The HYCRASH software has been developed by JSOL Corporation to allow the user to quickly and easily add the effects of press forming into an impact analysis.


Traditionally if you wanted to add the effects of press forming into an impact analysis you would first need to carry out a full forming analysis for each of the parts. This alone can take a significant amount of time and present a number of difficulties such as:

  • CAD data is required to mesh the die and the blank
  • detailed material data is needed to model the forming process.
  • results have to be mapped due to the finer mesh used in forming analyses

HYCRASH uses an inverse solver to calculate the plastic strain and thickness of a part based only on its final geometry; no data about the die or the blank is required. This provides a reasonable approximation of the forming effect in a much shorter time frame which is more practical for use in development work.

LS-DYNA input data produced by HYCRASH:-

  • shell thickness (*Element_Shell_Thickness)
  • plastic strain (*Initial_Stress_Shell)

Model Pre-Processing

HYCRASH is integrated into Oasys PRIMER using a JavaScript. The user only needs to open the model in Oasys PRIMER, run the JavaScript and select the relevant parts; the script will then run HYCRASH for each of the parts selected and merge the results back into the main model.





Test data is courtesy of Automotive Engineers of Japan.