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Much ado about nothing on mail archiving?

Arup engineers have already got – and are happy to share  – the solution.

Lawyers often remind us all of the need to keep business and project related email for at least six years,  in case the business is
called upon to retrieve and present data to the Court.

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October 2012


'Social Mapping' of email shows how the team works

Email management software can now deliver an extra layer of information with a social mapping feature that shows at a glance, the volume of communication between named individuals, and rings early alarm bells if team communication and effectiveness is at risk of failure.

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September 2012

‘Put it in writing’... and then file it!

When Arup, decided to grasp the email nettle, the pressure was on its in-house developers Oasys Software, to come up with the goods. They did. They made a solution that works for teams with anything from 2 to 2,000 or more members; and they think it’s so good that they offer it to other firms at just £115 a seat.

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April 2012


Email Matters

Quality Progress

Learn how one company used quality to develop an orderly, structured system that corrals unwieldy emails and makes content more manageable. 

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by Alec Milton

Reprinted with permission from Quality Progress ©2012 American Society for Quality.
No further distribution allowed without permission.

March 2012


Construction Exec

5 Email Tips That Can Save Millions of Dollars

By Alec Milton. See the article here.

January 2012


Poor Email Management Could Put Companies at Legal Risk, Report Says

What you need to know to protect your business. Read more and see the interview here.

January 2012

CE News

Engineering firms discover multiple advantages to implementing a simple email management solution

Civil engineering firms have many reasons to evaluate how email is used and stored across their organizations. Any firm should ask the following questions....Read the full article here

January 2012



The Huffington Post

Email Still Essential To Business Owners: Survey Says

Email hell we all live through is echoed in The Business Behavior & Email Management Project conducted by software company Oasys. Read the full article here.

December 2011

Business Insider

Is Your Email Server, Serving Your Needs Or Is It Stifling Your Business

Ramon Ray & the Team. See the complete article here.

December 2011


Keeping track of valuable project email has become a problem for almost every architectural practice.
Oasys has a low cost solution that is growing in popularity. Martyn Day reports. See the full report here.

May 2011

Engineering News Record

Software Manager Helps Firms Get A Grip on Far-Flung Project Emails

Mail Manager, an email plug-in that works with Microsoft Outlook, claims to offer unique features to ease the process of tracking, filing, searching and organizing project communications for A/E/C firms. See the full article here.

March 2011


pc-advisor.png"It's intuitive and stable, and offers features that every workforce needs." See the complete article here.

Matt Egan - PC Advisor
February 2011

Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology evangelist, "One neat tool is Mail Manager, a plug in for Microsoft Outlook which allows all email to be filed in a central location and in MS Outlook's native format, searchable from within Mail Manager". See the complete article here.

January 2011


progressive_accountant.jpgMobile: A World with No Off Switch

Richard Oppenheim called Mail Manager "exceedingly valuable for a firm of more than one". See the complete article here.

December 2010

ciozone.pngPiper's E-mail Nightmare May Be Wakeup Call

Litigation-related demands for e-mails are common in the field of engineering. Similar vulnerabilities exist in many other industries. See the complete article here.

August 2010

logo_itke_lg_2.gifCheck Out Oasys Mail Manager

Mail Manager is is unbelievably cool and capable. See the complete article here.

July 2010

msc_200.jpgEmail Management Software

Mail Manager from Oasys is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables users to file, find and share emails easily. See complete article here.

May 2010

constructech_250.jpgManaging Critical Construction Emails

Do you find it frustrating to search through your inbox for an important email, especially when the contents of the email are critical to an ongoing construction project? See complete article here.

April 2010

arup.gifDeliver us from e-mail

By ensuring that filing is part of the process of sending and receiving e-mail rather than a task to do later, Arup's software designers were able to de-stress the process and take critical communications out of personal inboxes. Fast search, the ability to work offline, and also via BlackBerry devices reduces the human effort and with it the risk to the business. See complete article here.

March 2010

constructech_250.jpgManage Emails on the Go

Many imaging and workflow technology systems include the capability to manage emails, in addition to other documents. One recent example even allows companies to remotely manage emails from mobile phones. See complete article here.

October 2009


estates_review.pngEmail hell to email heaven - Lanarkshire's journey

Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board got their email problems under control with the help of Oasys Mail Manager. See complete article here.

April / May 2008


By making Mail Manager an enhancement for Outlook, Oasys solved the problem of user adoption, whilst the ease of filing and retrieval ensures that staff actually enjoy using it. Mail Manager has a familiar look and feel for people used to Outlook and so no time is wasted training, a 15 minute presentation usually suffices. See complete article here.

January 2008


mcad_magazine.pngOasys, an Arup firm, and developer of the popular Columbus Document Management tool have come up with an easy to use software layer, which sits on top of Outlook and provides some clever automated tasks and prompts to help each user as emails come in or are sent out. See complete article here.

January 2007


cad_user.pngArup is known worldwide for iconic structures and elegant solutions to complex engineering problems. So perhaps we should not be surprised that their software house Oasys have produced a cost-effective and popular solution to a problem common to most businesses: undisciplined email filing.

January 2007

aec_200.pngMail Manager is really quite ingenious. It's neither expensive or complicated but it does something that there's a huge need for. Companies or individuals looking to have some aid in keeping correspondence together and managing emailed information, will find Mail Manager really beneficial. See complete article here.

December 2006


dpj_60.pngOasys has announced Version 4 of their popular tool which fulfils the same design brief as the original, but is a vast improvement on earlier versions in terms of the user interface and general ease of use.

November 2006


construction-computing.pngMail Manager is integrated within Outlook. It attaches a new toolbar for filing, searching for, and reviewing emails - and, of course, admin tools. As emails are filed, the user has the option of creating new filing locations, or using those already created.. To find emails, clicking on the search Icon on the Mail Manager tool bar allows users to search the Filing Location List.

September 2006