Build 1712:

NCRs (bugs) fixed in this release.

ID      Summary
5393    Collection error: MSXML::DomDocument::load failed.
7206    Error: Filing messages with digital signatures
8826    Search: No message is displayed to the user when Search fails to apply a comment
8207    Search: "Move to..." operation removes the item from the index if the source and destination locations are same
8006    Search: Adverse usability effect when using the social map
8521    Search: Background indexer won't start (keeps on crashing)
6332    Search: Blank location description crashes search
8706    Search: Control C in search box doesn't copy text
8776    Search: Corrupt index means documents cannot be added
8175    Search: Corrupt index requires manual intervention from support staff
6681    Search: Crash in social map
8740    Search: Critical errors occur when the search queries are changed too fast.
8723    Search: Enter a location drop down list - refresh
8626    Search: Index is modified even when the copy operation fails
8564    Search: Indexer restarts from pause when major locations change detected
8515    Search: Indexer scanning is too intensive for slow networks/servers
5167    Search: Menu and toolbars positions are reversed
8767    Search: Some communication events sent to the indexer are being lost
8553    Search: Status bar is not updated on filtering the results with option "Filename"
8495    Search: The error shown for an invalid field is not clear
8146    Search: Unhandled exception opening message
8782    Search: Warning/Critical log messages: "Point in time has slipped out of range"
8819    SharePoint: Error - Cannot create an item at the requested destination.
8904    Snap 'n' Send: Close the Snap 'n' Send on closing the Outlook
8561    User Preferences Dialog: Filing Defaults bug