, or edit the static avatar objects used to represent agents.
  • Application Preferences

  • Set default values for the various movie/image export settings (available through "Edit" menu).