Oasys Geotechnical Case Study Webinar

We had a superb reaction from our users to the Oasys Project of the Year competition and, in this webinar, selected projects from the entries were presented.

By the end of the webinar recording below, you will learn how users around the world are applying the software to advanced geotechnical problems.

Oasys Application Specialist, Zeena Farook, co-presented with one of the winners, Francesc Mirada (Arup). The projects that they covered are listed below:


  • Combining Utility Damage Assessments with GIS for large scale projects (Xdisp and Pdisp)
  • Steel Pin Design for Stabilising Sheet Pile Wall with Short Toe Depth (Frew)


  • A Load-Transfer Model for Axial Cyclic Loading of Piled Foundations with Field Tests (Pile)
  • Testing and Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Residual Soils (Alp)

Download the presentation in PDF format

Watch in fullscreen hereGeotechnical Case Study Webinar from Oasys

Webinar hosts

Zeena Farook

Application Specialist

Oasys Ltd




Francesc Mirada

Geotechnical Engineer


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