Oasys at BIM Show Live

In March, Oasys teamed up with BIM Show Live to analyse crowd simulation for the upcoming exhibition.

All aspects of the exhibition were scrutinised, planned for and modelled, from the location of refreshments, to timings of delegates’ arrival and exit.

Oasys Application Specialist Peter Debney said: “When we arrived to set up for BIM Show Live, we immediately noted the difference between the model that we had been supplied with and the actual arrangement. For example the sponsors’ stands were a lot more open than the exhibitors’ ones, while the Revit model used the same style throughout, and there was the A-Team van positioned near the entrance.

Despite this, the initial MassMotion simulation had highlighted key areas that should be investigated before the exhibition opened. “The original plan was for coffee to be served from the central bar, but the MassMotion had revealed congestion at the bottleneck between the exhibition and sponsors’ area” said Peter Debney. “Moving the food and coffee deeper into the sponsors’ area avoided mass queuing where flows were concentrated and thus ensured that the predicted problems were avoided.”