Oasys REPORTER is a program that enables fast and convenient post-processing of LS-DYNA results through the use of templates and scripts.
The user creates a report template using Oasys REPORTER, this template forms the basic structure of the report, and defines areas on the pages that are intended for text, pictures or graphs. These are then linked to scripts either user-defined or from the built-in library that will generate the actual content .
When generating a report from a completed template Oasys REPORTER will execute each of the scripts, automatically opening D3PLOT and T/HIS to produce the required images, and place them at the defined position in the report.

The user can also define variables which are passed between Oasys REPORTER and other Oasys programs as well as user-written scripts and programs. These variables can then be used to replace file and directory names, node and element numbers, or any other information the user wishes to include. This allows the user to use the same report for multiple runs simply by specifying the value of a small set of variables when generating a report rather than having to edit a whole series of scripts and command files.

Main features:

  • Full support for LS-DYNA version R9.0 and Oasys software
  • Built in templates for many standard regulations and tests
  • Compatible with scripts written in all major computer languages
  • Supports files from a mixed UNIX / PC system
  • Reports can be output in postscript, HTML, PDF and PowerPoint VBA formats
  • Use of user defined variables allows one report templates to be used with a series of different models
  • Eliminates the need for time consuming manual post-processing
  • Enable easy review and comparison of large sets of data

Built-In Library of Scripts
Oasys REPORTER includes a library of pre-defined scripts for extracting a range of data from an LS-DYNA run. These include data from the keyword file such as initial velocity and include files used and data from the OTF file such as amount of added mass, timestep, analysis run time and termination status.

Oasys D3PLOT and T/HIS Integration
Oasys REPORTER is fully integrated with D3PLOT and T/HIS.
This allows users to interactively in D3PLOT or THIS arrange a particular view they want and REPORTER will automatically generate the script to create the image, rather than the user having to write the script by hand.