Mail Manager Resolved NCRs (Bugs)

Build 1078:

NCRs (bugs) fixed in this release.

ID		Summary
4718	Search: Locations selection dialog: takes too long to filter
4836	Search: locations: selection lost on sorting while filter is on
7292	Search: Crash on auto-refresh
7390	Search: Build time remaining is very optimistic
7474	Email not identified correctly as "sent item"
7544	Search: Front end has problems when display size is changed from default
7600	Search: New user indexing
7702	Search: Seems to be working really slowly
7719	Search: Between search should be more flexible
7721	Search: Critical error in indexing log, as machine is resumed after suspension
7761	Transparency of icons for MM Ribbon menu items to be corrected
7763	Search: "Size" in Options of Search UI does not filter results for "0-49 KB" selection
7765	Locations: Crash while adding a new location to unavailable collection
7842	Search: Filing location interest levels become raised when new locations added
7853	Subject changed to [pending] when selecting "File Email".
7873	Search: Indexer gets into strange state if no locations are available
7878	Search: Background indexer, unhandled exception on exit
7885	Sent items handler error - when sending from Outlook 2013
7889	Search: Filing locations that have backslashes removed or added cause problems
7915	Search: Front-end sometimes crashes on exit
7929	Mail Manager console hangs on closing