Oasys Software Suite

The following Oasys software suite courses are available:

Course Name Days Cost Provisional Dates
Airbag Modelling using Corpiscular Particle Method (CPM) in LS-DYNA 2 £800 15th-16th May
Oasys PRIMER - An Introduction 1 £300 22nd May / 16th November
Introduction to Oasys Post-Processing Software 1 £300 23rd May / 17th November
Material Models in LS-DYNA - Ala Tabiei 2 £1,000 12th-13th June
Fracture, Damage and Failure in LS-DYNA - Ala Tabiei 2 £1,000 14th-15th June
Oasys PRIMER - An Introduction to JavaScripting 1 £300 10th October
Introduction to LS-DYNA 3 £750 16th-18th October

To enrol on any of these courses please email Dyna Support at

These courses will be offered in our training facilities at The Arup Campus, Solihull, West Midlands. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of eight trainees; most courses include hands-on workshops for the trainees working individually or in pairs. Alternatively, training can also be provided on site at your own offices for groups of three or more trainees (fixed prices can be provided on request).

The trainers for these courses are selected from our own in house engineers who have developed expertise in the relevant field.

Tutorials & Workshops

We also have a selection of tutorials and workshops covering some of the topics above that can be downloaded free of charge from here.