Build 2059:

NCRs (bugs) fixed in this release.

ID         Type      Summary
10004      NCR       Console not loading
9638       NCR       Console UI: UI corrections in Console dialog
10097      NCR       Continuous prompts for Conversation filing items after reset the Outlook profile
10007      NCR       Failed to Initialise the addin
9251       NCR       Filing Dialog: Consistency is missed for captions and control borders
9450       NCR       Filing dialog: Size is beyond the screen resolution
9259       NCR       Filing location filter
9698       NCR       Locations dialog moves and resizes
9641       NCR       Locations: Minimum size and button text correction in Description Modifier window
8951       NCR       Outlook 2010: Ribbon error on Opening Outlook
9443       NCR       Quick file menu is blank
9448       NCR       Search: Active columns and positions
9413       NCR       Search: Clicking 'Filing location' column header in Index Status dialog crashes
9610       NCR       Search: Column visibility and order not retained.
9640       NCR       Search: Content of the first row in a group is not vertically centered
9382       NCR       Search: Crash in front end when older versions of Lync are installed
9853       NCR       Search: Enter location menu issue.
9947       NCR       Search: Locations "quick select" list overlays (and hides) filter text
9438       NCR       Search: Locations are being pinned needlessly
9489       NCR       Search: Long delay when pressing "reset"
9240       NCR       Search: Menu items to open messages should understand the number of emails selected
9900       NCR       Search: Qeep locations exposed via webdav aren't indexed
9623       NCR       Search: Using Chinese characters in the refinement pane shows no results
9826       NCR       Search: Warnings in indexer log as item build is attempted
9869       NCR       Sent messages being deleted
9871       NCR       Unable to copy/move emails to public folders