Oasys Slope Webinar

Download a PDF of the Webinar here.

Need an easy and accurate way to study a slip surface to find factors of safety against failure, and to check the improvements from reinforcement? Want to carry out a Eurocode 7 or partial factor analysis with ease? Slope performs two-dimensional slope stability analysis using the slices methods and presents the results in a clear graphical format.

This webinar will: 

  • Give a brief overview of Slope and its use in industry
  • Demonstrate the simplicity of setting up a file, including reinforcement design and ULS analysis
  • Introduce the audience to useful shortcuts and tips to enable proficient modeling
  • Outline simple checks that the user can utilize for outputs 

Previous Oasys webinars have focused on the theory and modeling methods behind Slope but the upcoming webinar will focus on demonstrating how simply and quickly Slope can be used to model a slope stability problem from scratch. Not only will this show the software’s capability but seasoned users can join in to check the application of new features and useful shortcuts.

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