Build 2199:

NCRs (bugs) fixed in this release.

ID         Type      Summary
10323      NCR       Error: When an error occurs with a store, it gives up looking at the other store’s sent items folder
10320      NCR       Registry mirror keys not being written.
10298      NCR       Search: Critical error in indexer when "WebClient" service is started (backport)
10297      NCR       Search: File renames where new name is empty cause corrupt index (backport)
10246      NCR       Port the Item - Dashboard: Update product icon (system tray and dialog icon)
10245      NCR       Port the Item - Theme: Update button theme to differentiate Pressed and Selected states
10244      NCR       Port the Item - "Mark message as reviewed" filing option is not required for "send and file"
10243      NCR       Port the Item - Display warning on filing deleted email from Inspector
10242      NCR       Port the Item - Links to moved attachments
10198      NCR       Dashboard: Filing Activity - Context menu shows "Copy to clipboard" for other than filed items!
9799       NCR       Do not allow to file a message if the filing name pattern is empty (v6)