Mail Manager Resolved NCRs (Bugs)

Build 839:

7661	NCR	FIXE	 Revised virtual system check to correct for XP 64 bit Pro	
7671	NCR	FIXE	 Allow shared licenses to run if the web server returns certain errors within grace period
7642	NCR	FIXE	 Alternate credentials can be passed to enDesign document management system

Build 807:

7579	NCR	FIXE	 Welcome screen does not work in 64 bit outlook	
7576	NCR	FIXE	 Manage Keys does not run from the pull down menu

Build 799:

7566	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Indexer errors under Windows XP

Build 795:

7498	NCR	FIXE	 Console fails to start if address book is offline
7538	NCR	FIXE	 Drop folders not managed correctly if a subfolder found
7527	NCR	FIXE	 Invalid session pointer passed to address book
7346	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: - Add single location button dimmed out.
7251	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: - Can't resize the width of the Descripti...
7279	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: - Case being changed
7345	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: - Difficult to add Outlook folder locations
7496	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: Collection file corrupted on save.
7379	NCR	FIXE	 Locations tool: Not working if MM installed to a custom f...
7269	NCR	FIXE	 Locations: Add multiple Outlook locations
7195	NCR	FIXE	 MMAdminPreferences tool: General - Group box too wide
7500	NCR	FIXE	 MMAdminPreferences tool: Help button
7271	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Incorrect time remaining, if no items processed
7453	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Indexer crash on startup
7470	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Indexer doesn't exit quickly enough if scanning i...
7396	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Items removed from index
7403	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Items to be read indicator does not use thousands...
7440	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Remove indexer control "Stop" from Search UI
7448	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Search UI does not reflect the paused / resumed s...
7395	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Total number of items goes down as commit pending...
7344	NCR	FIXE	 Search: Unknown protocol crashes search front-end
7378	NCR	FIXE	 Sql error when sending to blank recipient
6550	NCR	INVA	 Collection Editor - locations not being displayed
5775	NCR	INVA	 Collections: 7 to 8 minutes to load locations into the .mdb
5403	NCR	INVA	 Exception occurred while pasting a record from one collec...
5295	NCR	INVA	 Locations tool: - Dialog hidden - Dual Screens
3774	NCR	INVA	 MmSearch: Search UI hang in multiple instance
7304	NCR	INVA	 Search: Ensure indexer controls work as expected
5929	NCR	WONT	 Filing message dialog: Tab order incorrect
6134	NCR	WONT	 Importing collection files is very slow
7314	NCR	DUPL	 Error while sending a message when to list is empty
7328	NCR	DUPL	 Locations tool: - Dialog display order issue
7264	NCR	DUPL	 Locations: Unhandled exception occured. Collection is ter...