Vibration & Seismic Analysis Solutions

Many parts of the world live with the threat of earthquakes, where natural forces devastate unprepared or insufficiently resilient buildings and structures. While the earthquakes cannot be predicted, the effects that they might have on proposed structures can and must be.

At the other end of the scale, stronger materials and more refined design methods are creating lighter structures that can then be subject to vibrations from everyday use, such as the occupants movements or vibrating machinery.

Many clients are now asking for footfall vibration checks to ensure the comfort of their staff and customers. But for other clients, such as hospitals and laboratories, their stringent requirements are essential to ensure safety during operations or the accuracy of scientific equipment.

Oasys vibration and seismic analysis software provides engineers with the tools they need to tackle these problems.

GSA Analysis enables engineers to assess structures to a wide range of international seismic codes, as well as time history and harmonic vibration assessment. GSA Building goes further, adding footfall or human induced vibration analysis, structural design and more.

Compos is a unique composite beam analysis design program. No other software enables users to analyse the effects of using the Resotec Damping System from Richard Lees Steel Decking to minimise footfall vibrations.