Oasys Ltd works closely with the following companies:

Company Information
Click here to visit The development source of LS-DYNA and a suite of related and supporting engineering software products.
Click here to visit Cellbond (a division of Encocam Ltd) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of crash test barriers and has a history of introducing new technologies and developing new products in close collaboration with both customers and partners. The product range also includes Energy Absorbers and Pedestrian Headforms. Together with Arup they are developing a new range of crash barrier models for use in LS-DYNA.
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MediTech a biomedical research and collaboration network linking together academics, industries and clinicians in the areas of biomechanics, biomaterials and biomedical engineering under the umbrella of healthcare. This Network was set up as an enlargement of an EPSRC Network project with the aim of supporting medical engineering and technology research, promoting technology transfer and establishing collaboration between academia and industries.

For more information contact: Professor John Middleton at

Comet Logo

Comet Solutions Inc develope the Comet Performance Engineering Workspace software and are a partner of Arup China.

The Comet Performance Engineering Workspace is a desktop-based environment where project engineering teams capture, refine, automate and share multi-disciplinary simulation processes allowing them to rapidly analyze and validate design concepts to meet product performance targets. The workspace communicates with the team’s existing design and math-based simulation tools via the Comet common data model

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Simpleware Ltd provide world-leading software solutions for robust, fast and easy conversion of 3D images into high quality meshes which can be used for finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computer aided design and rapid prototyping.

For more information contact: Dr Philippe Young at Information on Simpleware software is also available here.


Useful Links

More details of LS-DYNA and its many and varied applications as well as the other engineering services and software available from Arup is available from these links:

Link Information
Click here to visit AT&R Midlands website The Advanced Technology & Research Midlands group of Arup is a multi-disciplinary team, providing analysis, design & styling services worldwide. We have over 15 years of experience of working and solving unique and challenging problems with LS-DYNA.
Click here to visit Arup home page with links to all of our engineering consultancy and design services, latest news and job vacancy information.
Click here to visit This site presents papers from European and International LS-DYNA User Conferences and papers provided by other users. In total more than 350 papers are available. The papers are accessible via the search functionality.
Click here to visit Excellent resource for LS-DYNA users with links to a wide range of application sites, references, publications, user guides, AVI library.
Click here to visit nHance of Hyderabad India provide software development resources to Oasys Ltd. nHance are also representing Arup Group Ltd to distribute Oasys LS-DYNA Software Environment in Indian market. Arup Group Ltd is acquiring majority share holding in nHance Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Click here to visit Information on other Oasys software systems for civil, structural, CAD and document management applications.
Click here to visit The TopCrunch project was initiated to track the aggregate performance trends of high performance computer systems and engineering software using applications such as LS-DYNA.


Other Oasys Software

Oasys also produces a range of software for the CAD, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnics and Document Management applications.

CAD Software DM Software Seismic Software Structural Software


Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services; for more information please visit


Arup Advanced Technology + Research

The Advanced Technology and Research (AT+R) practice at Arup generates exceptional value by promoting innovative concepts and alternative design strategies, often supported by advanced numerical optimisation techniques.

Arup AT+R makes extensive use of the Oasys LS-DYNA Environment software in the consultancy work it undertakes across a broad range of disciplines including automotive, rail, civil, structural, wind and vibration engineering. For more information visit the AT+R webpage.