Mail Manager NCR 5.3.262

6065     FIXE    NCR     Batch Filer: Documentation screenshots are from old version
5509     FIXE    NCR     Snap 'n' Send: "Has stopped working"
5407     FIXE    NCR     Snap 'n' Send: Dual Screen Issues
5461     FIXE    NCR     Snap 'n' Send: Toolbar display error
6043     FIXE     NCR     Batch Filer: A folder exception causes scanning to stop
6042     FIXE     NCR     Batch Filer: An invalid message class can stop other item...
5498     DUPL    NCR     Batch Filer: Doesn't work when the root folder is empty
6041     FIXE     NCR     Batch Filer: Finish dialog should be plural
5770     FIXE     NCR     Collections: Problem with Delete in collections editor
6030     FIXE     NCR     Embedded attachment is treated as a normal attachment
5776     FIXE     NCR     Search - Number of attachments incorrect
5612     FIXE     NCR     Error "The parameter is incorrect" when filing a message ...
0330     FIXE     NCR     Filing emails with too many recipients or attachments fail
5665     FIXE     NCR     Invalid PDF Icon
5919     FIXE     NCR     MMOffline: Crash on clicking "View Reports" button from D...